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Chapter 1: A Plan of Action

Sonic watched as one by one, the animals of the northern kingdom looked at a newborn baby hedgehog and bowed down before him as the royal family stood on the balcony of their bedroom. Sonic's mate, Amy had given their son the name, Flash the Hedgehog, he was a white hedgehog with long quills that had pink and blue on the ends, he wore white gloves and red and white flat boots. Sonic looked out at the crowd to see if his younger brother, Shadow had arrived to see his new son and the future king, Shadow on the other hand, would kill to be king and intended on making sure Flash never does become king of Mobious.

Shadow knew that since Flash was born, he would have two lives to take before he became king. This greedy, ebony hedgehog was working with his wolf pack to find a way to rid the world of Sonic and Flash, and figuring out a way to win the heart of Amy so she could be his mate.

Shadow's wolves went by the names of Scar, Sapphire, Elise, Thunder, Claws and Horn. Horn looked like he could be a hellhound. The rest of them looked like normal wolves.

"My fellow Shadow clan members, I come bearing an idea." the red striped hedgehog announced. "You will take your wolf friends and attack Sonic, and once he is to weak to even move and on the edge of death, I will take my sword and give the final blow that will end his life for good!"

The wolves then began cheering on the enthusiasm Shadow carried in his voice as he spoke of the dastardly plan of murder he spoke of. Sapphire, midnight blue wolf, stepped up and asked with eagerness, "When do we attack?"

The ebony leader looked down at Sapphire with a grin."At the dawn of Flash's thirteenth birthday, and once we've killed Sonic, we will get a plan to get rid of Flash. Now rest my followers, for tomorrow we begin our training."

And with that being said, the wolves, along with Shadow, went back to their own dens to sleep. As Shadow rested his head on his hay bed, he thought to himself, "You better be ready Sonic, because we're coming for you and your son." with a smug grin on his face as he closed his eyes and dozed off into dreamland.

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