Smith and Jones part 2

The Doctor and the Hatter sat in front of a computer with the Doctor's sonic, examining it as the Hatter tried to hack in just as Martha ran in, "They've reached the third floor," she glanced at the sonic, "What's that thing?"

"Sonic screwdriver," the Doctor and the Hatter said without looking up from their work.

"Well, if you're not going to answer me properly!"

"No, really, it is," the Doctor turned around and held it up, "It's a screwdriver, and it's sonic. Look".

"What else have you got?" Martha asked sarcastically, "A laser spanner?"

"He did," the Hatter remarked still typing, "I made it for him and what does he do? Loses it".

"I told you it was stolen by Emily Pankhurst, cheeky woman..." he suddenly hit the computer screen making Martha jump and the Hatter hit him on his arm without thinking about it, "Oh, this computer! The Judoon must have locked it down".

"Give me five minutes and we'll be in," the Hatter said as she moved closer to the computer, "It would have been sooner but I'm a little out of practise when it comes to taking down Judoon firewalls".

"Five minutes?" the Doctor raised his eyebrows, "Usually it only takes you a minute if that".

"I don't complain to you when you leave the brakes on-" the Hatter started to say but was cut off by the Doctor.

"Yes you do!"

"Shut up, I'm trying to focus," the Hatter said after a moment that she realised that no matter what she said she wouldn't win.

"You're both completely insane," Martha shook her head at them.

"Judoon platoon upon the moon," the Doctor mumbled, running a hand over his face as he watched the Hatter work, "We were just travelling past, I swear, we were just wandering, we weren't looking for trouble".

"For once," the Hatter cut in.

"Hatter," the Doctor shook his head, "We weren't, but the Hatter notices these plasma coils around the hospital, and that lightning, that's plasma coils, been building up for two days now, so we checked in, thought something was going on inside, it turns out the plasma coils were the Judoon up above".

"But what were they looking for?" Martha asked.

"Something that looks human, but isn't," the Doctor sighed.

"Like you two," Martha said, "Apparently".

"Like us," the Hatter agreed before adding, "But not us".

"Haven't they got a photo?"

"Might be a shape-changer," the Doctor shook his head.

"Whatever it is, can't you just leave the Judoon to find it?" Martha asked them.

"If they declare hospital guilty of harbouring a fugitive, they'll sentence it to execution," the Hatter sighed.

"All of us?" Martha gasped horrified.

"Oh yes," the Doctor nodded, "If we can find this thing first..."

"Oh!" the Hatter shouted, glaring at the computer screen that was now red and black, "This isn't over Judoon!"

"What is it?" the Doctor asked quickly leaning over to look at the screen.

"They've only gone and wiped the records," the Hatter glared at the screen for a moment before she started typing again.

"Oh, that's clever," the Doctor said and the Hatter nodded.

"No need to tell me".

"What are we looking for?" Martha asked.

"Not sure yet," the Hatter said, "Any patient admitted in the past week with unusual symptoms," she picked the screen up and started scanning it with her own sonic, "Maybe there's a back up".

"Just keep working," Martha said, "I'll go ask Mr Stoker, he might know".

"Be careful!" the Doctor and the Hatter called after her as she rushed out of the room.


The Doctor and the Hatter stepped out into the hallway just as Martha ran into the Doctor.

"We restored the back up," the Hatter said brightly.

"The Hatter was the one that did all the work," the Doctor added making the Hatter roll her eyes.

"I found her," Martha gasped.

"You did what?" the Doctor asked, his eyes widening as a man in a black, leather biker outfit that looked like a Slab to the Hatter smashed a door, running after them.

"Never mind that," the Hatter shook her head, grabbing the Doctor's hand as he did the same to Martha, "Run!"

They ran down the hall, down a flight of stairs before being forced to run a different way so not to be court by the Judoon who were making their own way upstairs. They ran through a doorway and onto the fourth floor with the Slab still in pursuit, skidding around corners and into the radiology room.

The Doctor slammed the door shut before the Slab reached them, quickly sonic the door's lock and turning to Martha and the Hatter, "When I say 'now', press the button".

"But I don't know which one!" Martha shook her head as she ran into the operator's room off to the side.

"Hatter!" the Doctor said as he rushed over to the machine and started sonic it as the Hatter rushed over to Martha who was going through a manual.

