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Chapter Seven

"Do I still have to wear that hideous scarf to lunch tomorrow?" Pansy asked. Her, Harry, and a group of their friends were sitting out near the lake. Harry was laying under a tree, and Pansy was cushioning her head on his stomach.

Harry ran his hand through her hair. "Of course not. But if you want to go on the date that I've had planned for nearly a month then you will."

"What if I wore your tie instead? It's nearing summer and it's warm outside I'm not wearing a bloody scarf."

"If you'd like." He said. He sat up and began to loosen his tie. His eyes shot to hers. "You're not going to get shunned or anything are you?"

Pansy snorted. "You defeated Voldemort with a disarming spell. I seriously doubt that anybody will try to harm your girlfriend."


"She's dead Harry." Hermione said from beside them, where she was laying similar to how Pansy had been, with her head on Ron's stomach.


"Got killed after he brutally attacked Lavender."


"Mate, Scabbers wouldn't harm your girlfriend, he'd sell the information to the highest bidder so that they could. And if you recall, he's dead too."

"Well since Malfoy is right here, and Snape is the one that convinced me to come back, then it must be…."

Draco started laughing. "Is this how you guys used to do that? Things are nice and quiet so let's try to think of someone who could be plotting nefarious deeds."

"I'll have you know, that most of the time they were."

"Not Snape and I. You three accused us of something nearly every year, and were almost always wrong."

Harry just smiled and finished loosening his tie, and pulled it off from around his head. Pansy laughed. "I know how to tie a tie."

He blushed. "I don't. I always have to get Hermione or Ginny to tie it for me." He tightened it a little, but left it loose enough that it didn't cover her green and silver one. "I asked my uncle to teach me one time, but he said that I wasn't important enough to need to know."

He either didn't see, or completely ignored the look she gave him. "I could teach you."

His lips twitched. "I would like that."