Omar was still enraged at the death of his fellow Rider and the women he had loved. Her dragon sat mourningly at her grave right now. Omar had decided what he was going to do. He had studied and learned darker more dangerous magic. Baralask was part of it. As was every spell that could kill no matter what. Tranpierto was a magic that would allow him to take the form of anything. An animal another human even a dragon. These spells were called the destruction spells. Along with many others these magic spells were banned from the world. Even Galbotorix feared to use these magics. They had a spell so that way the spells could kill and harm the owner and there was no way to stop it. Unless you attacked the spells with there counters before trying to use the Destruction spells. Galbotorix must have searched for years and never found how to counter them. But Omar knew how. He had always known. Being favored by Vrael the older Rider had taught him much about it. He knew them all and Vrael had never thought about him finding the way around it. It was why he had such a success. He knew of the old spells. The strong spells. Tonight he would sneak away while his army slept and attack the camp that eragon was at. He prepared his weapons just incase. They would blend in with him as would his cloths when he transformed into a creature.
Night fell over the camp. None not even Kyle knew of his plans. Starkiller did not know his plans. He stole a horse and charged towards the camp. He passed the decaying body of Edoc'sil impaled. Bits of bone were showing. Blood stains still filled the streets. Ren was still lying down as he was when Omar killed him. He rode for a day and a night. The night had begun to turn to light but only slightly. The camp was still asleep as he reached it. He got of the form.
"Transpierto!" he yelled. Bright green fire burned from his body and he felt the transformation happening as his body expanded. Saphira and Thorns heads appeared over the camp. Saphira roared at him. Firnen's head was next followed by there Riders mounting. As Eragon landed he laughed.
"Want to show us you give up and killing yourself eh?"
"You have no idea what is happening." Suddenly he felt himself growing. "Say goodbye." His height was now getting taller. His face began extending to a monstrous form.
His hands began to grow claws his teeth sharpening to a point. His head grew bigger and longer. He began to feel a tail sprout from behind. His limbs grew longer as did his neck. He grew another claw on the back of his paws now. He felt his eyes change. Suddenly it was over. Omar opened his eyes to see a much more vivid clear world.
He saw much including those in front of him with details he never noticed before. He looked down and saw the other three Riders below him. He looked at his reflection in a nearby lake. He looked exactly like Starkiller except the same green as Firnen. He roared. He was not as large as Starkiller or Shruikan. Though he was still just as large as a normal sized dragon. Saphira was still small as was Thorn as they were hardly over a few years. He was as big as a 25 year old dragon. He roared again making the camp quiver with fear. He could smell it. He spread his wings and launched into the air and sent volleys of fire at the crowd. This felt even more amazing than flying on Starkiller. He dove down only to be hit by Saphira. He roared and sent fire volleying towards her. She easily dodged it. He tried to use a spell and he did. ADURNA he thought and water rose from the lake dowsing Saphira. She crashed into the camp crushing many under her. He dove down and crushed some soldiers under him. He swung his spiked tail around and crushed the soldiers. Lifting his paw he swatted aside about a dozen. He breathed fire destroying several tents and the men within. Using the adurna spell he froze another group of tents and used baralask to destroy them. He continued using baralask destroying everything as it literally meant the word destroy. He swung his tail destroying many other tents. A group of elves charged and using his teeth bit into them. As a dragon it was a pleasent taste. If he was a human it would surely be something he never considered. He ripped them apart and tossed them aside like ragdolls. He easily destroyed the humans but Saphira was up again and Thorn and Firnen were closing in. The twins had apparently earlier day led the rest of the Riders and half of the elves there back to Ellesmera. He killed some more of the enemy as they were torn apart. Saphira charged and he smacked her down and held her down with his front paws. Thorn smashed into his side tackling him down to the groud. He turned his tail and smacked Firnen aside. He turned his attention back to Saphira as Eragon ran straight up and attacked to defend her. He easily used a spell and stopped him in mid air. Despite Eragons massive skills he could not even begin to imagine true power. Galbotorix had not a taste of the powers that Omar had at his disposal. He shot bolts of fire straight into the camp. He used another spell named Voltora and lightning began to strike the camp. Easily he caused so many deaths with it. He watched the electricity hitting and causing death and destruction. Suddenly his chest felt like it was on fire. He roared casting fire and the lightning over the camp. He felt himself beggining to shrink and was aware of a dull green light somewhere to his right. He saw the shaft of a lance embedded into him.
He grew smaller and smaller until he was smaller that Firnen. And he grew smaller still. He was nearly his own size again. As he collapsed on his back. He looked to his right and the Dauthdaert, Nirnen, was embedded in his shoulder. He felt the darkness growing around him. The pain in his shoulder and he blacked out. What felt like hours and hours passed by. He could not tell the time. He could feel himself being moved. Fell himself being tied down. Heard a faint growling and all sides of himself.