"Don't worry, Martha," the Hatter said as she gestured to a button in front of herself and Martha, "Word of advice: when in doubt just hit the biggest button in the room".

"Now!" the Doctor suddenly shouted just as the Slab broke through the door.

Martha slammed her hand down onto the button the Hatter had gestured to and watched as the Doctor and the Slab were flooded with radiation making the room light up. After a moment the Slab collapsed.

"What did you do?" Martha asked as the Hatter walked over to the Doctor.

"Increased the radiation by 5000 percent," the Doctor shrugged, "Killed him dead".

"Is there any other way of being dead?" the Hatter said.

"Isn't that likely to kill you?" Martha frowned, looking at the Doctor slightly concerned.

"Nah, it's only radiation," the Doctor waved her off, "We used to play with roentgen bricks in the nursery".

"You did you mean," the Hatter cut in, "My parent's forced me to sit in my room all day and read, do a simple experiment, read a bit more, do a harder experiment, go to a boring dinner party and start all over again. That was my childhood. The funniest thing that I ever got to do was have my mother tell me a bedtime story or my uncle visit and have him tell me a story from a fare off world," she frowned, "But that also meant that I had to put up with my jealouscousins. Anyway, Doctor I think you were explaining something to Martha".

"Oh, right," the Doctor shook himself and turned back to Martha, "It's safe for you to come out, I've absorbed it all. All I need to do is expel it," he started hopping up and down in one place, "If I concentrate I can shake the radiation out of my body and into one spot. It's in my left shoe. Here we go, here we go, easy does it..." he shook his foot and the Hatter couldn't stop herself from laughing at the sight before her, "Out, out, out, out, out. Out, out, ah, ah, ah, ah. It is HOT. Ah, hold on," he grabbed his foot and tore his shoe off and tossed into a bin, "Done".

"You're completely mad," Martha shook her head.

"Your right, I look daft with one shoe," the Doctor took his other shoe off and tossed that one also in the bin, "Barefoot on the moon!"

"Maybe I should have listened to my parent's when they said that you were insane," the Hatter remarked making the Doctor grin at her.

"What did you say to that?"

"Oh, you know the usually," the Hatter shrugged, starting to grin herself, "I did have a bet of a temper after I left school".

"More like dewing school," the Doctor shook his head.

"So, what is this thing?" Martha asked, pointing at the Slab on the floor, "And where's from? The planet Zovirax?"

"It's a Slab," the Hatter said, kneeling beside it, "There called 'Slabs'".

"Basic slave drones, see?" the Doctor explained, kneeling beside the Hatter, "Solid leather, all the way through. Someone has got one hell of a fetish".

"Yes, thank you for those thought," the Hatter said dryly.

"It came with that woman, Mrs Finnegan," Martha frowned, "It was working for her. Just like a servant".

"My sonic screwdriver," the Doctor groaned as he pulled the remains of it out of the x-ray machine, half it burnt and blacken.

"She was one of the patients, but..." Martha was saying but the Doctor wasn't listening.

"Don't worry, Doctor," the Hatter patted his arm as she half listened to Martha and tried to comfort the Doctor, "You can make a new one. Even one that might work on wood".

"My sonic screwdriver!"

"She had a straw like some sort of vampire," Martha said.

"I like vampire stories," the Hatter remarked, "Not Twilight of course. Vampires that sparkle in the sun, I mean...seriously?"

"I loved my sonic screwdriver!"

"Doctor!" Martha shouted making the Hatter jump.

"Sorry," the Doctor said, tossing his once beloved sonic over his shoulder and smiled at Martha, "You called me 'Doctor'".

"Not really the point, Doctor," the Hatter cut in, "She was trying to explain to you about a patina that she thinks might be the alien".

"Mrs. Finnegan is the alien," Martha nodded, "She was drinking Mr Stoker's blood".

"Funny time to take a snack," the Doctor remarked as the Hatter gasped, "You'd think she'd be in hiding"

"Unless she wasn't just a shape-changer but an internal shape-changer," the Hatter nodded, face palming herself, "Oh, I'm so stupid!"

"She wasn't drinking blood, she was assimilating it!" the Doctor cried, "If she can assimilate Mr Stokers blood, mimic the morphology, she can register as human. We've got to find her and show the Judoon!"

"Well, what are we waiting for?" the Hatter shook her head and rushed out of the door, "Come on!"


