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An Older Sisters Love Chapter 3

Ichika Orimura was currently seated in the seiza position near the end of a long row of girls eating dinner. Despite his hurrying, he had been one of the last student's to make it to the dining room and was therefore seated next to all five of "The Girls" as he had come to think of them. They had all been waiting for him to appear and all of them had ambushed him at exactly the same time, demanding that he sit next to them. In the end, Ichika had been forced to sit with all five of them around him in a U shape. Laura and Charl had managed to claim the seats to the left and right of him respectively, while Houki, Rin and Cecilia sat across from him.

Despite the dining room being full of chatty girls, the aura surrounding the six of them was sour. Ichika knew, not thought, knew, that they were all mad at him. Why they were mad at him he wasn't completely sure, but he had enough experience by now to know they only got this mad at him. He was also experienced enough to know saying anything was likely to set them off, so he didn't. The girls seemed not to want to break the silence either, so Ichika simply enjoyed his Sashimi and amused himself with the thought of Chifuyu's face when he gave her the necklace.

Something about his happiness must have shown on his face, as it was then that something inside Rin snapped and she was the first to break the silence.

"So, Ichika," said the twin-tail, her voice brittle, "You look happy."

"Yeah Ichika," added Cecilia, her voice in a similar icy tone, "Did you get a gift from another random floozy?"

"No," said Charl darkly, "He's probably imagining his sister in her bathing suit."

Laura made a "humph" sound before saying, "Ichika, you are my wife and as such should not be looking at any other woman than me."

Houki didn't say anything, but the look on her face was one of anger and disapproval.

Since they were all mad at him, Ichika decided that discretion was the better part of valor and decided not to respond. This was however, what most people called a "No Win Situation" and his silence only managed to incense Rin and Cecilia further.

"Why didn't you come visit me on the beach Ichika?" asked Rin, her voice sounding like it was about to snap.

"Why didn't you come see me either Ichika?" demanded Cecilia, her voice angry, "Playing with another girl?"

Ichika could never quite point out why, but something about the whole situation, the girls' irrational anger, their accusations, and their tone, finally made him lose his patience with the group. Lowering his chopsticks, he calmly took his cup and took a sip before setting it down and replying in a too calm voice, "So what if I was?"

Normally this wouldn't have set either Rin or Cecilia off, but the atmosphere and Ichika's tone aggravated them just enough that they snapped. Both of them let out inarticulate growls and jumped at Ichika, partially summoned IS parts swinging around to engage him. Neither of them got close.

Ichika had known this was likely to happen and had partially summoned Byaku-Shiki before they had even started moving. His left hand snapped out and intercepted Rin's armored fist cold, while his right hand reached out and grabbed Cecilia's rifle before it got anywhere near him.

Used to Ichika either running away or acting like their punching bag, neither Rin nor Cecilia had expected resistance and were therefore too stunned to attempt a second attack. Ichika shocked the whole room with what he did next.

"Look you two!" he yelled directly into the faces of the unfortunate pair, his own face twisted in anger, "I am not your personal property, nor do I moonlight as a damn punching bag!" Turning to look at the stunned faces of Laura, Houki and Charl, he continued in an angry tone, "That goes for you three as well!"

Releasing the two girls, Ichika dismissed his IS and sat back down, anger still clear on his face.

Both Cecilia and Rin started to stammer out an apology, but Ichika didn't let them. "Shut up," he said, anger still in his voice, "just shut up and let me talk."

Taking a deep breath, Ichika continued in the same tone, "Look, we're all friends, but this stops now." The last three words were punctuated for emphasis.

"I am not a prize," he said, "or something to be fought over. I am a person and you will treat me as such." Pausing, Ichika realized that his voice had been disguising the fact that the whole room was silent. Turning his head he saw every last girl in the room staring at him.

In any other situation Ichika would have been so embarrassed that he would have shut up and likely wouldn't have shown himself for weeks. But whatever high he was running on made Ichika continue speaking. "That goes for all of you as well," he said, his voice still strong but not as angry, "I might be the only guy in the school, but that does not give you the right to treat me like a zoo animal."

"Now," he said, his voice going almost eerily polite, "that said, I will consider everything since the start of the semester void, starting now. The only exclusions are names, so all of you please consider me a newly arrived transfer student."

Standing upright, Ichika bowed to the room, "My name is Ichika Orimura," he said, his tone still eerily polite, "I will be your classmate from tomorrow onward. I look forward to getting to know all of you," He placed emphasis on both tomorrow and all as he spoke, "Have a nice night."

With that Ichika bent over and grabbed his tray. Not looking at anyone, he calmly walked over to the disposal, every eye in the room on him. He politely greeted the server as he placed his tray on the counter. The slight clink of the dishes was the only sound in the room.

Turning with exaggerated patience, Ichika walked towards the door with an almost nonchalant pace and attitude. This was a sharp contrast to the unnatural stillness of the rest of the room, only the eyes of the girls followed Ichika. Opening the shoji door calmly, Ichika took one step through, turned and politely bowed again before gently shutting the door.

