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Chapter 7: I'm Sure You Meant To Say Interrogate, Boss

Ducky paced in autopsy, wringing his hands. He heard that Delaney had been abducted, and that the team had rushed out to find her. Jimmy saw the worried look on his face and walked up to him.

"Are you alright, Doctor?" he asked quietly.

Ducky replied, "Yes, Mr. Palmer, I am fine. But our young Gunnery Sgt. is not."

Jimmy thought for a second and said, "Are you talking about the female marine that was abducted earlier? You usually don't get this upset about a case." Jimmy waited for his reply, concerned for his friend and mentor.

"Well, this is not just a case to me. Gunnery Sgt. Hanlon is a friend of mine." Ducky told him and Jimmy looked surprised.

"Really? I'm sorry, Doctor. How did you know her?" he asked curiously.

"She was quite small, only 5 years old when I met her," Ducky began, "And she was involved in a terrible car accident in which both of her parents died. The car began to burn and she was pulled to safety mere seconds before it exploded by none other than Gunnery Sgt. Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

"Really..." Jimmy said, getting completely absorbed in the story, and Ducky continued.

"She managed to escape with minor abrasions and bruising. Gibbs had them take her to Bethesda, where I was the medical examiner at the time. The poor girl wandered down to the morgue looking for her parents. That was the first time I met Gibbs. He cared for her for nearly two months before she went to live with an aunt out west. She and I would talk for hours, she was quite a bright little girl, too." Ducky smiled at his memory before the reality of the current situation came crashing back down on him. He sighed and then heard the phone ring.

He walked over to his desk and answered, "Autopsy."

"Ducky, it's McGee. We found Gunnery Sgt. Hanlon. She's alive, but they beat her up pretty bad and she has a gunshot wound in her shoulder."

"My God..." Ducky said, and Tim continued.

"They're going to airlift her to Bethesda. Gibbs wants you to meet her there. We've also got a body here, Ducky."

"I am leaving now," Ducky replied, "I will send Mr. Palmer for the body." He hung up the phone and turned to Jimmy.

"They found her, alive, but beaten and shot. Call Timothy for directions, there is a body at the scene you must attend to. I have to get to Bethesda." He turned around, grabbed his coat and rushed to the elevator.

While a still handcuffed Captain Bertram was in the ambulance getting his hand cleaned and wrapped, Gibbs and his team continued to process the crime scene. They found out that the other man who was with Bertram and Hillias was named Dennis McNamara and that he lived in Fredericksburg, but that's all they knew. He was being taken to the hospital in another ambulance, escorted by two agents. A paramedic helped Bertram down from the ambulance just in time for him to see Ziva bringing out the locked case. It was in a large evidence back, and Gibbs was walking behind her.

"You won't be able to open it!" Bertram shouted at them, "Citrix changed the code. If Hanlon knew what it was, she would have told me! No girl can take a beating like that and not talk." Gibbs sighed as his anger once again began to rise. He walked up to Captain Bertram and didn't stop until they were nearly nose to nose.

"Is that right, Bertram?" Gibbs asked quietly, trying to control his rage. "Well, I hate to tell you this, but she did know the code. Gave it to me before you got to her. She didn't give it to you because she was doing her job, defending her country against enemies, foreign and domestic."

Bertram glared back at him and said, "I don't believe you."

Gibbs took a step back, and without breaking eye contact with Bertram, called out, "Ziva! The case." Gibbs took a few more steps back and pulled on a fresh pair of latex gloves. Ziva set the case down next to Gibbs. When he turned his back to Bertram and knelt next to it, Ziva pulled her gun out of its holster; holding it at her side, she stood in between the two men, facing the Captain. Gibbs opened the evidence bag, pulled out the case, and set it on top of the bag. He entered the code into the electronic lock, and they all heard the lock being released. Bertram's eyes got wide and his face paled as the case opened and Gibbs started pulling out stacks of military files stamped "Top Secret." Tony and Tim walked over to them and saw the look on Bertram's face as Gibbs pulled out the files.

