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Chapter 1 – Meet the Parents

Chloe and Beca may have set a wedding date, but Beca still has yet to meet Chloe's parents.

Beca and Chloe had been dating for over 3 years, had gotten engaged almost 6 months ago and would be getting married in another 6 months, but still Beca had yet to actually meet Chloe's parents. It had taken 2 years for Chloe to actually tell her parents that she had someone in her life, and then the last year they had been so busy with Aubrey's wedding plans, school and work that they hadn't found the time to visit yet. Since getting engaged though Chloe felt it was time that her parents finally met her choice of life partner. Chloe knew her mom would approve, but her father hadn't said much when she had dinner with them and told them she had a girlfriend. Beca knew there was no point in trying to avoid it; she couldn't just invite these people, Chloe's family to her wedding without actually meeting them. Besides Beca knew they couldn't be bad people; Chloe was the most wonderful person she'd ever met, and Chloe had always spoken highly of them.

"What should I wear tonight?" Beca asked, she had never really had a significant other before, and had certainly never met any of her boyfriends' parents.

"Dress pants, and a nice blouse, I would say go casual but my parents are pretty old fashioned. I'm wearing that green dress that you love if that helps," Chloe responded, she figured dressing appropriately was a good first step.

Chloe's parents were not only old fashioned, but quite a bit older than Beca's own parents at 65 and 67. Chloe had told Beca all about them over the years, and they sounded like great parents. They were 40 and 42, with 3 sons and already done having children when Chloe came along though. It was a big surprise to them; Chloe's mother had always wanted a little girl though and was delighted when she found out. Chloe's brothers are all busy with their own families these days at 43, 41 and 39, and since she didn't really grow up with them, she wasn't that close to them now.

Chloe told Beca once how odd she found it to be so much like an only child, but to actually have 3 siblings. Her brother that was closest in age was still 14 years her senior, and what 14 year old boy would hang out with his toddler sister. Chloe sometimes wished she had a sister, or at least siblings that were close in age the way her brothers were. Beca suspected that's why she loved the Bellas so much; it was like finally having sisters to Chloe.

As if Beca wasn't nervous enough about meeting Chloe's parents, her brothers and their families would all be coming around Sunday night for a big family dinner. Chloe wasn't super close with her brothers, but she did say they were all fiercely protective of their little sister.

"So, ummm, Chloe, how many people will be there for dinner on Sunday night?" Beca asked nervously.

Chloe had to think for a second, "Well my oldest brother David has 3 kids, plus his wife. Jared is divorced with 2 kids but I think he's got a new girlfriend that's he's bringing and my youngest brother Max has 4 kids, plus his wife and a foster child they're currently caring for. My grandmother will probably be there as well, so that's 21 including us."

Wow, Beca's family life was so disjointed; she couldn't remember ever having a family dinner that large. Beca actually was an only child and it had been just her and her mom since her parent's divorce. Things were miserable when all her parents did was fight, but things were lonely when it was just her. Beca wasn't at all close with her own mother, but she knew after meeting Chloe's parents that Chloe would want to meet her mother. Chloe had met Beca's father and stepmother Sheila numerous times at the dinners he insisted Beca attend. The dinners became a lot less horrible once her father suggested she bring her girlfriend along.

"Wow, that's a big family, I can't imagine, how old are your nieces and nephews?" Beca asked, now curious about her fiancee's family.

"Umm, I have 5 nieces and 4 nephews, and I think Max's foster child is a boy as well. David's kids are 19, 17 and 15. Jared's are 15 and 12. Max's are 17, 14, 11 and 9, and I believe 6, I've haven't met their foster child yet, they just recently took him in," Chloe explained.

"Your niece is almost as old as me, is that weird?" Beca said it, but wasn't sure if she should have.

"Kind of, but that's what happens when you're a happy accident, or at least that's what my mom always told me when I asked why I didn't have any younger siblings," Chloe answered, she didn't sound offended by the question, much to Beca's relief.