The spell Ichika had cast by his actions lasted two heartbeats after the door closed. Two beats of absolute silence before an avalanche of voices exploded across the room.

"I've never seen Orimura so angry."

"Do you think he was serious?"

"That was so cool!"

"I'm gonna be the first one to talk to him tomorrow!"

"No me!"


"Silence!" a sharp voice cut through the hubbub instantaneously, as Chifuyu Orimura stood in the opposite doorway, her face clouded and voice intimidating, "The next person who speaks will swim around the island ten times before running around the resort fifty more!"

Nodding when a deafening silence followed her pronouncement, she glanced down to the end of the room, "Shinonono, Alcott, Bodewig, Dunois and Huang," she said, her voice impassionate, "Leave your trays and come with me."

All five girls stood and trailed towards the door together under Chifuyu's sharp gaze. Once they were through, Chifuyu shut the door and started walking, obviously expecting the girls to follow her. Leading them through the resort, Chifuyu eventually brought them in front of a western style door with "Staff Room" upon it. Chifuyu opened the door and they all filed in, with the older woman going last, closing the door with a decisive click.

Ignoring the girls anxiousness, Chifuyu walked over to the rooms fridge and opened it, reaching inside and taking out a beer. Looking the girls over, Chifuyu asked, "Anyone want a drink?" She was greeted by a flurry of negative shakes. Shrugging her shoulders, she closed the fridge door, took three steps and sat on the bed. Cracking the beer, she took a swig before looking at the nervous girls and saying, "Sit."

Watching them all drop into seiza position; Chifuyu took another swig of beer and sighed, enjoying the taste. Setting the beer down, she looked over the kneeling girls before saying, "Well, it looks like you girls finally blew it."

Silence and a few small wiggles greeted her pronouncement as the girls all found a spot on the floor to stare at. Chifuyu let them sweat for a few seconds before continuing.

"Did you think he was just going to lie down and take it forever?" she asked, her tone slipping into her lecturing voice easily, "Or did you think that beating somebody over the head with a club and dragging them home was still a valid dating method?"

"But…I mean," said Rin.

"What were we supposed to do?" asked Charl, her voice despondent.

"Would you like the list in alphabetical order or by precedence?" said Chifuyu, her voice going dry.

All of the girls squirmed with that statement, their faces turning even more melancholy. Sighing, Chifuyu took a big swig of beer before continuing.

"Look," she said in a frank tone, "I'm going to break it down real simply for you."

"But first off," she said, her tone sliding back into a lecturing tone, "Just to make sure, have any one of you actually told Ichika that you like him?"

"I did instructor," said Laura, raising her head slightly.

"Laura," said Chifuyu, rubbing her forehead, her tone full of long suffering patience, "You did not tell him you liked him. You flew into the room, through an expensive wall, saved him from being killed by Huang," a squirm from Rin, "then you grabbed him, stuck your tongue down his throat and declared him to be your wife. Out of all of that the only thing you did right was saving his life. I'm pretty sure he thinks it was and still is a bad joke. Anyone else?"

Charl raised her hand timidly.

"Was it in the bath?" asked Chifuyu.

Charl nodded minutely.

"What did you actually say to him?" asked Chifuyu.

"I…I told him that I wanted to stay at the Academy because he was here," answered Charl.

"That's better than Laura," said Chifuyu, "But if I remember correctly, you joined in the hunt to kill Ichika after she kissed him the next morning."

Charl blushed and lowered her head at the statement.

Turning her head to the other three, Chifuyu asked, "Anyone else?" All three girls shook their heads negatively, embarrassed.

"All right," said Chifuyu, "Based on your answers I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?"

"Some good news would be nice," said Cecilia, her normally haughty voice rather quiet.

"The good news," said Chifuyu "is that I'm almost positive Ichika knows you all like him."

All five girls shot up, varying shades of bright red appearing on their faces.

"W-what's the bad news?" asked Houki, speaking for the first time.

"That Ichika knows all five of you like him," said Chifuyu.

All five of the girls goggled at her, their current states not allowing them to understand her meaning.

"H-how can that be the good news and the bad news?!" asked Cecilia, confusion clearly evident in her voice.

"And here I thought all of you were supposed to be shining examples of your countries," said Chifuyu, shaking her head. Looking them all in the eye she said, "It's really simple, I want all of you to imagine that you have five equally important friends. Now, you can pick one of them to be your best friend, but then all of the others will hate you or at least strongly dislike you for some time. Who do you pick to be your best friend?"

There was a brief silence before Charl slowly spoke up. "You don't," she said, understanding in her voice, "You stay friends with all five of them so you don't hurt anyone."

"Exactly," said Chifuyu, "Which is exactly the situation you nincompoops have put Ichika in."

Silence followed Chifuyu's pronouncement, all of the girls faces showing that thinking about what she had said.

"So," asked Rin, her voice heavy, "what do we do?"

"Yes, Instructor," said Laura, "What do we do?"

Chifuyu cocked her eyebrow at the two of them before simply saying, "What?"

"Yes Miss Orimura," said Cecilia, her voice holding some measure of hope, "Please tell us what to do! Surely you know what we should do since he's your brother."

"We would be in your debt," said Charl.

