Dean couldn't think straight at all. All he knew was that his body hurt, he felt cold and sweaty and that he wanted his Harry. Curling up tighter on his bed, Dean twitched and moaned out, 'Ry'.

Sam's POV

Sam didn't know what to do as he watched his older brother moan and whither on the bed. Every time he has touched Dean, he felt cold and clammy. Hours earlier Dean had thrown up repeatedly and Sam didn't even know that Dean could eat that much. Sam tried to think of what Dean had done for him when he had gotten sick but was drawing a blank. The Winchesters didn't get sick very often.

"Ry…Harry…I want my Ry…"

Sam wondered who Harry or Ry was before he remembered Dean's phone. Sam got up and was shuffling through Dean's jacket trying to find it when he heard a faint buzzing sound coming from Dean's jean on the near the bed. Fumbling with it Sam managed to flip the phone open.

Hey love.

Sam read the message and his brain paused before registering who the text was from. It was from Ry. Bingo. Quickly pressing the callback, Sam listened to the phone ring before a deep soothing voice answered.

"Hey love."

Sam swallowed and said, "Is this Ry or Harry?"

"Both. Who are you and where's Dean?"

The voice had changed from soothing to sharp and compelled Sam to answer, "I'm Sam, his brother and Dean is sick."

"How sick?" the voice barked demanding answers.

"He….he threw up till dry heaved and now he is clammy and shivering," Sam answered quickly.

There was silence till, "Where are you?"

"Spoon River, Washington."

"I'll be there in an hour. Text me the motel and number."

The phone clicked and Sam was staring at the phone in his hand. Just who the hell was this Harry person?

30 minutes later…

Sam was sitting the couch trying to distract himself from the moaning and shivering form of his brother by watching the crappy cable the motel offered when there was three loud knocks on the door. Standing and quietly making his way to the door, Sam peaked out the window and a tall, black hair male with broad shoulders wearing a black hoody and cargo shorts. What threw off the look was a pair black rimmed glasses and a messenger bag. Sam watched as the man tapped his foot before pulling out a phone and typed something. A second later Dean's phone went off again in Sam's hand. Opening it, it read: Open the damn door Sam.

Shocked Sam went to open the door but not before grabbing the holy water. Unlocking the door and not disturbing the salt lines, Sam handed over the water ignoring the raised eyebrow that he received from the man he assumed was Harry.

"Drink or no entrance," Sam stated firmly.

Harry rolled his eyes and took a large drink before handing the flask back, "Now can I get to Dean?"

Sam moved back and let Harry walk into the room. Harry slipped in and looked around before spotting the huddled lump and bee-lining it for Dean.

Sam stayed back and watched as Harry rushed over and uncovered his sick older brother. Sam had to look away for moment at the tenderness in which Harry checked Dean's temperature and brush Dean's bangs away from his sweaty forehead. When Sam looked back it was to Harry digging his bag pulling out various medicines from his brother to take and coaxing him to take it.

Sam felt guilty that he didn't even know how to care for his sick brother. Dean was the one who was always taking care of their family; whether it was wounds, sickness, or even basic cooking, shopping and cleaning. Maybe if he left, it would be easier for Dean without having to worry about his kid brother.

Dean's POV

Dean's body ached and felt like he couldn't control the trembling. He could only remember making to his bed wishing that his Harry was here. When Dean opened his eyes again he knew he must have fallen asleep for a short while he heard the door opening then closing. Did Sam go out?

"Hey love," a came a soothing voice much like his Harry's but it couldn't be his boyfriend, he was an hour west of here.

"I need you to drink this," the dream Harry prompted. It had to be dream since Dean was sleeping right?

"Baby please drink this," Dean felt a warm hand caressing his forehead and cheeks. It felt so good that Dean obeyed drinking whatever Dream Harry said to.

"Good job love," and the soothing hand was back. Dean sighed in bliss as he fell into a deep sleep dreaming about the fun times he had with his Harry.

When Dean woke up next he felt like he was still dreaming since the last he felt warmth and comfort like this was when he last saw Harry on Christmas Day night last year. He sighed knowing he had to wake up and face another long day of loneliness. He still felt rather sore and his mouth felt like fuzzy and dry. Turning to get out of bed, Dean hit something solid. Startled Dean's eye opened wide and saw a male's naked chest with the right amount of muscle and fat. Looking further south Dean was thankful that the male had black gym shorts on, letting his eyes roam back up Dean was soon looking in familiar green eyes and sinful mouth.

"Harry?" escaped Dean's mouth in a timid whisper.

"Hey love, who knew you had such a creative and naughty imagination," Harry whispered nuzzling Dean's cheek.

Dean blushed slightly and coughed only to cough some more. Thankfully Harry was right there with some cool water ready for him to sip.

"So why are here?" Dean saw the eyebrow raise and hurried to say more, "You know, I mean you're in school and I didn't think I would get to see you even if you were only an hour or so away but I mean I did want to see you-"

Dean's rambling was cut off with Harry's lips pressing against his own chapped ones, It felt amazing to be kissing Harry again that Dean sighed and melted in the kiss and had no qualms about being gently pushed in to the pillows

A different cough was heard and Dean jerked away to see his younger brother Sammy standing in the doorway with some food and a blush on his cheeks.

Dean was at a lost for words at being caught with his boyfriend making out by his brother who knew nothing about said boyfriend. Then guilt crept in at not being aware of his surroundings Harry and Sammy could have been hurt with his inattentiveness, never mind the fact that he had been sick.

"Dean," Harry said in just a commanding tone that Dean looked at him in surprise, "Quit reprimanding yourself. You were very sick and I have been looking after you and Sam. Sam by the way is quite paranoid. Learned from the best."

Dean had a look of confusion when Harry said, "You, Dean. He has learned everything from you and is quite the smart kid."

"I'm not a kid," Sam protested having moved over to the bed now that the love birds have separated.

Dean was about to retort but Harry beat him to it, "You are too, until you graduate and even then you will always be the kid brother."

Dean grinned when Sam opened and closed his mouth like a fish. Settling back against the wall, Dean's grinned turned into a happy smile watching his boyfriend and little brother bicker like they've know each other forever. Maybe when Sammy left, Harry would watch over him since Dean wouldn't be able to.

"So Dean this weekend is the Metallica concert the next town over," Harry casually mentioned as they dug into the feast Sam bought with Harry's credit card.

Dean let out a small groan, "Don't remind me. I couldn't go even if I desperately wanted to."

"Really? Even if I had three front row tickets and backstage passes," Harry replied twirling his fry.


"Dean don't be dense love, you, me and Sam. My treat, however no nachos for you, since you didn't tell me that you were only an hour away," Harry said playfully narrowing his eyes and pointing his fry at Dean.

Sam perked up a bit, "I can go too?"

"Sure that is if De here agrees," Harry replied grinning like a shark as he lean back against his chair.

Dean glared at his boyfriend for putting him in this position. He really wanted to go and his father wouldn't be home till Monday. Never did say they had to stay at the motel.

"Alright. Let's go see Metallica," Dean said only to realize what he just said, "OH SHIT! We're GONA GO SEE METALLICA! HELL YEAH!"

Harry smiled happy to see his Dean so happy and Sam smiled somewhat sadly realizing just how much Dean denied himself things that he would do for Sam in a heartbeat.

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