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One morning at Tokyo TV Station, Kise Ryouta was being mobbed by his fangirls who wanted to take pictures and his signature.

While he's being busy with his fangirls, a group of reporters walked towards him for an interview in which resulted with the girls being ignored.

"You are now watching Idol TV news. I, Katou Himura will be you're your host today. And as you all know, we 're in front of Tokyo TV Station and will be interviewing one of the famous models in Japan who just finished shooting for his second time guest-ing in a variety show, Kise Ryouta!" The reporter Katou exclaimed in front of the camera while the girls starts squealing at the back ground and the said model smiled charmingly that made half of his fangirls fainted.

The reporter coughed and placed the microphone in front of Kise and asked "How's your shooting as a guest?"

"It was fun. The staffs were all friendly and nice to talk with." Kise replied with a smile.

The reporter blushed a little but shook it off and asked some more questions like "After High School, will you still continue modeling?" or "What is your dream aside from modeling?" in which he answered honestly "Maybe I will be a pilot" which earned an earful of squeals, courtesy of fangirls and some older women.

The reporter seemed contented with the answer, proceeded with the interview and asked the model with an expected (or unexpected?) question "Do you have a girlfriend or someone in your life?"

This earned a feeling of anticipation from the fangirls, the viewers at home and those people who were close to him, especially Kiseki no Sedai and his teammates in Kaijo and the rivaled schools in Basketball who were watching at the moment.

Kise was in deep in thoughts for a while before blurting out something that made everyone, especially his fans gasped and stared at him with widened eyes. Even the composed reporters were also shocked at the revelation, his manager looked impassively calm but she was also shock.

At Kaijo's gymnasium:

Kasamatsu who was drinking in his water bottle, suddenly choked and stared at the TV in shock.

Moriyama who was doing his exercise suddenly twitched in envy.*

While the others on the other hand, just stared at the tv and sweat-dropped at Kasamatsu and Moriyama's reaction.

At Touou Gakuen's Basketball stadium:

Momoi who had been talking about their training regime for today stopped talking and stared at the radio that Imayoshi had been holding for a while now.

Momoi suddenly smiled sweetly and brightly with flowers and glitters at the background** that scared the hell out of the regulars while Imayoshi just smirked in amusement saying "Interesting."

At the cake shop a bit far from Yosen High:

Himuro looked up at the TV at the side of the wall with a surprised look while Murasakibara was just being himself then muttered something in which Himuro didn't catch up.

At the magazine store 2 blocks from Maji Burger:

A certain tanned-skin ace of Touou Gakuen entered the store and went to the counter then asked for a certain magazine. What he didn't know was that the cashier at the counter was watching a certain show on tv that made him choked and stared at the TV, gaping in shock.

At the Akashi Residence:

A certain red-haired who was playing shogi at the living room looked at the TV then smirked in amusement and thought about something for future purposes while holding a shogi piece.***

At the summer house in Karuizawa with Shutoku and Seirin:

Two teams which were forced to eat together by their respective coach.

They're now eating at the canteen, happily except for the two freshmen-duo who were sitting together at one of the tables, eating awkwardly while watching a certain news on TV.

After hearing the answer of a certain model, many things happened. Here are the following reactions:

Captains of both teams dropped their chopsticks to the ground and gaped at the screen.

Mitobe and Miyaji just stared at the TV,

Izuki made a pun in which it was so lame but can't help but stared at the screen.

Kiyoshi was laughing for no reason.

Koganei choked while he was eating a banana.

Furihata helped Koganei to calm down by giving him a glass of water.

The other members of both team except for the 2 freshmen-duo sweat-dropped at their reactions.

And last but not the least, Midorima and Kagami choked while drinking and eating respectively, Takao just whistled at the statement. Kuroko on the other hand, looked impassive and calm but something or someone would tell that there was something behind those faced of Kuroko Tetsuya.

"I have a fiancée."


A/N: Here's the prologue. I know it is short but please read and review of what you think. You can also suggest something for this fic for future purposes :)

Glossary (*)

* = Well, I don't really know how to portray him but he twitched because Kise got a fiancé first than him. And he really wants Kise to help him to find a girl or something like that.

** = Because Kise won't be bothering Kuroko anymore and She's thinking that Kuroko is all hers.

*** = He already knows everything and already expected it. He is a sadist after all.

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