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-Yata Misaki X Suoh Mikoto

Chapter 1: You'll do anything, right?

Suoh Mikoto watched the hazelnut-haired boy skate off from the safety of his second floor window of the Homura base. He squinted his eyes and watched the boy wave at the people on the door, probably the other members, or just Izumo, then resumed leaving. Mikoto leaned on the window frame, running his fingers through his red hair, and closing his eyes. A low growl escaped his throat. He needed that brat.

The next morning—

"Yata-chan," Izumo's voice pulled Yata Misaki from his slumber on the tabletop, "C'mon, wake up. Don't start drooling on the table, damnit,"

"As if…" The teen growled and rubbed the edges of his eyes, "What do you want?"

"The King is calling you."

Yata's eyes widened, "M-me? Is there a mission or something?"

"Ah, no. Maybe he'll just talk to you, probably…" Izumo tugged on the boy's shoulders, pulling him to stand up, "Now go, I have to wipe that table"

Yata glared before he proceeded walking up the stairs. There were 2 rooms on the second floor. One he didn't know existed until he actually paid attention to his surroundings, and the other was where the King likes to take naps. He knocked on the door nervously, and expected an answer, but instead, the door opened. Mikoto stood there for a while, before letting the boy enter as he sat down on the couch.

"S-sorry! Is there something wrong?" Yata asked, panic in his tone, his eyes gleaming in the dimly lit room.

"Where are the others?" Mikoto asked, resting his chin on his hand.

"Ah! T-the others…? They said they're going to the park today…" He answered, eyes glued to the floor. He was nervous now. Usually, he was never this nervous around the King. Well, not during the times when they'll fight side by side, but now, he's being questioned by the King himself. Just the two of them.

"What about you?"

"Ha?" He lifted his head and stared at the King.

Mikoto rephrased the question, "Why aren't you with them?"

"Didn't feel like it," Yata shrugged, his composure slowly returning, "S-so..what else do you want to tell me, King?"

"Are you doing anything?" Mikoto continued his monotonous charade, while eyeing on the boy intensely.

"N-no…I was sleeping a while back.." He rubbed the back of his head, averting his face away, "If you want me to do anything, I could do it for you.."

"Really now?" Mikoto smirked, lifted his hand and called for Yata to come closer.

The teen gulped before walking towards the red-haired man, "Y-yes?" He stuttered as he came to a stop beside the chair that Mikoto was sitting on.

Mikoto grabbed the boy's hand, pulled him, and wrapped his own arm around the boy's slim waist. He immediately latched his lips on Yata's surprised lips, and pulled the teen into his lap. After a while, he pulled away, eyes gazing and etching every detail of Yata's stunned and flushed face into his memory.

"K-King…uh…" Yata tried to find the words to say the things rapidly flashing in his mind, but he couldn't.

"You said you'll do anything, right?" Mikoto smirked, his hand slipping into Yata's loose shirt and caressing the warm skin underneath, "There's something that I want you to do for me, is that alright with you?"

Yata blushed and nodded timidly, his hands grasping Mikoto's broad shoulders. Mikoto smirked again and with his free hand, he grasped the teen's shaking hand and slowly guided it across his chest down to his belt. Yata, feeling the action and realizing what the King meant, immediately withdrew his hand.

Mikoto raised a brow, "Is there something wrong, Yata?"

The teen bit his lip and looked away, face still flustered. He still can't decide the words to express what he was thinking, "T-this…this is.."

"Do you refuse?"

"N-NO!" Yata retorted, glaring at the King with a near pouting expression, "I..It's just that..I don't know how to…" He looked away, hands clenching into fists.

Mikoto chuckled, knocking his forehead with Yata's and then clasping his hand on the shaking fists on his shoulders, "That's why I'm here to tell you what to do,"

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