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'From what Akashi-cchii told me, Kuroko-cchii doesn't have siblings or female cousins at all…Tetsumi-san has the same height as Kurokocchii. She's also has a emotionless face like Kuroko-cch-Eh? Please don't tell me…'

Kise's eyes widened in realization and can't help but screamed.


Chapter 4: The Truth, An Ally and What?! Living Together?!


Kasamatsu who can't hold it anymore, went to Kise's and whacked his head hard and made Kise fell on the ground. Moriyama and Kobori just sighed and Hayakawa was hyper as usual. At the door of the gym were two certain people standing. One with a smirk on her face and the other one had a poker face.

Miyako and Tetsumi went to the gym because Kise was taking so long to finish his practice but when the girls went inside the gym, they heard a scream from a certain model but got whacked by Kasamatsu. Miyako chuckled at how short-tempered Kasamatsu was while Tetsumi put on her infamous poker face but can't stop smiling a little.

Miyako looked at Tetsumi and saw her smile and she couldn't help but smiled as well. Miyako then looked back at the scene before asking Tetsumi, "Are you really that happy that Kise learned the truth about you?"

Tetsumi looked at Miyako before turning her eyes towards a certain blond who was standing up and whining at Kasamatsu and then answered, "Hai, because he deserves to know it and he's also an idiot."

Miyako raised an eyebrow at the last statement but smiled at the "he deserves to know it" part then told her, "Let's go? We need to tell him the truth while walking and I will tell you guys about Seijuurou's instructions that he entrusted to me before he left." Before walking towards the court to where the others were.

Tetsumi smiled a little before following Miyako to where the others while thinking and frowning a little 'Akashi-kun's instructions were never good but I just hope his instructions were not outrageous this time…' then sighed silently.

Kise whined at Kasamatsu as to why he got himself hit while Kasamatsu telling him not to get himself distracted at practice that he didn't notice 2 certain ladies walked towards them.

Moriyama and Kobori noticed the girls so they greeted them that made the other two guys turned their heads to where the girls were.

Kasamatsu greeted "Asane-san, good evening."

Miyako smiled and greeted back then bowed in respect, "Good evening as well, Kasamatsu-senpai."

Kise then glomped Miyako, whining at how mean Kasamatsu was to him that made Miyako chuckled in amusement before telling "Because you always make him angry, Ryouta-san."

Kise had his teary puppy-dog eyes activate then looked at Tetsumi that made him blushed furiously and averted his gaze away from her.

Tetsumi just smiled at how cute Kise can be but can be annoying too. She was glad that she's a girl at the moment. Oh how wrong you were.

Miyako noticed Kasamatsu looking at Tetsumi curiously. She broke the ice by getting Kasamatsu and Tetsumi's attention.

"Kasamatsu-senpai, I would like you to meet Kuroko Tetsumi. She just transferred here earlier and Tetsumi-san, this is Kasamatsu Yukio-senpai, the captain of the basketball team and one of the infamous point guard in Basketball association."*

The two that were mentioned above, bowed in respect.

Kasamatsu then said, "Hope you enjoy your stay here in Kaijou." Fortunately, he didn't blush or got embarrassed.

Tetsumi said in return, "Thank you, Kasamatsu-san."

Miyako looked at the others and saw their eyes full of curiosity on who Tetsumi is or why is she with her at all. Miyako chuckled at their antics and told them, without further ado.

"Before something might happened between you two Kasamatsu-senpai, I must tell you that Tetsumi-san is Kise Ryouta-san's Fiancée." She ended her statement with an innocent smile and that made Kasamatsu and the others inside the court looked at their way with a shock on their faces which was hilarious to look at.

Moriyama and Hayakawa ran towards Kise and bombarded him with oh so many questions and complains. Kobori was still in shock and Kasamatsu just stared at Tetsumi and was trying to compose himself.

Miyako chuckled at their reactions and looked at Kise and looked at him in pity. Why? Because Kise was looking at her, asking for help to calm their senpai.

Miyako then turned her head to Kasamatsu and asked him "Kasamatsu-senpai, are you guys done with practice? We need to talk with Ryouta-san about something. You can come with us if you like." While thinking at the same time 'Well, I need someone other than myself to know Tetsuya-san's case and it will be safe. It'll be dangerous for Tetsuya-san if no one knows about his situation aside from myself and Ryouta-san. It will cause a chaos inside the campus.' Then sigh in dismay while thinking about those possibilities.