The Doctor, Martha, and the Hatter watched as a second Slab walked past them while they hid behind a water cooler.

"That's the thing about Slabs," the Doctor said, tickling the Hatter's neck with his breath, "They always travel in pairs".

"What about the two of you?" Martha asked them.

"What about us?" the Hatter asked.

"Haven't you got backup or something?" Martha asked making the Hatter and the Doctor glance at each other, "I mean is the Hatter your only partner..."

"Uh," the Doctor groaned, "Humans. We're stuck on the moon running out of air with Judoon and a bloodsucking cranial, you're asking personal questions. Come on".

"I like that," Martha said as the Doctor and the Hatter stood, "'Humans'. I'm still not convinced you're aliens".

No sooner had Martha said this then a Judoon was to hold a scanner at the Doctor's face who hadn't seen the Judoon, "Non-human".

"Brilliant," the Hatter muttered to herself.

"Oh my God, you really are!" Martha gasped.

"And again!" the Doctor grabbed the Hatter and Martha's hands, racing back down the hallway, ducking as the Judoon started shooting at them. They ran up stairs, locking the door behind them before running into a corridor where people were either collapsing on already on the floor, all gasping for air.

"They've done this floor," the Hatter said, "The Judoon are logical and just a bit thick. They won't go back and check a floor they've already checked. If we're lucky".

"How much oxygen is there?" they heard Martha say from behind them as she knelt beside the medical student that had been panicking earlier but this time she seemed to be a little calmer as she gave a patient oxygen.

"Not enough for all these people," the woman said, "We're going to run out".

"What about you, Martha?" the Hatter asked over her should as she checked a woman who had just slid down the wall, frowning as she checked the woman's vitals, "Are you alright?"

"Running on adrenaline," Martha said.

"Welcome to our world," the Doctor said, glancing over to the Hatter, "Are you alright?"

"Respiratory bypass system," the Hatter replied as she stood, "And anyway it's not me who we should be worried about. This woman is already showing signs of oxygen starvation and I don't doubt that half the people in this place are also suffering the same thing".

"What about the Judoon?" Martha asked.

"Ah, great big lung reserves, it won't slow them down," the Doctor shook his head, "Where's Mr. Stoker's office?"

"It's this way," Martha said leading them down the hallway and into the same room that the first Slab had came from only this time it was empty, "She's gone! She was here".

"I remember being told this story," the Hatter sighed as she knelt down next to the body of Mr. Stoker behind his desk, "When I first arrived here in about a year's time, thinking that I'm a human I was told all about this. Of course I didn't believe a thing of it but..."

"Hmm," the Doctor nodded as the Hatter stood, "Drained him dry. Every last drop. She's a plasmavore".

"I was really hoping we would be wrong," the Hatter sighed.

"What was she doing on Earth?" Martha frowned.

"Hiding," the Hatter said, "On the run. That would explain why the Judoon are after her".

"Like Ronadl Biggs in Rio de Janeiro," the Doctor added, "What's she doing now? She's still not safe. The Judoon could execute us all. Come on".

"Wait a minute," Martha said as she knelt next to Stoker and closed his eyes before tuning and walking out of the office with the Doctor and the Hatter following.

"Think, think, think," the Doctor said to himself as they stepped out into the hall, "If I was a plasmavore surrounded by police, what would I do?" the Hatter pointed to the MRI sign, "Ah. She's as clever as you..." the Hatter rolled her eyes as he smiled at her, "Almost".

"I wish you would stop doing that," the Hatter shook her head.

"Find the non-human!" a Judoon ordered from the over end of the hall, "Execute".

The Doctor turned to Martha, "Stay here. We need time. You're going to have to hold them up".

"How do I do that?" Martha frowned, glancing at the approaching Judoon.

"Martha, forgive me for this," the Doctor said to her, "It's to save a thousand lives, it means nothing," his eyes seemed to flicker towards the Hatter for a moment, "Honestly, nothing," he met the Hatter's eyes again before grabbing Martha's face and kissing her quickly before grabbing the Hatter's hand and running down the corridor leaving a very stunned Martha behind.

"That was nothing?" Martha breathed, not realising that the Hatter had heard with her Time Lady hearing.

"You just can't help yours self when it comes to making trouble," the Hatter shook her head as they ran, "I just hope she doesn't fall to hard".

"What?" the Doctor asked.

"Never mind".