"Okay, well we should probably leave now, it's a 2 hour drive right?"

"Yeah, 2 hours there, and we will want to make it before my parents' bed time," Chloe laughed.

Beca asked Chloe if it was okay before she started but the 2 hour drive was spent mostly asking questions about her family. She and Beca had talked about her family on a few occasions prior, but Chloe didn't like to bring it up because she knew Beca's family life wasn't the greatest. Chloe was used to ignoring the issue of family, being best friends with Aubrey with whom discussions about family always ended in tears. Anybody who thought Aubrey was kidding about her father's intensity was sadly mistaken.

When they finally arrived at the Beales' house it was 7:30. When they reached the porch Chloe opened the door and walked right in, Beca wasn't exactly surprised that Chloe didn't knock first. She could barge in on a complete stranger while they were naked; walking into her parent's foyer was nothing.

"Hey, whose there?" a voice called out.

"Jared?" Chloe asked.

"Hey little sister long time, no see," Jared said, bending down to give his sister a hug.

Chloe's brother Jared was tall with red hair-although he was balding, but he had the same bright blue eyes as Beca's beloved.

"The kids are with their mom tonight, and Alison is out with her girlfriends so I figured I'd come and see mom and dad," Jared explained, "and this must be Beca?"

Beca reached out a hand to Chloe's brother, not really sure what to do in this situation, she hoped she didn't look awkward.

"A pleasure to meet you," Beca said nervously.

"The same to you, but you don't have to be so formal with me," Jared laughed.

"Where are mom and dad?" Chloe asked her brother finally.

"They're in the living room, I think the news just ended," he informed the girls, "You ladies go find them, and I'll bring these bags up to your rooms."

The fact that Chloe's mother had made up two separate rooms for them reminded Beca that they were old fashioned. Ever since freshman year she had slept better when Chloe was next to her, but she could sleep alone just for a weekend if it meant Chloe's parents would like her.

"Don't be nervous," Chloe started, "you're awesome and I'm sure my parents will be able to tell."

"I'll try not to be," Beca grabbed Chloe's hand and walked toward the living room.

Chloe's parents' house was quite large. Chloe told Beca that they thought about downsizing when Chloe left 7 years ago for Barden, but really just loved the house and the location. Chloe's mother told her they just didn't want to leave the house with all of their memories in it. Beca thought it was sweet that her parents had such an attachment to home their children grew up in. Beca's parents sold their family home as part of the divorce.

When they finally made their way to the living room Beca could see a grey haired man and woman sitting down, reading newspapers. They may have grey hair now, but from the pictures Chloe had showed her of her family she knew that they both once had the same flaming red locks as Chloe. All 3 of Chloe's brothers were also gingers. Chloe showed Beca the first picture of her family shortly after she made Beca watch Harry Potter with her. She said she wanted to show her the real life Weasleys.

"Mom, dad, we're here," Chloe said, quite a bit louder than Beca was used to hearing her girlfriend's sweet voice. Beca remembered Chloe telling her that her father was going deaf and often forgot to wear his hearing aids.

"Chloe," her mother shouted.

"Hi mom," Chloe gave her mother a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi daddy," Chloe said to the man sitting in the chair.

"Hello darling, how was your drive?" he father asked.

"Good, good. No traffic and it was still light out," Chloe answered her father's question.

He stood up to give his daughter a hug, giving Beca a cursory glance.

"So, this is the girlfriend we have heard almost nothing about?" he said finally.

It's not that Chloe hadn't wanted to tell her parents everything about Beca, it's just that she didn't know how. Chloe's phone conversations with her parents were usually short, consisting of mostly the weather, current events and telling them about work. She just didn't know how to say hey mom, there's this girl I really love and she's so awesome. Chloe's mother was 56 by the time Chloe had turned 16 and really started dating. While Chloe's mother was amazing, incredibly loving and would do anything for her little girl, she was never the type Chloe could talk to about boys, or makeup or anything like that. Chloe's mother was a pro at raising teenage boys, but girls were new territory for her. Chloe had been especially glad to have Aubrey for that reason; Aubrey had two older sisters who were more than happy to walk Chloe through those aspects of being a teenage girl.