Kasamatsu replied, "Yes, we're all done practicing. It's getting late anyway and I don't see a problem to accompany you guys. Just to be safe, in case the idiot was getting mobbed again by his fans."

Miyako chuckled at that then said softly so that no one will hear except for Kasamatsu, "The time you learned about something, hopefully you will understand. It's better that you will know it than the others…" before going to where Kise was and helped him calm down the others.

Kasamatsu only stared at Miyako's back for awhile before he turned his eyes away from Miyako and towards Tetsumi who was watching them with a soft smile.

'She has an aura exactly like that player from Seirin. Seirin's Number 11, Kuroko Tetsuya or should I say, Kiseki no Sedai's phantom sixth man. How can I not forget him if Kise kept bugging me about listening to his fantasy with that guy?' while sighing. Poor Kasamatsu, it must be hard.

He didn't notice that everyone was already leaving until someone tapped on his shoulder that made him snapped back to reality. He turned his head just to see Tetsumi staring at him emotionlessly.

"Kasamatsu-senpai, everyone's leaving without you."

That statement made Kasamatsu blushed in embarrassment for getting distracted at that moment but nodded his head before getting his things and followed Tetsumi out of the gym to where Kise and Miyako were.

Kise and Miyako were waiting for the two to come out from the gym. Kise has been quiet for some time now that made Miyako worried.

Miyako then asked Kise "What's wrong?"

Kise snapped out of his musing and looked at Miyako and said "Nothing's wrong."

Miyako raised her brow and said "Been quiet for a while now and frowning over something is not nothing at all, Ryouta-san."

Kise sighed and was about to say something when Kasamatsu and Tetsumi walked out of the gym and went to their direction. Kise's face lit up and was about to glomp at Tetsumi when he remembered that Tetsumi was the person he admire and made a full stop but tripped and fell and his face faced straight on the floor. Miyako sweat dropped at this, Kasamatsu just sighed and Tetsumi had her poker face intact.

Kise looked at them with teary eyes. Miyako walked to where he was lying and helped him get up before looking at the others and said,

"Let's go. We need to talk about something and Kasamatsu should learn about it too, just in case something might happen when Ryouta-san and I were not here."

The other 3 nodded their heads and the 4 of them started to walk towards the streets.

(A/N: In this part, I will use Kuroko's name and "He" & "His" here after Tetsumi revealed herself as Kuroko Tetsuya since Kuroko's explaining something here.)

At the Restaurant:

The 4 of them decided to eat something and entered the restaurant and looked for an empty seats. They saw one beside the window and went there. Miyako told them to order what they like and told them that it was her treat. Then she called for a waiter who asked for their orders. After that, the waiter walked away to get their orders. While waiting, they started their conversation.

"You already realized who she was, right Ryouta-san?" Miyako asked.

Kise Ryouta who knew that he was going to hear this question (un)expectedly, nodded his head without using his lips.

Miyako then looked at Tetsumi with a "You-should-explain-it-now" look and gave Kasamatsu a "We-will-now-explain" look that made Kasamatsu nodded his head in return.

Tetsumi looked at Miyako then at Kise before she sighed then started her explanation.

"As Asane-san and Kise-kun knows, I am actually Kuroko Tetsuya and not Kuroko Tetsumi."

Kasamatsu just stayed silent with a thought of 'It was kind of obvious.'

"And I know Kasamatsu-san knew this already since he's been suspecting me."

The others didn't comment after that so that Tetsumi/Kuroko can continue explaining.

"As you all can see why I am cross-dressing was because Akashi-kun asked me to. To help Kise-kun so I pretended as a girl and let Akashi-kun what he told me.

Akashi-kun was actually going to ask Asane-san to pretend as Kise-kun's fiancée but as we all know, there was a rumor that Kise-kun and Asane-san were dating and if Asane-san pretended to be Kise-kun's fiancée, it was like admitting to the media that they're together which is not true.

So instead of asking Asane-san, he asked me in her place to be Kise-kun's fiancée and I can't disobey Akashi-kun so I did what he asked."

Kasamatsu, who was bothered by Kuroko's new appearance, asked "How did Akashi Seijuurou made you look like a girl in a day?" Well, he was curious.

Kise, who was also curious, looked at Tetsumi/Kuroko.