Houki didn't say anything, but the look on her face was one that said she desperately wanted Chifuyu's help.


"What?" said Cecilia, her tone and face again showing confusion.

"I said no," said Chifuyu, her voice going slightly cold.

"But…but why not?" asked Rin, her face a mix of confusion and despair.

"Why should I?" said Chifuyu, her tone going colder, "Give me one good reason why I should help any of you?"

"You're…you're…the instructor," said Laura, her face showing that she was having some kind of breakdown at the mere thought of Chifuyu not helping.

"Not in this," said Chifuyu, her tone not softening, "In this I'm his family, his sister, who does not approve of how any of you have been acting around him."

"You…don't approve of us?" asked Houki, her face showing shame.

Chifuyu gave Houki a thoughtful look before continuing in a slightly softer tone. "No, Shinonono, no I don't. At least not the way you've been dealing with Ichika."

"B-but why?" asked Cecilia, "Why don't you approve?"

Looking at the upset girl and then at the others Chifuyu felt pity, but only a little. Before she and Ichika had talked, this situation would have been different; she wouldn't have been so incensed by it. But now she saw the situation with new eyes. These girls had been harassing Ichika for months, causing trouble and trying to take Ichika for themselves. They had been trying to take away the only stable, loving thing in her life away from her. She would no longer let that happen.

"Because," said Chifuyu, "He's mine and none of you have proven you deserve him."

It took about three seconds for her declaration to percolate through the girls minds. Then looks of complete and total shock slowly came over all of their faces. Chifuyu looked all of them back, her face not giving away anything. It was Rin who broke the silence.

"What!?" she said, "He belongs to you!?"

"Yes," said Chifuyu, her voice firm.

"W-w-what do you mean by that?" asked Charlotte, her face red.

"I mean exactly that," said Chifuyu, "he's my brother so he belongs to me until someone better comes around. Name one thing any of you can do for him better than me."

There was a pause as the girls tried to think of something they could say. Chifuyu could actually think of a couple herself; cooking and cleaning came to mind for a couple of them, but in their highly agitated state the girls were not at full mental capacity and therefore couldn't come up with any.

Chifuyu gave them about ten seconds before speaking again, long enough to let them think they weren't being rushed but short enough not to give them time to think.

"That's what I thought," said Chifuyu, her tone remaining strong, "And as long as it remains that way I will not approve of any relationship between anyone and my brother. Is that understood?"

Still reeling from Chifuyu's verbal scolding, her critique of their actions and the revelations she had given them, the five girls could merely nod as Chifuyu steamrolled them.

"Good," she said, before continuing in a slightly more forgiving tone, "This doesn't mean you can't be his friend, that's up to him, but no relationships."

Chifuyu paused to let all the girls nod again before taking a final swig of her beer. "Since we all understand each other now, I think it's time for you ladies to go to bed," she said, standing and walking towards the door.

The girls got up and followed her, seemingly in a daze. Opening the door, Chifuyu noticed something flick into an alcove. Not saying anything, she let the girls file out and head down the hall. After they disappeared, around the corner she said, "Are you going to come out now Ichika?"

Ichika came out of the alcove he had ducked into, a small grin on his face. "I never could hide from you Chifuyu," he said, "Not that I was trying too."

"Oh you weren't?" she said, "Then why did you hide in that alcove?"

"I was hiding from the girls," he said, the grin leaving his face, "I…I didn't think it would be good for me to see them right now."

"That's probably a good idea," said Chifuyu, leaning up against the doorframe, "I heard what you said to them in the dining room. You were pretty harsh on them."

"Yeah, I was," said Ichika, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment, "I guess I let out all my frustrations on them in one go." He paused there before he continued, "But, they were being so annoying, asking if I was spending time with girls other than them, like I was their possession or something." He looked up at her, "Besides, I was with you and there's no one I'd rather spend more time with."

Chifuyu felt herself warm up at Ichika's words. She wasn't sure why, but ever since their little escapade in the shopping mall, she had been sensitive to Ichika's comments. Now, after their mutual confessions in the ocean, it was even worse. But she didn't want Ichika to know that, not now. So she deflected with humor.

"Really?" she said, her tone wry, "There's nobody else in the entire world that you'd want to spend more time with than me? Not even one of those pop idol's all the girls go on about?"

Ichika snorted, "Chifuyu, when have I ever been interested in pop idols? Besides," he said, his silly grin coming back "when you were talking to the girls, it didn't sound like you wanted anyone spending too much time with me either Nee-san."

Chifuyu flushed at his words, both from embarrassment and from the endearment. Not used to being on the defensive, she tried to regain control by scolding Ichika. "Baka," she said, anger tinged with embarrassment, "I told you not to call me that outside the room."

"But Nee-san," said Ichika with a grin, "You're cute when you're embarrassed."

Chifuyu simply stopped when Ichika said that. She didn't make a fish mouth or sputter incoherently. She simply stayed with her mouth partially open in rebuke and turned red. She wasn't cute, she wasn't, thought Chifuyu, strong yes, smart yes, beautiful maybe but never cute. Then why did it embarrass her so much to hear Ichika call her cute?