The Doctor and the Hatter made their way to the MRI room where the machine was making as sound when they entered that made the Hatter force a gasp down. The woman that Martha had told them about, Mrs. Finnegan was behind the controls while the MRI scanner crackled with energy.

"Doctor, she's accelerated the monogenetic pulse to a lethal percentage," the Hatter told the Doctor telepathically, "If she pushes the wrong button she could not just the moon up but half the earth!"

The Doctor gave her hand a squizzes to show that he understood before taking on a shocked and slightly out of breath expression as the Hatter made herself look terrified and clutched the Doctor's arm tightly.

"Have you seen...there are these things, those great big space rhino things," the Doctor cried breathlessly as the Hatter pretend to sob, "I mean rhinos from space. And we're on the moon. Great big space ship rhinos with guns on the moon. And I only came in for my bunions," he showed her his feet, "They're alright now, perfectly good treatment, I said to my wife," he put an arm around the Hatter, "'Emma, darling, I'd recommend this place to anyone,' but then we end up on the moon. And did I mention the rhinos?"

"Hold him!" the woman shouted at the Slab who grabbed the Doctor who tried to push the Hatter behind his back but the Hatter knew that he would try to protect her ducked away and grabbed hold of the Slabs arm only for the Slab to push her with so much force that she smashed into the wall, hitting her head and collapsing to the floor, unconscious.

The Doctor struggled and fought to check to see if she was alright but the Slabs grip was too tight. Cursing in high Gallifreyan the Doctor was forced to give up struggling and to just look from where he was.

The Hatter looked as if she had just been knocked out. He couldn't see any blood but there was some faint bruising already forming on her temple. The Doctor swallowed and looked back at Mrs Finnegan still trying to keep his temper under control, "That thing, that big machine thing, is it supposed to be making that noise?"

"You wouldn't understand," Finnegan waved him off.

"Isn't that a magnetic resonance imaging thing?" the Doctor asked, acting as if he didn't know what was going on, "Like a ginormous sort of a magnet? I did magnets at GCSE. Well, failed, the wife past, but all the same".

"The magnetic setting is not set to 50,000 Tesla," Finnegan said smugly.

"Ooh," the Doctor nodded, "That's a bit strong, isn't it?"

"I can send out a magnetic pulse that will fry the brainstems of every living thing within 250,000 miles. Except me, safe in this room".

"But...hold on, hold on, I did geography for GCSE, I did pass that one, doesn't that distance include the Earth?"

"Only the side facing the moon," Finnegan said, "The other half will survive. Call it my little gift".

"I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me, I'm a little out of my depth," the Doctor shook his head, "I've spent the past fifteen years working as a postmen, hence the bunions...why would you do that?"

"With everyone dead, the Judoon ships will be mine, to make an escape".

"Now, that's weird," the Doctor said, "You're talking like you're some sort of an alien".


"No!" the Doctor gasped.

"Oh, yes".

"You're joshing me".

"I am not".

"I'm talking to an alien? In hospital? What, has this place got a E.T department?"

"It's the perfect hiding place," Finnegan shrugged, "Blood banks downstairs for a midnight feast, and all this equipment I'm ready to arm myself should the police come looking".

"So, those rhinos, they're looking for you?"

"Yes," she held up her hand to show a black cross on it, "But I'm hidden".

"Oh," the Doctor said, "Right! Maybe that's why they're increasing the scans".

"They're doing what?" Finnegan shrieked.

"Big chef rhino boy, he said, no sign of a non-human, we must increase our scans...up to setting two?"

"Then I must assimilate again".

"What does that mean?"

"I must appear to be human".

"Well, you're welcome to come home, my wife, she could show you the wedding snaps. She'd be honoured. We can have cake. She makes the best cakes".

"Why should I have cake?" Finnegan asked as she searched through her purse before pulling out a straw, "I've got my little straw".

"That's nice," the Doctor eyed the straw, "Milkshake? I like Banana, the wife's a strawberry fan".

"You're quite the funny man," Mrs. Finnegan remarked as she moved closer to the Doctor, "And yet, I think, laughing on purpose at the darkness. I think it's time you found some peace," she looked at the Slab, "Steady him!"

"What are you doing?" the Doctor asked as the Slab grip tightened as Mrs. Finnegan moved closer with her straw at the ready.

"I'm afraid this is going to hurt," Finnegan said, "But if it's any consolation, the dead don't tend to remember".


