Chapter Five

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all sitting at a table in the library, in fact, it was the same table that Harry had occupied when Pansy had touched his scar. "What we need to do, is figure out where you're going to take her."

Harry smiled and shook his head. "I already know where we're going."

Copying the next line of notes from his Transfiguration book, Harry turned his head to look around the room, when he noticed a group of Slytherins sitting down a couple of tables away. He forced himself not to stare at Pansy. "I wish that I knew who was sending me these things. It's just so thoughtful and romantic."

Harry blushed, and leaned his head on his hand so that it was hidden from view of the snakes. He looked up and shared a smile with Hermione, before bending back down and writing, and of course listening to what the silver and green clothed students were saying. "Do you have any ideas on who it is?" Millicent Bullstrode asked from her place beside Blaise.

Since Harry was looking down, he didn't notice the look that passed between Pansy and the silent boy beside her. "Draco, you love me right?"

Harry froze, anxiously awaiting Draco's answer. "Of course Pans, you're my best friend."

"You like to make me happy right?"

Draco nodded. "I would be a horrible friend otherwise."

"It was you wasn't it?" She asked him.

Harry's quill snapped in his clenched fingers, nails digging into his hand. Since he wasn't looking, he didn't notice that Pansy was motioning him to say yes. "Of course it was."


"AAAAAAAARGHGHGHGHGHGH!" Harry bellowed, throwing another plate at the wall. He was in the Room of Requirement, where he had fled to after what had been said in the library. Why was Malfoy taking credit for what Harry was doing? Especially since he had heard Malfoy talk about how annoying he thought Pansy was. He would have to do something that would prove irrevocably that it was him, and he would have to do it, so that she still wouldn't know who he was. Picking up another plate, Harry threw it at the wall.

"Why can't anything ever be easy?" Harry yelled, picking up a whole pile of plates and throwing them. He didn't know, and he didn't care that people walking by the blank stretch of wall could hear him shouting, and all of the breaking glass.


Pansy walked towards the couple and opened her mouth to speak. "Where is he?"

Hermione and Ron turned around towards her? "Where is who?"

"Where is Harry?"

Hermione's face darkened. "How long have you known?"

"Subconsciously, I think that I've known the whole time. But what really struck me was the incident in the Great Hall yesterday morning."


"Because of the maiden thing. The other night when Filch had him scrub-."

"NO!" Hermione snapped, not paying attention to the fact that Ron reached his arms around to hold her back. "Why did you pull that stunt in the library? You know how much you upset him? Do you know how hard he is on himself? Or for some stupid reason he thinks that he's personally to blame for all of the people that died in the war, and therefore thinks that he will never be good enough for anybody? If you knew, then why did you do that?"

Pansy's face fell. "Because I wasn't sure, and I wanted to make sure that it was him."

"Parkinson!" A harsh voice yelled out from behind her, and if not for the seriousness of the previous conversation Ron would have laughed about how quickly Pansy's face changed from being sad, to the 'Slytherin' mask.

"What?" She yelled back.

"We've found him."

"Where did you find him Moore?"

"A deserted corridor on the seventh floor. He can't be seen, but you can hear him yelling on the other side of the wall."

Pansy's mind flashed to her fifth year when Umbridge had been there, "The come and go room." She whispered, before shoving past the third year Slytherin and running up the nearest staircase.


Harry was sitting on the ground, and leaning back against the wall, knees against his chest, and hands tangled into his hair. "Of course she'll never love you. Why would she? You're nothing special." He stood up and opened the door, before taking hidden passageway after hidden staircase after hidden corridor, until he was walking out the front door, onto the dark grounds.

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