Ichika simply laughed at her when she started turning red. "I can't believe you're turning so red at being called cute Chifuyu-nee," he said with mirth in his voice, "It's like it's the first time or something."

Chifuyu muttered something under her breath, light enough Ichika couldn't hear. "What did you say?" he asked Chifuyu.

"I said it is the first time you baka!" came Chifuyu's short, sharp reply. Immediately looking like she regretted her outburst she lowered her head and said, "You shouldn't say things like that if you don't mean it..."

Ichika just stared at her. He couldn't believe that nobody had ever called Chifuyu cute before. But her face was just so red and embarrassed that it had to be true. She looked just like one of the girls when he managed to say something they liked, open and...vulnerable. As much as he'd never thought that word would describe Chifuyu, it was the only one that fit.

Realizing that he needed to say something he said, "I'm sorry Chifuyu I didn't realize. But believe me when I say that I meant it."

Chifuyu flushed at his words, but she nodded in acknowledgement. Inside, she was at the same time celebrating and chastising herself. She shouldn't be acting like one of her students because her brother called her cute! But the feeling it left was something she'd never felt before... Shaking her head she managed to choke out, "A-anyway you should come inside."

Nodding his head Ichika said, "Yes Nee-san," and headed into the room. But as he walked next to Chifuyu she suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm, stopping him dead in his tracks. So quiet he could barely hear it, Chifuyu said, "Thank you." Not sure he could respond, Ichika simply took his other hand and squeezed the one that Chifuyu had on his arm. With that she let go and they both headed inside, Chifuyu letting the door close and then locking it, sealing them into their own little world.

When Chifuyu turned around and made it into the main part of the room, she found Ichika on his knees, spreading out a towel. Pausing, she simply looked at Ichika before saying, "What are you doing?"

Ichika finished spreading the towel before looking up and saying, "I'm getting ready to give you a massage Nee-san, what does it look like?"

"Oh," said Chifuyu, her mind finally focusing again, "I guess I'd forgotten about that because of the excitement at dinner."

"Well I didn't," said Ichika, before patting the towel, "So come lay down, I know you need to relax after everything."

Chifuyu grinned, a true open smile that's brightness made Ichika blink. "You're probably the only one in the world who can tell how tense I am, aren't you Ichika," said Chifuyu.

"Probably," said Ichika, a small grin on his face, "But that's because I'm the only one who you've let spend enough time with you to tell. Now stop stalling and get over here."

"Alright," said Chifuyu, the grin smaller now but still visible on her face. Moving over towards Ichika and the towel, Chifuyu slowly knelt down and lay there, putting her head on her hands. Even though they had done this before, Chifuyu found herself tensing up, anxious because Ichika was about to touch her again. Their moment in the water hadn't just been emotional, the physical part, the holding of each other, had felt good as well.

Gently Ichika put his hands on her through the kimono she was wearing. His hands started at her shoulders and then slid down her back, not massaging, just tracing out the tension in her body. His hands continued down, feeling her hips and then the legs. Despite herself, Chifuyu felt her nerves reacting, anxious at Ichika's touch. After he did both legs Ichika sat up, taking his hands off of her.

"You're really tense Nee-san," he said, looking at her curiously, "Is something wrong?"

"Only the fact that I'm starting to think of you as something other than my brother," she said in her head. But outside she just said, "It's nothing, it must be built up from work."

"Ah," said Ichika, giving her a smile, "I guess it must be." Reaching back out, Ichika felt around her upper back a little more, sending tingles down her spine as his hands gently felt and massaged.

"You know Chifuyu," said Ichika as his hands softly moved around her spine, sliding cloth against her skin, "This would work better if you weren't wearing this kimono."

At the same time her heart rate went up and adrenaline flooded her system, Chifuyu's mind immediately went into a sort of mental battle-royale, various parts of her brain creating or trying to fight off images and ideas of what exactly Ichika meant. The idea that he wanted to see her naked fought with the fact that he was her brother, at the same time her desire to feel his hands on her dueled with her propriety. Him wanting to see her naked was defeated by him being her brother, only to be swiftly replaced by the thought that she wanted him to see her naked. Her propriety was swiftly being overwhelmed by desire's relentless assault and the fact that he was her brother was...

"Chifuyu?" asked Ichika, shaking her gently, "Did you hear me?"

"Uhm, no," she said, her train of thought suddenly stopping as she realized she had missed something he'd said.

"I said that if you wanted to get out of the kimono, you could put on your swimsuit instead. Or I could just keep going," Ichika looked at her as he said this. "Are you sure you're ok Nee-san?" he asked, "You seem out of it."

"No, I'm fine," she said, beating herself up internally as she let her adrenaline recede, "But uh, I think I will change," she said, gently swaying as she stood, "Just give me a minute, I'll change in the bathroom."

"Ok, Chifuyu," said Ichika, giving her a gentle smile, "take your time."

Chifuyu walked over to the bathroom and shut the door behind her, leaning back against it, thoughts racing through her mind.

