Merry Christmas everyone^^

"Merry Christmas, Sango-chan!" Kagome exclaimed happily when her friend arrived at their usual table, standing up to embrace Sango in a tight hug.

"Merry Christmas to you, too, you Christmas addict," Sango greeted her back laughing as she returned the bear hug.

"How can you not like Christmas, Sango-chan? Look at all these beautiful decorations and that lively atmosphere," Kagome pouted, motioning to the colorful décor all around her and the happy people walking down the street outside the café.

"You would not like them either if your workload was doubled during holiday season. You are lucky to be a university professor; you have a whole two weeks vacation to spend it however you want with that delicious man of yours," Sango sighed dejectedly, massaging her aching shoulders.

"Sesshoumaru is working during Christmas as well. In fact, he's away at a business trip in Kyoto right now. He might not even make it home for the New Years," Kagome explained in a sad voice, missing her other half terribly.

"Is that so?" Sango asked sympathetically, hiding a secret smile from her friend. According to her valuable sources, her friend was in for a very big surprise today.

"Unfortunately…I'll be spending Christmas with my family, listening to my grandpa's lecture about how all these customs originated from some ancient pagan rituals," Kagome continued as her mood darkened at the mere thought of this.

"Well, at least it won't be uneventful," Sango chuckled, imagining how true her words were about to become in a few hours time.

"What are yours and Miroku's plans for today?" Kagome asked, trying to distract herself from the upcoming tortuous night at home.

"Nothing special. We'll just order in, drink some wine, watch a movie…Maybe afterwards Miroku can dress up as Bad Santa, and we can have a very naughty Christmas night," Sango giggled, remembering her lover suggesting such a thing the other day.

"See? That's what couples are supposed to do at Christmas!" Kagome whined miserably.

"What? Act out a movie mocking Christmas into their own twisted sexual version?" Sango asked slyly, winking at her.

"No, you pervert! I meant spend time together doing silly stuff like that," Kagome giggled as well, affected by her friend's teasing mood as she threw a cookie at Sango.

"Oi, aren't you supposed to greet that fancy president and his wife or something?" Inuyasha asked his brother when he spotted him trying to sneak out in the middle of a business party.

"Inuyasha, could you at least pretend to be civil during these occasions?" Sesshoumaru asked regally the other man, who was holding a plate full of h'orderves, chewing messily.

"It's not my task to entertain these high class assholes…It's yours," Inuyasha shrugged smirking as he stuffed his mouth with some appetizers.

"This Sesshoumaru is now making it yours," the older man replied icily, making a hasty exit as his younger brother chocked on the shrimp he was munching.

He was about to yell some obscenities, running after his half brother when a chubby hand rested on his shoulder, stopping him dead in his tracks.

"Mr. Taishou, how lovely to see you here! I always wondered how that handsome Touga's sons turned out to be, and you are just as charming as your father, darling!" a middle aged, obese woman in a striking crimson gown exclaimed, linking her arm with his, dragging a terrified Inuyasha away to the dance floor.

Kagome had suffered through her grandpa's endless stories for the better part of a whole hour when she decided she needed some fresh air.

She took a stroll around the old, traditional temple, marveling at the pure white scenery that greeted her every step. Slowly, she lowered her eyelashes, raising her head to take in the clear, crisp air. Falling snow flakes caressed her face, landing on her closed eyelids as a small smile formed in her pink lips.

'Sesshoumaru, it's a shame you are not here right now to enjoy this amazing feeling,' she mused with a bittersweet expression.

Strong arms embraced her slight frame from behind, making her jump in surprise as a warm breath tickled the shell of her ear.

"Merry Christmas," a rich, masculine voice breathed, and she felt cool lips kissing her cheek affectionately.

She turned her head back to meet those tempting lips with her own, surrendering her weight to his embrace as a feeling of immense joy overwhelmed her at his unexpected arrival.

"Merry Christmas to you as well, Sesshoumaru," she whispered against his lips, her words creating puffy clouds as he sealed them with a scorching kiss she would remember forever.