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Once the twins had removed themselves from Haruhi, the seven of them were all sitting down in a small circle. Haruhi herself couldn't help but feel a little annoyed, they had tracked her down and forced her to get on a plane and come back to Japan. At the moment, no one was speaking. She sighed and pulled some of her files out of her bag, starting to read them and decide what to do with them.

"So... You're dressed like a girl..." Tamaki started off. Haruhi scowled after that.

"Of course. Unlike my father, I don't think I could have a career in cross-dressing." She responded, not looking up from her paper. Hikaru snatched it from the table.

"What even is this?" He asked, looking at it confused.

"It's a case file which I would like back. Now." Haruhi responded, her voice getting a tiny bit scary. They passed it back in a panic.

"Don't kill us! Don't kill us!"

"Haru-chan's gotten scary, huh?" They heard a peppy voice say.

"Honey-senpai?" Haruhi guessed. His voice had for sure gotten lower, so she didn't want to be wrong.

"Yep!" She heard the voice respond, then felt herself land on the floor, and looked up to the (now tall) blonde figure that had knocked her over. He was hugging her tightly.

"Can't breathe!" She managed. Honey stood up. "It was easier to hug you in high school."

"Sorry Haru-chan." He said, helping her up. Haruhi shook her head.

"So, since I'm already distracted from work, how have things been?" She asked, sitting back down.

"Jeez, it's like you're turning into Kyouya, he's always working." Hikaru said.

"Just because she's focused on a case right now doesn't mean that she's always working." Kyouya said pushing up his glasses. "For all we know that case is next month." He smirked. Haruhi was about to ask how he knew, but he always seems to know everything.

"For your information, yes, it is next month. I don't have time for this reunion."

"Where are you staying while you're here?" Tamaki asked.

"With my dad. I mean, it's no different from high school. He's not home often, so it's quiet for me to work on my cases. It's actually fairly nice." Haruhi thought nothing of that remark, not even when the twins got creepy grins to spread across their faces.

"Interesting." The twins said, grins still there.

Long after Haruhi had left for her father's house, the six where still there, just sitting around in complete silence. Kyouya on his laptop, Honey eating cake, Mori watching, Tamaki fiddling, and the twins making faces. Kyouya broke the silence.

"So how long are you three going to mope about her having to leave?" He asked patiently.

"I'm not moping." Tamaki said.

"Oh? Then what do you call sitting in the corner like you did in high school?" Tamaki stayed silent. "Just as I thought."

"Well, we have no reason to mope." The twins said in perfect unison.

"We plan on seeing Haruhi tomorrow." Karou started.

"We know where she'll be." Hikaru finished. "We're curious what she does on her free time now, so we don't actually plan to talk to her."

"Oh? So how is it you know where she'll be?"

"She dropped a note. It fell out of her folder. It says where she'll be tomorrow, and it definitely isn't at Ranka's."

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