What was she doing? Ichika was her brother; he should not be making her feel this way. There was no reason to think he thought of her like that and…

Moving slowly, Chifuyu undressed, letting the pieces simply whisper down her skin by themselves and puddle onto the floor. Stepping forward slowly towards the rack where she had hung her bikini to dry, her bare feet padding lightly against the cool floor, she contemplated what to do.

She was definitely...falling for Ichika. That was the only way she could think to put it. Despite the fact that he was her brother, Ichika had gotten…no, she had let him inside her final guard and now she couldn't get him out.

Grabbing the pieces of her swimsuit she continued thinking. Despite her many life experiences, she didn't know what to do, how to pursue a man even if she wanted too. She hadn't been kidding when she had said Ichika was the only man in her life or that she hadn't been called cute before.

Slowly stepping into her bottoms and sliding them up, she thought of all the times she had been hit on in bars or restaurants. All the annoying slobs at the formal IS dinners she had been forced to attend. Even the looks she got in Germany simply because she was a woman on an army base. They all saw her as a thing, an object to be acquired or won. Even women were like that, all the fan girls in her classes and even grown women on the street. She was an idol, a symbol to them, not a person. Even her few friends, like Miss Yamada, still had something in their attitudes, just a small bit that held back from her, saw her as some kind of superwoman.

And then there was Ichika. He was the only one who saw her, Chifuyu Orimura. Not Chifuyu Orimura the great IS pilot, not the winner of the Mondo Gross, not even as an accomplished IS trainer. No, he saw her only as Chifuyu Orimura, his beloved onee-san. The simple thought of that made her smile.

Reaching behind her to tie the back of her bikini together, Chifuyu paused. That was it, that thought just then. Ichika saw her as his beloved onee-san. There it was, plain as day. She didn't want Ichika to see her as his sister, or rather, at least not as the first thing. She wanted Ichika to see just her, Chifuyu Orimura the woman.

Finishing her knot she pondered that thought. How exactly was she supposed to do that? How did she make her brother act, not like her brother? Sighing, she shook her hair and opened the door. Hopefully something would come to her.


As Chifuyu went into the bathroom Ichika sat back against the bed. A thoughtful look creased his face as he looked at where she had disappeared. There was something…off about Chifuyu and how she was acting. He wasn't sure exactly what or when it had started, but she had been doing things differently when it came to interacting with him and it almost had him worried.

But then again, he was enjoying his interactions with her even more now. God knew he had enjoyed playing volleyball with her, especially with the bikini he'd picked out. He shook his head at that. She was his sister for crying out loud, he wasn't supposed to think of her like that! But that didn't change the fact that Chifuyu was the most beautiful woman he knew. It just meant that he couldn't act on his…feelings involving her looks.

He sighed and put his head in his hands. He was rapidly coming to the conclusion that girls were entirely too much trouble to be worth it. Hell, the only girl he could reliably interact with was Chifuyu and that was because….

Ichika's thoughts trailed off as the bathroom door opened and Chifuyu stepped out. She was in her bikini and he couldn't help but stare as she walked towards him.

For her part, Chifuyu started to turn red as Ichika stared at her. It had been different on the beach, there were others around and she hadn't had the mutual declarations between her and Ichika. But here, alone with him, it was different. Even if he didn't, she knew that he held her heart in his hands and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

"Don't stare like that you baka," she said, halfheartedly attempting to cover herself with her hand and arms, "it's embarrassing."

Ichika had the decency to look embarrassed and moved his eyes to Chifuyu's. "Sorry," he said, "You just look so nice I can't help it."

"Baka," said Chifuyu, as she laid down, "just shut up and give me my massage."

"Yes Nee-san," Ichika said; a smile on his face.

Moving next to her as she settled down, Ichika again put his hands on his sister, feeling for tight spots. But this time was different than all the others, this time his hands moved across her smooth skin, felt her warmth directly, allowing him to be even more precise with his hands.

For Chifuyu the contact was electric. As Ichika traced his fingers down her back and sides, they left trails of goose bumps and sent tingles pleasure up her nerves like she'd never felt before. And that was just the preliminaries.

As Ichika's skilled hands finally began to work in earnest, Chifuyu felt her stress flowing out just as fast as the warmth from Ichika's hands was flowing into her. Every knot was attacked by skillful fingers that moved just right, used only the pressure necessary to remove their target and moved on. He quickly made work of her arms and shoulders, working out knots she didn't even know she had. After her shoulders he went down her back, working out each spot perfectly, sending tingles up her spine the entire time.

As Ichika's hands went lower, Chifuyu realized that it wasn't only his hands that were warming her. There was warmth spreading from inside her as well. As his hands went closer to her hips, she felt her breathing start to become irregular.

Ichika was concentrating on making Chifuyu feel good, so much so that his eyes were closed so he could heighten his sense of touch, allowing him to better use his hands. This meant that he didn't notice her face start to flush as his hands touched her hips.

As his hands continued their soft, yet insistent progress down her body Chifuyu felt herself wanting to wriggle in pleasure. Fighting down the urge she instead held herself still and tried to control her breathing. It worked until Ichika's hands moved past her hips and onto her butt.