"Mom…dad, this is Beca," Chloe said, giving Beca a sweet smile.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Beale, it's nice to finally meet you. Chloe has told me so much about you and your lovely family," Beca thought being as formal as possible was the way to go.

"Nice to meet you too dear, you can call me Jane," Chloe's mother gave the brunette a welcoming smile.

Chloe's father still hadn't said anything else; Beca was starting to wonder if he was always like this, or if he just didn't like her.

Just as they were sitting down Chloe's brother Jared came back downstairs.

"Well Chloe, I'm going to go for the night, Alison will be home soon, but I will see you two on Sunday night," Jared hugged his mother goodbye, and yelled "bye Pops" as he was going out the door.

"Would you girls like some tea?" Chloe's mother asked them.

Beca didn't really care much for tea but accepted to be polite, "I'd love some tea Mrs. Beale, I mean Jane."

"Mom, I could help you out in the kitchen," Chloe offered. She squeezed Beca's hand on her way out of the living room as if to say, you'll be okay, my father won't bite.

"So, Beca, I'm wondering why our daughter hasn't told us anything about you," her father's didn't look exactly menacing, but they certainly didn't match the warmth of her mother's.

"Well, I'm not sure about that, but I'm more than happy to tell you anything you want to know," Beca wasn't sure this was the right way to approach the situation, but it was better than her other plan which was to sit in silence.

In the kitchen, Chloe and her mother were preparing a pot of her father's favourite tea and a platter of crackers and cheese.

"She's quite gorgeous Chloe, even with that odd spike in her ear," her mother said.

"Yeah she is, and she's a great person. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys about her earlier. I really love her, but I didn't know how to tell you that your only daughter wasn't going to marry Mr. Right," Chloe confessed.

"Oh Chloe, I know we're old but I didn't think you thought of us as that old fashioned. We just want you to be happy and if this Beca makes you happy, than I hope you two will have a great life together. I just wish we knew a little more about her, if you like her than she's probably a great girl."

"Well I just graduated from Barden with my Bachelor of Business. I'm currently in the process of opening up my own record store/coffee house. I love to produce music, so that's my biggest hobby, and I really, really love your daughter," Beca found herself confessing to Chloe's father.

"Okay then, well normally I would warn you that if you hurt my daughter you'll have myself and my 3 sons to answer to but I just don't feel right threatening a woman, and you seem like a sweet girl, so just, don't hurt my daughter. Now, what are your intentions with her?"

Just then Chloe and her mother came back with the tea and crackers.

Hearing her father's question Chloe piped up, "actually daddy, we are getting married in 6 months. We were going to tell everyone at dinner on Sunday."

Chloe kissed her girlfriend on cheek and they showed their matching rings to Chloe's mother whose face lit up with joy.

"You know what will be great about your wedding Chloe, two beautiful ladies in two fabulous dresses," her mother now had that same perky tone Beca was used to with Chloe, and she sounded like Aubrey talking about the dresses.

Once Chloe's father had warmed up to Beca, they had a lovely evening chatting about Beca's plans for her store, Beca's mixes, and Beca and Chloe's wedding plans. It was after 11 when Beca's mother finally gave in to the yawns and decided to head to bed.

"Chloe you can stay in your old room and I've set Max's room up for Beca."

Chloe wasn't about to tell her mother that she'd prefer to cuddle in bed with Beca, it seemed her own parents were the only ones Chloe did have boundaries around.

At the top of the stairs Chloe gave Beca a sweet kiss and wished her a good night. Beca figured she'd done it for the year she still lived on campus and Chloe lived off, she could sleep alone for one more night.

Finally meeting Chloe's parents had been surprisingly great, all Beca had to do now was make it through the big dinner on Sunday night with her soon to be family. It was a whole new experience for Beca to actually have people she could call family.