It had been a week.

One whole week since Aradia had gotten into a car with Tavros, Sollux, and Equius.

One whole week from a night of diners and movies and arcades.

One whole week since Sollux had asked Aradia to homecoming.

One whole week since she said yes.

One whole week since they had called it a night and headed home.

One long, long week since that drunk driver had slammed into the front passenger door.

One endless week since Sollux, Equius, and Tavros were released from the hospital with only minor injuries.

Two short hours since the funeral.

Sollux was aching inside, he felt like he was dying too. He wished he was the one who had been in the passenger seat that night. He wished he hadn't looked over at her from behind the wheel and seen where the other car, something old and sturdy, had crushed in her side of the car, and with it, her. He wished more than anything that they had left a few minutes earlier, or even a few minutes later. Then everything would still be ok.

A few weeks later, it was homecoming. Sollux stayed home. He had drawn into himself, worrying his friends, but he didn't really care. He missed Aradia, and he blamed himself for her death. He was the one driving the car, after all. He should have been more careful.

He rolled over in bed and his eyes shifted automatically to his computer. He considered it for a moment, tempted to just stay in bed, but then he stood and moved to sit at his desk. Slowly, he opened the laptop and found Trollian open. His gaze shifted down the list of contacts, but no one was online; everyone was at homecoming.

Then his eyes found her name.

He couldn't help it: he clicked.

Sollux spent the next few hours sifting through their old conversations, tears streaming down his cheeks, but occasionally laughing incredulously at some of the things one or the other of them said. Eventually he reached the bottom of the chat history and, after a moment's hesitation, opened a new chat.

- twinArmageddons [TA] began trolling apocalypseArisen [AA] at 23:14:49 –

TA: aa

TA: hii.