Ichika's hands froze when he realized where they had gone. He had lost himself in the feeling of Chifuyu's skin, her smell and just let his hands keep moving. Now they were in a dangerous place, somewhere that could get him in a lot of trouble and the bad part was he really wasn't sure he wanted to move them.

Gulping Ichika forced himself to move his hands off the supple firmness that was Chifuyu's butt. But he hadn't moved more than a few millimeters off when she spoke.

"Stop," she said, her voice slightly breathy, "Just…just keep going, it's alright."

Ichika didn't trust his voice at the moment, so he just moved his hand back to where he had removed it from, the soft, resilient feeling returning to his hand. Forcing himself to try and remain clinical he started moving his hands again, hoping his willpower could last.

Chifuyu nearly moaned as Ichika started to massage her butt again. Whatever was causing her to feel his hands so clearly felt doubled right now. The warmth inside her was building higher, hotter as Ichika's hands continued their tender ministrations. She thought it would get better after he moved to her legs.

She was right, but not how she thought it would go. As Ichika finally moved down to her legs she realized how close his hands were to the source of the warmth inside her, and how tight her legs were. Ichika did exactly what he always did; he went down one leg and back up the other. Normally it was just his pattern, but this time it was exactly what Chifuyu did or didn't need, she couldn't make up her mind on which it was.

As Ichika's hands made their way up the last few inches of her thigh, Chifuyu felt herself tense up along her whole body and then relax as a massive spike of pleasure shot through her body. She couldn't help but quiver in the aftermath and she fought very hard to keep the moan that wanted to come out of her throat to more of a simple "hmm" of pleasure.

Ichika had opened his eyes when he finished, which let him catch the shiver run through Chifuyu's body. Hearing her moan a little he asked, "Are you ok Chifuyu? Did I do something wrong?"

Chifuyu really didn't want to do anything besides bask in the afterglow of what had just happened, but she realized she needed to say something. "N-no, Ichika, I'm fine. That last bit just felt really good is all."

"Ok," he said, his tone not convinced she was telling the truth, "Well, I'm done now and you're kinda sweaty, do you want me to run a bath for you?"

"That would be lovely, thank you Ichika," said Chifuyu, the glow fading away, making her realize she did indeed had a slight sheen of sweat covering her body, as well as…certain other things in places Ichika didn't need to know about.

Ichika went to the bathroom as Chifuyu laid there and breathed. That was not supposed to happen. Her little brother was NOT supposed to make her do what she had just done. Hell, she didn't do that to herself. But it had happened. And now she had to deal with it and how it would probably affect her in the future.

Sitting up against the bed slowly, she sighed, suddenly feeling rather empty. She wanted something; she just wasn't quite sure what it was. She relaxed for several minutes and let her body calm itself waiting on Ichika to fill up the tub. Eventually he came, shaking his hand slightly.

"Your bath's ready Nee-san," he said, a small smile on his face, "Nice and hot just like you like it."

Giving Ichika a small smile, Chifuyu stood and headed towards the bathroom. "Thank you Ichika," she said, "I'll try not to take too long."

He gave her a wry grin, "That's what you always say and you always stay till the water isn't warm anymore."

"It's my hair," she said, "It takes too long for me to wash it and enjoy a soak."

"Then why don't you let me do it? Like we used to," said Ichika.

Chifuyu paused at that, it had been years since she and Ichika had taken a bath together, since he was around eight in fact. It was around the time that she had started leaving him alone by himself for long periods of time. Before that, when she had spent much more time with him, they had often bathed together. She would scrub his back and he hers, while also helping with her hair. It had taken a bit to get him to treat it gently, but with his help she finished in about 2/3rds of the time it would have taken her by herself. Afterwards they would just sit together in the bath, enjoying each other's company until it was time to get out.

But then he had been kidnapped and everything changed. She had to serve in Germany, pay bills and work at the IS Academy. What had once been a fun, loving thing had fallen by the wayside as time marched on. But here it was being brought back, offered a second chance.

A little over a week ago, if he had suggested it she wouldn't have given a second thought to dismissing the idea as preposterous, grown siblings didn't do that sort of thing. Only a few days ago she probably would have been at least mildly resistant to the idea, even if she accepted in the end. A few hours ago it would have been yes, but not enthusiastically, not with such heart.

But now she recognized what she needed, what her body was demanding from her. She wanted that physical intimacy with someone, both because of what had just happened with the massage and the fact that long dormant emotions were again coming to the fore, demanding the touch of a loved one. The fact that the term "Loved One" had taken on a new, double meaning, with Ichika didn't matter. The simple truth of the matter was that she wanted to be near him and he had offered her the perfect chance to do so.

"I'd like that," she said in a tone tinged with happiness, a small smile appearing on her face as she remembered the past and looked forward to the future.

Ichika felt his face light up as Chifuyu spoke, the smile on her face making it appear even more beautiful than it normally did. Managing not to choke on his own words he smiled back. "Alright," he said, "You get in and I'll be there in a minute."

