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Yata Misaki. Mikoto

Yata Misaki woke up early and wondered if the King was out. He looked around in the room and noticed the blinds were closed, making the morning light still seem like night. He got his clothes from the floor and put them on. The sofa he slept on was already clean from last night's antics and the room was scented with air freshener.

He inhaled, exhaled, then walked down to the first floor.

Izumo Kusanagi and Anna Kushina were there, as usual. But as he entered the room, both members stopped doing what they were doing and stared at him.

"What?" He asked with a sour face.

Izumo coughed, "How are you?"

"Huh? I'm fine...?" Yata was confused for a while before he noticed Anna smile for a second and return back to her cold façade.

"No...I mean, could you walk properly?" Izumo said, "Was...Mikoto...too...uh, rough?"

"Huh..?" Yata was trying to process what Izumo was implying in the first place. Then, the realization hit him, and his face flushed beet red, "W-WHAAAA?! WHAT A-ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!"

"The room's not soundproof," Anna murmured, making Izumo chuckle.

"True…and you were…too loud.." Izumo added, making Yata stagger back with wide eyes.

"W-what do you mean?! I- I don't know what you're talking about!" He retorted, his fist clenching with flames starting to forming around it.

"Yata, how's your backside?" Mikoto asked as he entered the room.

Yata froze. Izumo suppressed a laugh. Anna looked away with a grin.

"I-I'M FINE!" He yelled, blushing as he threw is skateboard on the ground and speeding off with it.

"Oh my~" Izumo whispered, before turning to stare at Mikoto, who raised a brow at him, "…you weren't…rough on the kid, were you?"

"How should I know?" The Red King shrugged before he gave a smirk, " But, he was practically screaming my name, so I guess it's fine."

"So that means you WERE rough on him.." Izumo sweat dropped while Anna covered her ears and looked away.

Just then, Yata sped back into the bar, "HE WASN'T ROUGH, OKAY?!" Then left again.

"There's your answer," Mikoto said and walked back to his room.

Izumo nearly fainted from shock.

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