AN - Harry is non-magical. Set in AU where there are no wizards or witches just Supernatural kind. Also Dean and Harry are the same ages.

Have you ever wonder who took care of Dean Winchester since Dean took care of everyone else? Who put Dean first? Who pushed Dean to be the best he could be in his situation? Who was the rock Dean leaned on? Yeah? Well you're in luck because this is that tale.

It all began on a summer day in the park near Bobby Singer's house. A 10 year old Dean Winchester had been out walking to the store that was near the park when he heard laughing before it cut-off in a choke like the person had been punched in the stomach. Dean's curiosity was piqued and ventured over to where the sound had come from stopping in his tracks as he watched a black haired boy grappling with one of the boys while the other two boys tried punching the black haired boy in the back. A righteous fury overcame Dean. Who were these guys who thought it was right to punch in the back?

Rushing forward Dean tackled the closest one while the black-hair kid turned to fight off the third one. Delivering one last blow to the crying kid beneath him, Dean stood up and looked to see the black-hair kid standing as well, but watched astonished as the kid helped the two boys he thrashed up as well as correcting his glasses and spoke in a lecturing tone, "Just because I don't have a mother or father doesn't mean I'm helpless. Now go home and get hugs and kisses from your mommy and remember that you took her for granted."

When the three beat up boys didn't move, the black-haired kid made a shooing motion. The bullies got the hint and limped home while the kid moved over to Dean, "Hi, I'm Harry. Thanks for the help."

"No problem, it was no sweat. I'm Dean," Dean said holding out his hand.

Harry shook it, "So what were you doing before saving my sorry arse?"

Dean grinned, he liked the boy. Not only could he fight but had the same humor as Dean.

"Going to get some groceries."

"Right well how about I accompany you and help you pack it home?" Harry grinned as he started walking towards the store.

"Sure," Dean sprinted past Harry saying, "Last one there is a rotten egg!"

"You're on Dweeb!" Harry started running as well catching up to Dean.

"Whatever Butt Muncher!" Dean called out making a mad dash to the store beating his new friend by a second or two.

As the two boys finished Dean's shopping and started the trek back home, Dean studied his new friend taking in the new clothes and expensive eye-glasses. He felt slightly embarrassed about his own slightly short jeans with holes and worn sneakers. He hoped that his friend wouldn't notice. Either his new friend was psychic or was really observant as what Harry said next blew Dean's mind away.

"Dude, you must have some wicked tells about the holes in your jeans. My old pair had great stories. I had this one hole just below my knee where I ripped it chasing a snake through some bushes. But my godfather got rid of them saying they were too ratty and covered in grease."

Just by that simple statement Dean was feeling better and grinned, "Yeah, I got one of my holes from helping my Uncle Bobby change the oil in my Dad's Impala."

"Bobby? As in the grumpy old man who owns the Auto shop?" Harry questioned cocking his head to the side.

"Yeah, what of it?" Dean asked defensively. He liked Uncle Bobby. Whenever they stayed with him, Dean was able to be a somewhat normal boy. Don't get him wrong, he loved his baby brother and dad, but sometimes Dean was tired of not having friends and having to take care of everyone.

"Nothing!" Harry held up his hands, "He's awesome; he lets me help him when my godfather is busy."

Dean stared at Harry. Bobby knew Harry and hadn't told him about the boy?

"Sooo Metallica or AC/DC?"

Dean grinned, this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

As the days and months flew by Dean got to know Harry better and trusted him almost as much as he trusted his dad. Which was saying a lot. He had learned that Harry was eleven and had been saved by his godfather from his mean aunt and uncle. Dean also learned that Harry's parents were murdered and in returned told him about his mom being murdered and their house being burnt down. It had become an unsaid law that if one of them revealed a secret then the other had to as well. So when Harry confessed that it wasn't a man that killed his parents but what he thinks was a vampire, Dean hesitates before telling Harry about his dad and him hunting the supernatural

"Dude really?" Harry asked hanging upside down from his bed.

"Yeah, the only reason why we are staying with Uncle Bobby is because Dad needed more time for one of his hunts and Sammy complained enough that Dad gave in," Dean answered from his spot on the floor next to Harry's head.

"That is so cool! At least I know I'm not weird thinking some myth killed my parents."

Dean nodded. So far Harry was the only one to know what Dean and his family did and he trusted Harry to keep it a secret.

In school Dean and Harry were inseparable, partners in everything from spelling to science. Both were intelligent when it came to science and math. The two boys also loved to build things from old broken toys and appliances.

Dean had also met Harry's godfather Sirius Black and found he liked the man as he always had a joke ready and let them help rebuild Sirius's old bike from high school.

So far this year had been great for Dean as he had a new friend and actually enjoyed schooled. So when his Dad came home one night saying they were leaving two days from now, Dean was angry. However he didn't talk back nor argue like Sammy, instead he snuck out after Bobby and his dad were sleep crept over to Harry's place.

Knocking on the door furiously, he heard Sirius yelling through the door that he was coming. Dean ignored the grumbling and shot through the door once it was opened and raced up the stairs to Harry's room, banging open the door startling his friend awake.

"HUH?! What?!" Harry shot up out of bed in a crouch waiting for an attack.

Dean would have laughed at his reflexes but instead tackled his friend in a fierce hug.