He was barely aware of someone talking off to his left. Suddenly he awoke. His vision blurred and disoriented. He felt that he was tied down and restrained. He felt the cold metal on him. His shirt was off and a heavily bandaged wound was on his right shoulder. He was trying to think of what had happened. He vaguely remembered a green dragon. Lightning, fire, destruction... destruction. That word seemed to be pressed into his mind. Then he remembered. The destruction spells, his transformation his green dragon form. Gnashing jaws and ripping claws. He looked around and saw that he was in a large tent. He tried to struggle but the metal chains restricted him. He looked around and saw Murtagh sitting in the corner Zar'oc strapped to his side. Omar saw Eragon walk in with Saphira's head peering inside. His vision was still not as good as it should be. He saw through a small opening the destruction he had caused the previous night. The burning places dead bodies still being picked up. Burn marks were everywhere. Fire was everywhere. Soldiers were mourning deaths of there loved ones. Some women were riding in and screamed when they saw the bodies of there sons or there husbands. Occasionally was a daughter being mourned. He saw several cracked Eldunari being transported away. Firnen was injured severally on his left flank. Omar's tail had left a severe scar on it. He was weak and many elves were fixing the wound but very slowly. As it was healing the scar was being sown back together. He saw Eragon talking but could not understand his words. Finally his hearing cleared.
"So. You figured how to transform yourself into a dragon? How did you do it? That is magic I don't even know of. I doubt the oldest of the elves know of it. So how do you?"
"Well there is a simple answer to that. My mentor. The one I ended up killing in the place of sorrows. Vrael." "YOU killed Vrael? I thought Galbotorix-"
"Galbotorix sent me and Shruikan to kill Vrael. I went and he looked sad about me joining. I was thought dead on Vroengard. The battle of Doru Arabea left many missing and Vrael thought me among those number. He himself went looking for me personally only to find me killing him in the place of sorrows. He taught me of the ancient ways of magic. There are several types. The Destruction, Resurrection, and Control magics. The spells have a protective seal around them as they were banned from use by our magicians long ago. Before Vrael was born. The leaders of the Riders were always told by there predeccesors of this. Vrael had chosen me as his. Vrael had figured a way around the seal. He told me of them though his methods were flawed. So I improved them. I managed to get into the seal and use the forbidden spells. I can destroy any object that tries to stop me. Spells such as Baralask and the one I used last night, Transpierto are destruction spells. You don't have a way into these forms of magic,
Eragon, as there is a protective seal will kill you as soon as you try to use one of them. You have to have my way of defeating the magics. It will destroy your mind so you will just have a hollow shell of a mind. You will have no soul. I lost three friends to this and two enemies. I would not wish the fate upon anyone. Not even you as you are my most dangerous of enemies. Vrael himself even as he had a way to pierce it feared the dangers of it. He could so rarely manage to pierce the seal and gain access to these magics."
"Nice story but I think first thing in the morning I will return to finish the job with the dauthdaert. I want three urgals and two elves posted outside here. Hope you don't mind rats Omar because there all over the place. Saphira manages to get most of them but not all." Murtagh and him walked out without another word. He thought of what Eragon had said about rats. His urgal guard walked in and gagged him. To escape he would need another method. He could not break the chains but he could escape if he used Transpierto. He thought the word using his magical abilities and thought of a rat. He began to shrink down slowly until he was a pure white rat. He slipped out of his bindings. His senses were dulled minus his hearing. He still could hear much better than before but not much. He slowly crawled under the tent door and looked outside. Firnen was still down with his wound still being sowed by elves, and Thorn was asleep nearby. Saphira stood near Firnen, apparently trying to heal him as well.
Once in a while she broke to scoop up a rat. White would stick out on the ground so instead he changed himself to a brown rat. But a very dark so he still stood out from the other rats. He walked as fast as he could with rat legs. He would have to some how get past Saphira and a few of the bodies before he could get out of the camp otherwise he would have to go the long way around which would take days. He began to make his way past the bodies until he came to three that lay together. A man which had a sword and shield lying next to him. He had a large slash across his chest which must of been because his paw had hit him as his leg was gone as well. But that is not what disturbed him. One of the bodies that lay next to him was a women who must have gotten some bones broken. And then cradled in her arms was a boy. There was so much terror in his glazed eyes before a soldier came and picked up both of them. He looked away and managed to hide behind another body of a man who was burned alive. He used Transpierto to turn into an eagle and took off in the air. A soldier screamed as he saw the transformation. Saphira noticed as well and took flight after him. He used transpierto and began to turn into a dragon. Saphira was beginning to gain but she was still over 100 feet behind him. He still continued on with his transform and turned back to see Saphira only 50 feet away. She shot a bolt of fire and Omar dodged it. Omar sped up until he felt he was about as big as Saphira and still he grew to his full size. He continued to fly as Thorn and Nar joined them. He shot fire at them and they dodged it. He was still speeding up towards Tronjheim. Nar went above him and dove down towards him. As it did he saw Garzana upon it's back. He thought he could kill both dragon and Rider with a single hit. As they neared he swung his tail and smashed it against Nars head. The dragon lost its course and blood spread through the air dripping from the side of the dragons head. They spiraled towards the ground and Thorn roared and dove for it. Omar saw Eragon hefting the dauthdaert in the air and aimed it. Omar shot fire at Eragon and then used lightning to strike.
Eragon easily wacked aside the fire but the bolt of lighting hit him and he fell of Saphira falling as his wards did not protect him from it. He fell to the ground a tail of smoke coming off of him. Saphira roared and dove before a bolt hit her and Thorn. Saphira landed obviously not dead as she struggled to move. He could not say for Eragon, Garzana, or Nar either however. Thorn was on his feet but it was hard fought to do so. Murtagh was obviously alive but not going to be fighting for a while.
He smiled as much as a dragon could. He may have disabled the main Riders of his opposing force.