The Hatter groaned and rolled onto her side, wincing as the side of her head gave a nasty throb. She opened her eyes and almost wished she was still unconscious at the sight.

Mrs. Finnegan seemed to have a straw in the Doctor's throat, drinking his blood. No wonder he looked so pale. Behind him was the Slab holding his arms and head to the side.

Just as the Hatter was about to try and sit up the doors burst open and Martha entered with the Judoon following.

"Now see what you've done," Finnegan jumped away from the Doctor who fell to the floor like a rag doll, "This poor man just died of fright".

"Scan him!" the chef Judoon ordered, flashing his scanner at the Doctor, "Confirmation: deceased".

The Hatter tried to talk but couldn't. She couldn't even sit up properly.

"No, he can't be," Martha cried as she struggled to get through the Judoon, "Let me through, let me see him".

"Stop," the Judoon put a hand on Martha's shoulder to stop her from getting any closer, "Case closed".

"But it was her," Martha argued, "She killed him. She did it. She murdered him".

"The Judoon have no authority over human crime".

"But she's not human," Martha said.

"Oh, but I am," Finnegan held her hand up, "I've been catalogued".

"But she's not!" Martha exclaimed, "She assimil...wait a minute. You drank his blood. The Doctor's blood!" she reached over and grabbed one of the Judoon's scanners and scanned Finnegan.

"Oh, alright," Finnegan laughed, "Scan all you like".

The scanner start giving off a high pitched sound making the Hatter smile as she attempted to sit up, "Non-human," the chef Judoon said.

"What?" Finnegan demanded, losing her smile and her eye's winding.

"Confirm analysis".

"Oh, but it's a mistake surely. I'm human. I'm as human as they come".

"He gave his life so they'd find you," Martha said, looking at the Doctor sadly.

"Confirmed: Plasmavore," the Judoon scanned Finnegan, "I charge you with the crime of murdering the princess of Patrival Regency Nine".

"Oh," the Hatter muttered to herself, "I liked her".

"She deserved it!" Finnegan shrieked, "Those pink cheeks and those blond curls and that simpering voices. She was begging for the bite of a plasmavore".

"Do you confess?" the Judoon asked.

"Confess? I'm proud of it! Slab...stop them!"

The Slab moved forward but the Judoon fired, disintegrating it, "Verdict: guilty. Sentence: execution".

"Enjoy your victory, Judoon," Finnegan shouted at them, "Because you're going to burn with me. Burn in hell!" the Judoon raised there guns at her and disintegrated her as she screamed.

Martha run over to the Hatter and helped her over to the Doctor even though the Hatter had been trying to get to the scanner controls.

"Case closed," the Judoon said.

"What did she mean, 'burn with me?'" Martha asked them, "The scanner shouldn't be doing that. She's done something".

"Scans detect lethal acceleration of monomagnetic pulse".

"Well, do something!" Martha exclaimed, "Stop it!"

"Our jurisdiction has ended," the chef said, "Judoon will evacuate".

"You can't just leave it," Martha shook her head as the Hatter sighed, "What's it going to do?"

"You really don't want to know," the Hatter sighed.

"All units withdrew," the chef ordered.

The Judoon turned and walked out with Martha following. The Hatter glanced at the machine already knowing that she wouldn't make it over there without help so she turned back to the Doctor and started CPR only to stop at a sharp pain in her temple. She must have hit her head harder then she thought.

Martha run back into the room, "Martha, CPR," the Hatter said as she tried to blink black spots away from her eyes, "I would but..."

"Right," Martha nodded as she started, "One, two, three, four, five," she gave him a breath as the Hatter slowly slipped to the floor, "One, two, three, four, five," another breath before she realised what she had to do, "Two hearts! One, two, three, four, five," she worked on his left side, "One, two, three, four, five," she took one last breath of air and gave it to him. A moment later he opened his eyes and started coughing, his eyes red as Martha fell to the floor, "The scanner...she did something..."

The Doctor glanced at Martha and at the Hatter who made a vague gesturer to the scanner as he coughed. He crawled over to the controls and unplugged the red plug and leaned back against the wall, coughing before going over to the Hatter and picking her up. He glanced at Martha worriedly before staggering out of the room and down the hall to a set of windows.

