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Please note it is AU, it does not follow canon, and there will probably be blood and some gore in this fic.

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"You can't keep doing this Peter."

The sounds of someone upstairs scrambling reached his ears to the point where Peter Hale could barely focus on the man sitting across from him. It was not like he actually wanted to be there, well no that's not entirely true he did enjoy the man's company but he did not want to listen to yet another lecture on why he should not go after the rogue. It wasn't like he couldn't handle himself.

"I think you're missing the point here Stilinski," he brought the mug of coffee to his lips pretending to sip it. "It made itself my enemy the moment it attacked my family."

His eyes flicked to the Sheriff, catching the glimpse of frustration on his face. "This isn't healthy…"

"Neither is the amount of energy your son has but you don't see me complaining do you?" The comment couldn't have come at a more appropriate time as said child dashed into the kitchen.

"Hi dad," he said, clad in a red sweatshirt snagging a piece of toast. "Bye dad!" Stiles Stilinski gave his dad a hug right before he left the house in a flurry. The sound of his screaming metal death trap that he insisted on driving roared outside and faded into the sunlight of another promising day.

"Stiles is an active boy…"

"Who I have seen on several occasion wandering the woods." Last night in particular there had been a nasty run in between the rogue, his pack, and two foolish boys who should not have been outside so late. "One of them was bitten John. Melissa's boy, Scott."

Sheriff Stilinski's brow furrowed, a frown forming on his lips. "You should have told me about this rogue wolf sooner Peter. I could have been-"

"It would have ripped you to shreds and there would have been nothing I could do about it." The alpha flicked his gaze back to his long time friend, a frown, a look of concern on his face. "It went after my family John…" The pure rage that had boiled up inside him when Derek had returned home that night with Laura bloody and broken in his arms nearly sent him back to the pure animalistic state he had been in the night of the fire. Nearly. Nothing could rival what he felt that night.

"How is she doing?"

"Deaton took care of her, Derek's standing watch." Peter brought the mug to his lips then set it back down again, his stomach churning. He did not like talking about things regarding his family, especially his past. It made his wolf very angry. "Why did you want to talk to me John? It's not like you to call me here this early without a very good reason, which I assume you have?"

"There are hunters in town."

A cold child went down Peter's spine. He did not have the time to deal with a rogue and with hunters, what the hell had he done wrong this time to gain the attention of the hunters? "We have done nothing, we haven't attacked any humans they have no-"

"Peter listen to me, it's the Argents. They're the ones back in town."

"And? It's a large family I still don't see the-"

"Chris is back. He moved in the other day with his wife and daughter."

The mug in Peter's hand shattered. The wolf struggled to rear its head and bare its teeth as a low snarl fell off of Peter's lips; he had nearly reached his breaking point. The fact that Chris fucking Argent had a family and that he was happy, made his growl deepen.

"Take it easy Peter…It wasn't his fault you ended it with him."

"Yes it was."

John gave him a look that only a father could give someone, and Peter looked away from him. He busied himself, picking up a paper towel to wipe up the mess he had made. "Be realistic Peter…"

"I am being realistic."

"No you're acting like you are five years old."

With a huff, Peter sank back down into the chair across from the town's sheriff. "If you were not one of my few friends in this town I'd smack you for that comment…"

"And yet you won't because you have never once followed through on any of your threats," John said with a grin, looking over the rim of his coffee mug towards him. "You didn't in high school and I doubt that you have changed that much since then."

Peter wrinkled his nose in a very un-adult sort of way, a habit he had gotten into in high school when he disagreed with something that had been suggested. "Everyone else believed me why not you?"

"You have a tell." John got to his feet going to put his plate and mug in the sink. "Now back on the subject at hand. You know you cannot go near the Argents right Peter?"

He waved his hand, dismissing the idea. "Just because they are hunters does not mean they'd kill me on sight. I've done nothing wrong and I haven't broken their code."

"You're kidding me right? The night of the fire? You nearly ripped-" Peter shot John a look that stopped him mid sentence. "Just be careful. Don't do anything stupid."