"I don't want to leave," Dean murmured into Harry's pjs.

"Then don't," Harry answered rubbing Dean's back.

"I have to go. My dad needs me and Sammy too," Dean countered.

"Then keep in touch and let me know if you need help," Harry replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"How? We don't have one of the mobile phones and we will move around too much to give you a steady address," Dean complained. He finally understood what Sammy felt like not wanting to leave, but he also understood his family situation and the expectations from his dad.

Harry slipped out of Dean's death grip and walked over to his desk. Opening the drawer, Harry pulled out a pager. Walking back over to his friend who had slumped to the ground near the bed, Harry held out the pager.

Dean looked up blankly.

"Here. My number is the only number programed. Keep it with you always. Besides if you need something just call the house phone and I can have it shipped overnight," Harry explained sitting next to Dean.

Dean snorted, it was the final secret between the two boys was Harry's wealth. Apparently he was rolling in it and tried to spend it on Dean who protested vehemently once saying he didn't need the pity. He was promptly punched by Harry who told him that it wasn't pity since Harry only wanted to spend the money on him and Sirius. Dean still protested when Harry bought him something but learned other ways to repay his friend. He had discovered that Harry really liked learning about the supernatural and took to teaching his friend about everything he learned.

Dean took the pager and turned around in his hands, snorting a little as he looked at his friend, "It brand new, isn't it?"

Harry shrugged not meeting Dean's eyes, "I knew you would be leaving, just not when."

Dean swallowed past the lump in his throat, "Thanks man."


It would be another seven years before they saw each other again, but they never lost touch. Dean frequently sent letters and postcards telling about his hunts with his dad and the monsters they killed. About how smart Sammy was and how much of a bitch he was being.

Whenever they stayed at a motel long enough, Dean would page their room number to Harry and Harry would call while Sam was napping or playing at a friend's house. The two friends would talk about the latest in science and paranormal and Harry would manage to wrangle out an address to send Dean something whether a care package of jerky and seeds to the latest science and engine magazine, who would complain and say that he didn't need to, but Harry would counter if not me then who?

It was on such occasion that it was Dean 17th birthday and Sam was at his classmate's house spending the night and his dad was on a hunt and wouldn't be back till the next day.

Dean was resting on his bed, phone cradle between his ear and shoulder as he flipped through the last magazine Harry sent as him listening to Harry prattle on about the bike he was building from scratch when Harry said something weird.

"Hey De?"

"Yeah Ry?"

"You should get up the doorbell should ring in a second."

Frowning Dean was about to question his friend when the doorbell did ring scaring the ever living daylights out of Dean.

"Pansy, now go open the door."

"Good thing I like you Ry, otherwise I would so gank you," Dean muttered into the phone as he made the way to the door first checking through the window.

"Would not, you love me too much."

Dean hmm'd his agreement opening the door, the UPS man looked at Dean for minute before requesting his signature then handing over the box.

Taking the box and heading back to the bed, Dean sat cross legged on bed and opened the box staring down at the contents for a moment feeling his throat constrict.

"De? You there?"

"Ye..Yeah, I'm here." Dean pulled out the first item which was a one of newer cell phones on the market. Digging deeper, Dean pulled out a leather bound journal that had some protective sigils burned into it. He had always admired his dad's journal that kept all of vital supernatural information. Caressing the stiff leather Dean felt himself choke up even further. He managed to croak out, "Why?"

"Which one? The cell or the leather journal?"


"The cell so I can always get a hold of you and vice versa. If you are in trouble then I want you to be able to get help or call me whenever it all becomes too much. The journal? I've always known that you wanted to keep your own record of the nasties you slay. It took me a while to create the journal. I had to learn all of the sigils from Bobby and had to practice them till I got it right. Then came the binding of the pages and by that time I figured it could wait till your birthday."

"You remembered?" Dean asked slightly amazed that his friend never forgot him or the important days in Dean's life unlike his father and brother, who were both wrapped up in their own lives even though Dean remembered theirs.

"Of course you arse. I take it they forgot?"

Dean didn't answer and continued to caress the journal, flipping through the pages.

"Dean you listen to me. You are worth it and deserve far more. Jeez, I wish I was there."

That pricked Dean's attention, "why?"

"Because it would make a more lasting impression if I could see speak to you face to face and hold you."

"Trying to say something Ry?" Dean asked jokingly as he tried to get his emotion back under control.

"Yeah, would you be my boyfriend?"

"Are you serious?" Dean was stunned of course he had feelings for his only friend who had supported him through the past seven years unwavering, but he had never imagined Harry returning his feelings...okay maybe a little especially when he did something like this.

"Deadly. Be mine Dean?"

"Hell yeah!" Dean was so unbelievably happy right now. He could stand and do a jig, if he knew one that is.

Dean could hear Harry chuckle before saying, "I wish I could kiss you right now."

"Well we are supposed be to going to Bobby's this year. I think we are supposed to be there in a month or so after school starts."

"Seriously? That's great then I can shower you in the attention and devotion you deserve."

Dean despite being by himself feels himself heating up.

"Shut up," Dean muttered feeling his cheeks burn brighter when Harry laughed.

When the new boyfriends finally hung up it was early morning and even then Harry only hung up because he could he Dean snoring through the phone, having finally fallen asleep.

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