"Come on, come on, come on, come on, Judoon reverse it," the Doctor muttered just as it started to rain, he grinned and looked down at the Hatter, "It's raining on the moon, Hatter".

"That's not something you see every day," the Hatter mumbled not opening her eyes.

Making the Doctor blinked having not realized that she had been awake, "How long have you been awake for?"

"Ever scenas you picked me up just before," the Hatter said still not opening her eyes, "Did I mention that my heads killing me and how much I dislike you for almost getting yourself killed?"

Before the Doctor could answer there was a bright white light and everything went back to the way it was supposed to.


"Would you stop it, Doctor?" the Hatter winced for the seventh time in five minutes. After they had arrived back on Earth and waved to Martha before going back to the TARDIS the Doctor had told the Hatter that if she didn't let him examine her head he wouldn't go back and pick Martha up for a trip or two.

"I have to make sure," the Doctor shook his head as he flashed a bright light in her eyes.

"I'm fine," the Hatter sighed, slipping of the bed before the Doctor could stop her and walking past him to the console room, "I promise. Besides I didn't hit my head that hard".

The Doctor gave her a look at this as they started work on the controls, "I was there and I heard your head hit the wall".

"Well, maybe I just have a hard head like someone else in this room," the Hatter joked as they landed, "Coming?"

The Doctor shook his head and followed after her as they stepped out into a alleyway. They could hear shouting from the other end so they followed the sound to find a blond woman and an older woman who looked simular to Martha auguring in the middle of the street. They could see Martha standing next to two other people who the Doctor and the Hatter guessed where her brother and sister.

"I am not prepared to be insulted!" the blond woman shouted at an older man who could only be Martha's father.

"She didn't mean it, sweetheart," the older man said, "She just said you look health".

"No, I didn't," Mrs. Jones shook her head, "I said orange".

The Hatter couldn't stop herself from laughing at this point.

"Clive, that woman is disrespecting me," the blond said sounding childish to the Hatter which didn't help with stopping herself from laughing, "She's never liked me".

"Somehow I think she has a good reason for that," the Hatter whispered to the Doctor who nodded.

"Oh, I can't think why, after you stole my husband," Martha's mother said making the Doctor and the Hatter high five at being right.

"I was seduced," the blond said making the Hatter roll her eyes.

"Yeah, and I'm sure his money had nothing to do with it," the Hatter whispered, "Typical".

"I'm entirely innocent! Tell her, Clive!"

"And then she has a go at Martha, practically accused her of making the whole thing up," Martha's mother glared at the other woman.

"Mum, I don't mind," Martha sighed, "Just leave it".

"Oh," the blond scoffed, "'I've been to the moon!' as if. They were drugged. It said so on the news".

"Since when did you watch the news?" Martha's mother rolled her eyes, "You can't handle 'Quiz Mania'".

Martha's sister turned to Martha, "Annalise started it. She did. I heard her".

"Tish, don't make it worse," Martha's brother sighed.

"Come off it, Leo," Tish frowned at him, "What did she buy you, soap? Seventy-five pence soap".

"Oh, I'm never talking to you family again!" Annalise shouted, storming off.

"Oh, stay!" Martha's mother called after her, "Have a night out!"

"Don't you dare," Clive called after Annalise, "I'm putting my foot down. This is me, putting my foot down!" not that, that worked with him running off after her.

"Dad!" Leo called after him.

"Make a fool of yourself!" Martha's mother shouted after them, "God knows, you've been doing it for the last 25 years! Why stop now?"

"I wish my family had been like this," the Hatter laughed quietly.

"Your father's temper was more than enough," the Doctor remarked, remembering all of the times he was yelled at by him for leading his youngest daughter astray. Not to mention when they were both sent to his office because of getting in trouble in class or something.

"You never did get along with my father, did you?" the Hatter laughed again, "Good times".

"I wouldn't call them 'good times'," the Doctor muttered.

"Mum, don't" Tish called after her mother who had stormed off, leaving Martha along, "I asked the DJ and he's playing that song later..."

Martha shook her head but stopped when she noticed the Doctor and the Hatter standing at the corner of the alleyway just across the street. They smiled at her and turned back into the alley. Martha quickly flowed after them and found them leaning against the blue box that she had seen earlier.

"I went to the moon today," Martha said.

"A bit more peaceful than down here," the Doctor laughed and the Hatter smiled.

"You never told me who you are," Martha remained them.