Chifuyu nodded and headed towards the bathroom. Stepping insides she closed the door, noticing the small amount of steam coming off the bath as she did so. Stepping forward she ran her hand through the water; it was just as she liked it. Shaking her head she prepared to get in when an idea crossed her mind. She knew that it was wrong, she shouldn't even be thinking like that, but it was also perfect for what she wanted. Smiling slightly her hands reached up and behind her…


Ichika again watched Chifuyu head into the bathroom, his mind momentarily distracted by the sway of her hips. After she shut the door he shook his head, "No Ichika," he thought to himself, "No, bad thoughts, bad thoughts, she's your sister for crying out loud!" At least that was what he tried to convince himself with, but the truth was there were few men on the planet who wouldn't find Chifuyu's form pleasing and Ichika was definitely not among them.

Sighing he headed over towards the pile in the corner where he had placed his beach things. Quickly changing out of his Yukata and getting his suit on, he remembered the box that Tabane had given him. Reaching down he opened it and looked at the necklace inside. Staring at its striking, yet simple beauty he decided that he would wait until after the bath to give it to her. Closing the box he placed it on the nightstand next to the bed and headed towards the bathroom. Opening the door the first thing he saw was Chifuyu, sunk down into the tub so only her head was above the water. The second thing he saw however…


Chifuyu opened her eyes and turned her head as she heard Ichika open the door and then pause. As her head turned she took in Ichika, stock still and staring at the ground. "Is something wrong?" she asked in a calm voice.

She watched, amused, as Ichika's mouth moved slightly, trying and failing to form words. "Ichika?" she asked again, this time with a hint of humor in her voice.

This time Ichika managed to look up at Chifuyu before looking back down to the ground. Finally managing to form words he stuttered out, "Chifuyu…you…but…"

"But what?" she asked, looking at the small pile of cloth that was her bikini piled on the floor, "Surely you didn't expect me to wear my suit while I took a bath?"

The look on his face said that he had thought she was going to wear her suit in the bath but his mouth couldn't form those words and he simply looked at her with a stunned appearance on his face. Having entirely too much fun teasing Ichika, Chifuyu decided to push it a little farther. Moving her hands to the sides of the tub she pushed herself up and turned towards Ichika.

The world seemed to slow for Ichika as Chifuyu rose out of the tub. Each drop of water sliding down her smooth skin appeared to be moving imperceptibly at the same time her muscles seemed to flex with near infinite slowness as she pushed herself up. His eyes followed one particular drop as it rolled down, first curving gently down her neck, and then sliding slowly across her shoulders before turning back inward. Ichika felt himself holding his breath as the drop headed down, across her upper chest until it reached the swell of her breasts. It continued, rolling down across the firm smooth skin, still going headed towards that impossibly deep cleavage and then...

It took him a second to comprehend the fact that there was a towel over Chifuyu's chest before Ichika's brain went into maximum overdrive before then moving to emergency shutdown as it tried and then utterly failed to ponder this new, interesting development. This was also in conjunction with attempting process his emotions over the fact that there was something where he thought there had been nothing just a few seconds ago and the fact that he had wanted there to be nothing covering his sister's chest.

On Chifuyu's part, it was entirely worth her effort to see Ichika's face as it tried to process all the emotions and then decide to simply go into shutdown, giving him a look like a repeatedly poleaxed ox. As his eyes started blinking repeatedly, Chifuyu decided to give the poor boy a break. Waving her hand she tried to focus his attention back to her.

"Ichika," she said in her normal voice, "Ichika~." When that failed to work, she used her instructor voice, "Ichika!" she called. That got his attention.

As Chifuyu called him back to awareness, Ichika focused on her face, which contained a slightly…smug look, as if she had proved something to herself. "Uhm, yes?" he said as he shook himself.

"You ok there Ichika?" Chifuyu asked, the small smile still on her face.

"Yeah," he replied unconvincingly, "I'm fine."

"Mhmm," murmured Chifuyu, before leaning back against the tub, "Then get over here and help me with my hair."

"Yes Nee-san," said Ichika as he moved to sit behind Chifuyu, finally managing to focus himself on something familiar, if half forgotten.

In the manner of two once familiar dance partners reuniting after a long absence, Chifuyu and Ichika began to work together. Two combs were produced, Chifuyu taking the left side and Ichika the right as they brushed out the tangles in her long hair. For Chifuyu, Ichika's soft hands brought the closeness she wanted as the gently pulled through her hair and massaged her scalp, while Ichika became partially enraptured in Chifuyu's smell and the softness of her hair.

As they worked together, their moves became less hesitant; more sure of the other as the last of the tangles were worked out. Chifuyu used the small wash bucket to soak her hair, as Ichika ran his fingers through, allowing it to soak in easier. As Chifuyu finished soaking her locks, Ichika was already ready with the soap, his hands gently caressing her hair and scalp. As this progressed, both siblings were pulled deeper into the moment, the intimate nature of the task pulling them closer together in more ways than one.

Ichika finished soaping Chifuyu's hair and she was ready with the rinse, Ichika again helping guide the water to where it was needed most. As the wash finished, the hair was pulled back by both and the combing repeated. By now they were working as if they had never stopped this act, had been doing it continuously for years.