"Wow, your day just keeps getting worse, doesn't it?" Tony asked him.

Tim said, "Just wait until Gibbs get's him into interrogation." They both smiled at him, and Bertram felt his face getting red with anger.

Before he could react, Tony grabbed his arm and said, "Time to go, Captain Hook." As Tony put Bertram into the back of the Charger, Tim walked up to Gibbs and held up a small, scratched electronic device.

"What is that?" Gibbs asked.

Tim replied, "I found it in the Gunny's inside shirt pocket. It looks like a digital recording device. I won't be able to tell what's on it until we get back to headquarters and I can hook it up to my computer."

Gibbs nodded and said, "Go, McGee. Have Abby help you. We'll meet you back there."

Ducky got to Bethesda, and was anxiously waiting for the helicopter transporting Gunnery Sgt. Hanlon to arrive. He had a trauma surgeon and a team of nurses standing by. He paced back and forth in front of the doors that led out to the landing pad.

The trauma surgeon Dr. Spencer, who was a friend of Ducky's from when he worked in the morgue at Bethesda, put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Relax, Ducky. We'll take good care of her." Ducky smiled at his friend, grateful for the support, and then they heard a helicopter approaching. Once it landed, the team rushed over, lifted the stretcher to the ground, and began to quickly wheel her inside. Delaney opened her good eye and saw Ducky.

"Hi, Tonog," she whispered. Ducky was horrified at the state she was in.

"My God, little angel, are you alright?" he asked. The entire right side of her face was badly bruised, and her eye was completely swollen shut. She had a deep cut under her left eye, which was also blackened, a split lip, and a gash on her head, not to mention the gunshot wound in her shoulder.

"I'm still alive," she said to him before the blood that was still filling her mouth caused her to start coughing. Pain ripped through her ribs, and she started groaning in pain. Once they got her into the trauma center, they lifted her on to the exam table and began to cut the blood soaked clothes off of her.

One of the nurses looked down at her and said, "We've got to strip you down, sweetie." She reached around until she found Ducky's hand with her own.

"Don't leave me, Tonog," she whispered.

"Do not worry, little angel, I am not going anywhere," he said, and like the true gentleman that all of his friends knew that he was, he stood by her head and turned his back to her, so if he looked down, all that he could see was her face.

As the doctors began to examine her she said, "Tonog, my shirt... There's a recorder in it... I forgot... Can you call Tim? He's the computer and electronics guy, right?" Ducky looked at her, confused, and before he could respond she cried out in paid when the doctor started to feel her ribs.

"Tonog, please... Call him? I need to talk to him." Ducky quickly dialed Tim's number and handed Delaney his phone.

Tim answered, "Special Agent McGee."

"Hi, Tim, it's Gunnery Sgt. Hanlon." Tim furrowed his brow, confused as to why she was calling.

"Gunny, hi. Are you ok? I mean... Is everything alright?" he asked. The doctor started cleaning the wound on her shoulder and she cried out again, cursing, "Son of a bitch! Ugh... Sorry Tim, it's ok... Listen, there was a digital audio recorder in the inside pocket of my shirt, I don't know how well it worked, but there could be evidence on it."

Tim smiled and said, "One step ahead of you, Gunny. I'm on my way to headquarters with it now. You just worry about getting well. When this is all over I'll take you out to dinner."

"That sounds good, Tim. I gotta go... Talk to you soon." She hung up without waiting for a reply and handed Ducky his phone. Tim pressed the gas pedal in the Charger, and swore that he would make sure that Bertram and his goons got put away for a long time for making her suffer.

He looked down at the evidence bag with the recorder in it on the seat next to him and said aloud, "She's smarter than you, Bertram, you bastard." He pressed the gas pedal down further and raced towards DC.