Kuroko sighed and told them his experience with the "angels" from so called "PARLOR"


Akashi and Kuroko stood up in front of a very large parlor shop. Kuroko looked at Akashi with a face that says "What-are-we-doing-here?"

Akashi just smirked and walked to the front door of the shop while Kuroko sighed and followed Akashi.

Akashi and Kuroko went inside a parlor shop and was greeted by hundreds of hair stylists and make up artists. Akashi walked towards a lady whom Kuroko guessed as the manager of the shop.

The manager greeted Akashi with a bow "Welcome to the shop, Seijuurou-sama"

Akashi just nodded his head in acknowledge and said politely "Can you please a friend of mind with her makeover and make her as a lady as possible. And help her to act as a lady as well since she's a bit of a tomboy-ish. Please do not disappoint me or else." And smiled ever so politely that made almost everyone cringed in horror. But the manager was impassive and thought for a while before nodding her head and saying "As you wish, Seijuurou-sama."

After that, the manager snapped her fingers and 4 women went towards Kuroko and without knowing what they will do to Kuroko nor what Kuroko had expected.

Soon, he was dragged to a room with the ladies in black and inside the room was pure chaos.

I will leave the rest to your imagination.

-Time skip-

After several hours later, 4 ladies in black went out of the room and the 3 went to Akashi and told him that the makeover was done. Akashi commanded to see Kuroko after that. The lady who left behind was walking towards them with a beautiful girl, wearing a beautiful baby blue blouse and a white skirt that reached her knees. She also wore a pair of white sandals. She has a blue straight hair that reaches her shoulder and her face was only applied with foundation, light lipstick and light blush on. Akashi can't stop staring at her and kept starting that made the girl in front of her felt uncomfortable.

Kuroko saw Akashi looking at him with awe and hungry(?) eyes. Kuroko felt uncomfortable so he coughed that made Akashi snapped out of his staring and looked at him.

"Tetsuya, you look lovely." Akashi said with a smirk in amusement that made Kuroko blushed a little in embarrassment.

Akashi chuckled a bit then said "From now on, you're Kuroko Tetsumi."

Kuroko nodded his head and Akashi extended his hand placed it in front of Kuroko, like asking for a dance and said "Let's go, Tetsumi?"

Kuroko stared at his hand before reaching for it and put his hand on top of Akashi's palm and Akashi guided him to wear the manager was and paid the manager and went out of the shop then went to where Kise and the rest was waiting.

Flashback Ends

Kuroko sighed after he was done with his explanation and saw Kasamatsu sweat dropped and Kise gawked in shock. Miyako on the other hand, just shook her head at how "nice" Akashi can be.

Silence came afterwards.

After several minutes or is it seconds? Miyako broke the silence.

"Since Tetsuya-san told us the truth about this matter, we should all do what Seijuurou asked us to do." Miyako then looked at Kasamatsu who looked at her in return.

"Kasamatsu-senpai, since you know the truth. Are you willing to help us in keeping Tetsuya-san's identity and his fake engagement with Ryouta-san as a secret?"

Kasamatsu turned his gaze away from Miyako and looked at Kise before looking at Kuroko who was still emotionless but we can see that there's something in his eyes that hopes that Kasamatsu would help them.

Kasamatsu sighed before answering. "Fine, I will help. But only when you two were not around."

Kuroko smiled a little but you can see the he was thankful. Kise saw this and smiled and thanked Kasamatsu for it and Kasamatsu told him that Kise was an idiot that is why he's in the mess as well in return and made Kise whined at how mean Kasamatsu was.

Miyako chuckled at the scene for a while before coughing to get their attention.

Miyako started "Since the truth was revealed, I will give you now Akashi's mission that he entrusted to me. I hope you can do the mission as a couple, okay?" and ended her statement with a smile,

Kise and Kuroko looked at each other then looked at Miyako and nodded their heads in unison.

Kasamatsu, who kept himself quiet for a while so that Miyako can continue.

Miyako looked at them with a serious face that rivaled Akashi's before saying something.

And that something made the (fake) couple stared at her in surprise and thought that she grew another head with Kise who was gawking at her. Kasamatsu on the other hand, just choked while drinking water. They already expected anything outrageous but not this.

"Seijuurou instructed me to tell you that you, Ryouta-san and Tetsuya-san will be living together in one roof."

To Be Continued

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