As they finished, Ichika pulled his sisters hair back, laying it gently down her back. During the entire time they had been cleaning her hair they had not spoken, neither of them wanting to break the natural silence and intimacy that had accompanied their work. But now, as the last of the long dark locks were laid down, the task was finished, the focus not as intense.

Turning back to look at Ichika, Chifuyu gestured him towards the tub. "Your turn," she said softly, the words melding into the atmosphere as she spoke them.

Ichika almost thought about opening his mouth to protest. But there was a light in Chifuyu's eye that called to him and truthfully he wanted to as well. So he just nodded and moved to where he could climb in. As he did so, Ichika could feel Chifuyu's presence around him, her legs touching his as he sat, the feelings of comfort and love seemingly radiating outward from her.

As he finished sitting, he leaned his head back, knowing his part in the dance they were performing. As he did so Chifuyu poured the bucket of water she had prepared onto his hair, soaking his much faster than hers. The hands that had for so long only held instruments of punishment towards him now were gentle, taking as much care with him as he had with their owner. As they finished another bucket was poured, rinsing away the last of the suds.

As the hands pulled away, both felt…sad, disappointed that the moment was ending. But even as Ichika put his hands on the edge to pull away, Chifuyu's fell on his shoulders. There was no pressure on them, no tug or even words spoken. But Ichika could feel what they asked, just as Chifuyu knew he would. Now, just as she had asked, he would have to answer.

Ichika paused, his head unsure of where this would lead. But his heart knew what it wanted and it is a rare person indeed who can fight its pull, even if they want to. Ichika did not want to; he wanted the love he could feel, just as he knew Chifuyu wanted what she could feel from him.

So he did what came naturally. Leaning back just slightly, he took the hand on his left shoulder in his right and kissed it softly, before moving into the embrace that awaited him. Even as his back leaned against her front, Chifuyu's arms slid around his stomach and pulled him close, only a thin wet towel separating them from each other.

Ichika could feel Chifuyu's heart beat as her chest pressed against his back, it was slightly off from his. But as they lay there, soaking in the tub, the difference became less. Slowly they overlapped, each beat coming closer and closer, until they finally, gloriously sounded together for the first time, then again and again, each one just as perfectly in time as the last.

Both of them felt it, both of them were unsure as to how exactly it happened, but they both knew, could feel just from their contact, that the one whose heart beat with theirs loved them, loved them as openly and unconditionally as was possible in this world. And they reveled in it, even as they lay still together, they reveled in the knowledge that no matter what they did, no matter what would come, there was one who loved them more than anything else in this world.

Though it felt longer, it was only a few minutes before the deep spell slipped comfortably away. As it did so, Chifuyu lowered her head and kissed Ichika's cheek, the first open sign of endearment she had initiated. As she pulled away, she whispered, "Thank you," into Ichika's ear, to which he nodded softly.

As Chifuyu's arms pulled away from him, Ichika pushed himself up and out of the tub, stepping slowly onto the ground outside. Stepping over to the towel rack he took one and briefly dried himself before stepping outside, finally separating the two of them.

As Ichika heard the door click shut behind him, his conscious mind seemed to finally reassert itself over his emotions. He wasn't entirely sure what had just happened, but he did know that it had been the most emotionally intense thing that had happened to him in his entire life.

Walking over to his bag, he changed into his sleeping clothes and then, after pulling back the sheets, plopped down on the edge of the bed, emotionally and physically drained from the experience. Glancing at where he had put the necklace, he decided that tonight was not the night to give it to Chifuyu; it would be like adding another drop of water to the ocean. Putting it in his bag he decided to lay down to wait for Chifuyu, she would only be...


After Ichika closed the door, Chifuyu stared at it for a couple seconds before she lay back against the tub. That had been… She wasn't sure what that had been actually. But she did know that it was beautiful beyond all of her expectations and she wanted more, as much as she could get.

Letting the glow slowly flow out of her, Chifuyu waited in the tub for a few more minutes before she slowly pushed herself out of the tub. Letting the towel drop to the floor she pulled the plug, letting the remnants of the bath drain away. She dried herself slowly, luxuriating in her nakedness, feeling like a new person.

As she finished drying herself she looked down and realized that at some point she had gotten her Yukata wet, leaving her with nothing to wear. After hanging everything up she slowly opened the door to and leaned out.

"Ichika?" she asked, only her head in the room. When she didn't get a response she leaned out just a little more and saw his feet on the bed. Listening she heard the soft steady sound of a sleeping person's breath.

Stepping out carefully Chifuyu saw Ichika had fallen asleep on the bed, probably waiting for her to come out. Smiling softly she walked over and knelt next to him, examining his face. He looked peaceful and she dare said happy as well. Leaning closer she gave him a light kiss on the forehead.

Moving to her things she put on her sleepwear, a black tank-top and some underwear, before moving to the bed. As she climbed in Ichika rolled over, putting himself near the middle, facing her direction. Pausing for just a moment, she again smiled softly as she lay next to Ichika, pulling him against her so she could feel his warmth. As she did his arm pulled her back slightly from where it had flopped against her back. With a happy grin on her face Chifuyu fell asleep, holding her beloved in her arms.

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