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Jacob Black had just turned into a wolf.

He was having a typical Monday, hanging out with his best friend Quil Ateara. Normally, Embry Call would be with him too, but he joined the dark side- Sam Uley's gang.

Anyways, Quil noticed that Jacob was burning up and it did not pass the science teacher's notice, either. Mr. Johnson sent the teenager home immediately.

When Jacob got home, his father said something offensive to him and then BAM! Jacob just lost it and before he knew it, the clothes on him shredded up and he heard voices in his head.

The only thing he thought was: Am I going insane?

Everything looked so different. I wasn't looking through the eyes of Jacob Black anymore- well I was but through another perspective.

A wolf's perspective.

There I stood, in wolf form, staring at my father, Billy Black who didn't seem to care much that I was a frickin' giant mutant wolf!

"It's about time," Dad remarked in his deep voice.

I couldn't talk of course, being a wolf and all. So I simply gawked at my father.

He shook his head and wheeled his way out of the living room. "Sam will tell you."

Million questions and thoughts ran through his head. He wasn't making much progress but understood why recently, Sam had been looking at him strangely.

Jacob, Sam's voice sounded in his head.

What the hell? What are you doing in my head? Am I going insane? Go away!

Sam answered. Let me explain.

Explain what? I'm schizophrenic and you aren't really Sam? I'm just hearing voices?


I shook my large wolf head. Why am I a wolf?

You're a wolf because you're Ephraim Black's great-grandson. Jared Cameron replied.

Great. Now I was hearing Jared too.

Don't forget me! Paul cried.

Ugh. Why can't you just leave me alone? I'm not a werewolf! I'm just a normal kid!

You're in denial. Paul taunted.

Sam joined in. Shut up, Paul.

Paul was right, though. Somehow, I am a werewolf and pretty far from a normal kid.


Paul! Sam shouted.

I winced from the loud noise but stayed quiet nonetheless.

What did I miss? Suddenly, Embry was in the conversation.

Jared was the one to answer. Jake phased.

Embry was ecstatic. Finally!

However, the happiness was marred. We all knew what he was thinking about. Or rather who he was thinking about- Quil. Quil was sure to be depressed now that both of his friends were gone.

Sam explained everything. He explained the phasing, the legends, the imprinting and all those anger management issues. But the anger was mostly Paul who could never hold his temper.

Hey! Paul cried. I heard that.

Yes, Sam. Please explain why I hear voices. I said- or rather, I thought.

Sam sighed. Wolf thing. In case of battle, it would be easier to strategize if we could hear each other's thoughts.

Awkward silence ensued.

So . . . am I going to stay a werewolf forever or what? I asked, taking a step forward and looking at all my shredded clothes. Too bad. That was my favorite pair of shoes.

Paul was the one to answer. Uh . . . right. Sam will be there . . . right, buddy?

Sam shook his wolf head. Don't ask me how I know- I just do.

Emily and I have . . . something.

Jared snorted. Translation- you and Emily are going to be all mushy and fluffy with each other and watch random chick flicks that Emily wants to watch.

Sam remained unfazed. Whatever. Embry and Paul go to Jacob's house.

Jake. I reminded while Paul groaned loudly.

Paul started to argue. Why can't Jared go? He whined.

Jared doesn't have to go because he took double patrol last night, remember? Sam answered. Besides, you skipped a few patrols, too.

Sam . . . Paul started. Please?

No. You are going and that's final. Sam ordered.

Paul was upset. I hate it when you go all Alpha on people. Aren't you going to ask Jake something?

Sam hesitated. Right. Jacob Black, because you are the direct descendant of Ephraim Black, the Alpha from a while ago, would you like to replace me? It's in your blood to be Alpha and not mine. I'm supposed to be a Beta only.

Uh . . . I also hesitated.

I never liked Sam and it's obvious that Sam doesn't really want to give up his position but knows he must. And now that I'm in on the loop . . . well, maybe Sam isn't all that bad. He was just waiting for me to phase. Besides, do I really want all that power?

Yes! My inner-wolf shouted.

I finally decided. No. I think I'm okay with being Beta.

Okay. Sam said nonchalantly but I knew he was happy that I refused the offer.

I don't need a babysitter though. I added as an after-thought. I think that I can turn back myself.

They all snorted and I felt their presence fading.

Right. Paul replied sarcastically.

Then they were gone.

It's been two weeks since my transformation.

In those two weeks, I didn't go to school at all. Dad seemed to know what happened so he just let me lounge around and basically do nothing.

"Jacob, you should go to school tomorrow." Sam told me on Sunday night when I was at his and his imprint's house, Emily Young. Emily was in the kitchen making blueberry muffins and we were sitting on the couch watching some stupid gory movie that none of us cared much for.

I pouted. "But I don't like school." I whined.

He shook his head. "You have to go eventually."

"I know." I groaned. "There are probably just about a million rumors waiting for me tomorrow."

Emily came through the door and smiled at me sympathetically. "Don't worry. You're tough."

We ate the muffins in silence after that as we listened to the familiar pounding rain and the idiotic movie.

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