At the crime scene, Gibbs walked back into the barn where Tony and Ziva were finishing up. He stood in the doorway for a moment, watching and admiring how well they worked together. The were both excellent agents individually, but together these two were unstoppable. His gut twisted slightly as he continued to watch them. He saw the looks and glances they gave to each other. The flirty smiles, and the eye contact. Oh boy, the eye contact. Gibbs knew that they were in love. As hard as they tried to hide it from each other and everyone else, you had to be blind not to see it. Gibbs knew that he would have to say something to one of them eventually, but now was not the time. Tony looked up and saw Gibbs.

"Oh, hey Boss, we're just finishing up here. Where's McGee?" he asked.

"On his way back to headquarters with an audio recorder Delaney had in her pocket. Let's wrap this up and get out of here." Gibbs replied and then turned and walked out of the barn before Tony or Ziva could say anything else.

Dr. Spencer finished cleaning Delaney's wounds and stitching her face and mouth. Tears were soaking her face from the amount of pain she was in, but Dr. Spencer did not want to give her pain medicine until he knew that her organs were ok.

Ducky took the bags that were filled with her clothes and shoes, kissed the top of her head gently and said, "I will be right down the hall when you get done." Over an hour later, a nurse went into the waiting room looking for Ducky.

"How is she?" he asked and the nurse replied, "Everything internally looks good," Ducky breathed a sigh of relief and the nurse continued. "She's got a few broken ribs and a lot of bruising, but she's going to be ok. The orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomson wants her in surgery for her shoulder tonight, though. She's being prepped now and wants to see you." Ducky left the bags of clothes in the waiting room and followed the nurse out.

At headquarters, Gibbs sat down his desk and pulled out his phone. Tony and Ziva put Bertram into interrogation, and now sat at their desks, waiting for Gibbs' next order. Gibbs dialed Ducky's number and Ducky answered on the first ring.

"Ah, Jethro, I was just about to call you."

"How is she, Duck?" Gibbs asked as Tony and Ziva listened and pretended to look through paperwork.

"She will be fine, but they want to operate on her shoulder tonight." Ducky told him, "She wanted to speak with you before she goes in."

"Yeah, put her on," Gibbs said as Tony and Ziva listened intently to his side of the conversation. Gibbs cringed slightly when he heard her voice, which was muffled by swelling and stitches. She was groggy from the pain meds, and her voice was almost a whisper.

"Gunny?" she asked quietly into the phone and Gibbs replied, "Hey, baby girl, how are you feeling?" Tony and Ziva looked at each other and smiled. Gibbs shot them a look, but kept his attention on the slurred response that she was giving him.

"Gunny, I feel like I got hit by a truck." Tears started running down her cheeks and he heard her voice crack."They're operating on my shoulder tonight. I need you here, Gibbs." she said, and Gibbs felt his gut twist at the thought of her laying in the hospital and him not being able to be there for her.

"Sweetheart, I know you want me there, but I have to finish up here with Bertram. I will be there as soon as I'm done, ok?" he said softly, trying to reassure her.

"Ok," she whispered. "I love you, Papa."

Gibbs smiled and said, "I love you too, Pretty Girl. Can you put Tonog back on?"

Tony and Ziva looked at each other again, confused, and Ziva suddenly had an instant message appear on her screen from Tony that said, "Wow, is the great Gibbs getting soft? Who is this chick? And who is Toonuck? I though he was talking to Ducky?"

Ziva smiled and began typing her response, "She is obviously someone very dear to his heart, Tony. And he is talking to Ducky. The word is spelled Tonog, and it's Gaelic for duck. I think it's a very cute nickname for him. Stop being so nosy!"

Tony looked over at her, smiled and typed his reply, "She's obviously known Gibbs and Ducky for a long time, and now I just have to find out how. And I'm not being nosy! I am an investigator, who is now thoroughly confused. Not a good combination." Ziva smiled back at him, and began to type a reply, but stopped when Gibbs hung up his phone and said, "You two, with me." They followed him to the elevator on the other side of the stairs.

"We going to see Abby and McGeek?" Tony asked, and Gibbs nodded.

"Yup. Hopefully they'll have something for me before I go and beat the hell out of Bertram." Tony smiled and said, "I'm sure you meant to say interrogate, Boss."