"The Doctor and the Hatter," the Hatter shrugged.

"What sort of species?" Martha asked, "It's not every day I get to ask that".

"We're Time Lords," the Hatter said, "But I prefer Time Lady".

"Right!" Martha laughed, "Not pompous at all, then".

"We just thought, since you saved my life," the Doctor said, "And I've got a brand new sonic screwdriver which needs road testing, you might fancy a trip?"

"What, into space?" Martha asked.


"I can't," Martha shook her head, "I've got exams. I've got things to do. I have to go into town first thing the rent; I've got my family going mad..."

"If it helps, we can travel in time, as well," the Hatter cut in.

"Get out of here".

"We can," the Doctor nodded.

"Come on now, that's going too far," Martha shook her head.

"Well prove it," the Doctor said going back into the TARDIS with the Hatter following giving Martha a small grin and wave as she did so.


The Doctor and the Hatter peeked around the corner of an alleyway just as they spotted Martha talking to someone on her phone on her way to work.

They looked at each other before running over to her and stopping her in her tracks.

"Like so!" the Doctor smiled as he pulled his tie off, "See?"

Remembering what Martha had said earlier about the Hatter playing with her Yo-yo, she took it out and started doing few tricks with it before she and the Doctor ran back to the alley, disappearing from sight.

Martha stared after them before shaking her head and continuing on her way to work.


They landed the TARDIS in the same spot that they had before and stepped out to see a shocked Martha, "Told you!" the Doctor said still holding his tie as the Hatter stepped out with her yo-yo still in hand.

"I know, but..." Martha shook her head as the Doctor started fixing his tie, "That was this mourning! But...did you...oh, my God! You can travel in time!" the Hatter grinned and started helping the Doctor put his tie on, "But hold on, if you could see me this morning, why didn't you tell me not to go in to work?"

"Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden," the Hatter said.

"Except for cheap tricks," the Doctor added.

"My entire family would have been appalled," the Hatter sighed.

"And that's your spaceship?" Martha asked.

"It's called the TARDIS," the Doctor explained, "Time and Relative Dimension in Space".

"Your spaceship's made of wood," Martha remarked as she touched the side of it, "There's not room. We'd be a bit intimate".

The Doctor and the Hatter pushed the door open, "Take a look," they said in unison.

Martha stepped inside, the Doctor and the Hatter followed and leant against the railing next to the door as Martha took everything in.

"Oh, no, no," Martha shook her head and ran our side, "But it's just a box!" she started running around the outside of it, "But it's huge. How does it do that? Its wood!" she knocked on the side, "It's like a box with that room just rammed in," she stepped back in.

"It's bigger on the inside," the Doctor and the Hatter mouthed along with Martha.

"Is it?" the Doctor asked, "I hadn't noticed," he shut the door and tossed his coat along with the Hatter's onto the Y-beam, "Alright, then, let's go".

"Hang on, I just want to check something," the Hatter said before stepping back outside and walking into the middle of the street. Nothing different from a normal street but there was still that odd feeling of missing something.

And just like last time, the Hatter felt something, something that she couldn't feel shaking her head, the Hatter took one more glance around the street before returning back to the TARDIS were the Doctor was at the controls and Martha was beside him.

"You're the one who kissed me," Martha said in a teasing tone.

"That was a genetic transfer," the Doctor said firmly.

"And if you will wear a tight suit..." Martha carried on much to the Hatter's amusement.

"Now...don't," the Doctor said as the Hatter started helping him with the console.

"And then travel all the way across the Universe just to ask me a date..."

"Stop it," the Doctor snapped, staring Martha down.

"For the record?" Martha said, "I'm not remotely interested. I only go for humans".

"Good," the Doctor said as the Hatter shook her head at how obvious it was that Martha had feelings for the Doctor, "Well, then. Close down the gravitic anomalizer..."

"Fire up the old helmic regulator," the Hatter flicked a switch.

"And finally...the hand brake," the Doctor grabbed the lever and looked at Martha, "Ready?"

"No," Martha shook her head but she was still smiling.

"Off we go!" the Doctor pulled the lever making the TARDIS jolt and shack and the Hatter to fall over.

"Blimey, it's a bit bumpy!" Martha exclaimed over the shacking.

"Welcome aboard, Martha Jones," the Hatter called over to her as she managed to stand.

"It's my pleasure, Hatter," Martha grinned.

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