"Fine, fine I'll be careful." Peter pulled his jacket back on. "Do you still want me to keep an eye on the school?"

"And keep an eye on the new wolf? Oh of course I do." Sheriff Stilinski said, pulling on his uniform's jacket. "Scott's a great kid and all but—"

"If the rogue gets to him before I do."


Peter nodded. "I got time before then. But don't worry I'll be there." He picked up the helmet that sat beside the table. "See you around John."

"See you Peter."

With one last look back over his shoulder at his friend, Peter walked outside pulling the helmet onto his head and mounting his motorcycle. He sped out of the driveway riding back to the Hale house. It was a mere shadow of its former glory, but Peter had wanted to rebuild it. It was a symbol of his pack, his den. It was where he was raised with his older brother, Daniel, and he refused to let the city destroy it.

Granted rebuilding it and fixing it up had taken more time and effort than he had expected, especially coming off of a two week stay in the burn unit after the fire. But his friends, his old high school buddies, minus a certain hunter, had helped. When it was done the house looked almost exactly like how Peter remembered it. It would never be the same, it would always just be a shadow of what it had once been. The family was all but destroyed, and ghosts of the past haunted the very ground. Not that Peter believed in them.

It was the only reason Laura and Derek had returned to Beacon Hill. Neither of them wanted to stay, hell they had left. But when Peter had called them, and, he's not ashamed to admit, he had begged them to return home. It was instinct, an animalistic need to be around his family, his pack. His begging must have worked they had come home.

Peter parked his bike in the driveway and looked up at the house, a small smile on his face. Even if the place was haunted, not that ghosts were real, that did not matter to him. This was his home.

His den.

From inside he could hear the sounds of Laura and Derek talking. The two were old enough to be out of school, and while they did both have jobs; Derek had taken time off to stay with Laura while she recovered. The rogue had done damage and the wounds were taking forever to heal.

He closed his eyes listening to the sounds o the woods surrounding him. The wind caressed his cheek, messing his hair and brought with it the smells of autumn.


His eyes snapped open, a shiver going down his spine. Just because he loved the place didn't mean that every so often the events of the fire replayed in his mind. The look on his brother's face, the cries and screams. His brother, god he missed him.

Again, he closed his eyes, focusing his attention on his senses, the smells of the woods, the sounds, just to be sure that there was nothing unfriendly or unwanted near him. He hoped he would be so lucky.

Of course he wasn't that lucky, when was the last time he had been that lucky?

The alpha turned to look towards the end of the drive. There was a figure standing there. There was only one person, one particular kind of human, who could sneak up on an alpha. A hunter, and a skilled one at that.

A growl fell off his lips. Oh he knew who it was. There was no one else stupid enough to go that close to his territory so brazenly. He did not want anything to do with him. Peter could not deal with seeing him right then.

Chris Argent started walking towards him and Peter had half a mind to walk inside the house and slam the door in his face. Maybe John had been right by saying he was acting like a five year old.

Chris would deserve it. Even if everything that had happened had not really been Chris's fault…

But it would certainly make Peter feel better.

The talking inside the house went quiet, the two betas has figured out there was a stranger in their territory. Not that Peter had any doubt that they wouldn't notice, but he had hoped they wouldn't. He did not need them getting involved what would certainly turn into a fight.

Chris was walking closer. Each step shortened the distance between. The man's scent grew stronger sending Peter's senses on a spiraling rocket ship heading towards critical.

And god Chris looked exactly like how he had remembered, bit older, bit grayer even (probably a side effect from hunting), but still the same tall, strong man he had known. With that same damn smirk plastered on his damn lips that Peter so desperately wanted to kiss.


No he did not want to kiss Chris Argent.

Who was he kidding? He did want to. Not that he would let himself. He had more self control than that.

"Come to make sure I haven't gone psychotic? Checking to make sure I haven't gone on a murderous rampage?" Peter asked shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket. "Cause I haven't, to answer your question. You're not welcome here and I'd prefer it actually if you'd leave."

Chris looked at him, his gaze moving from his posture, back to his face, and he smirked again. Peter knew that look, knew it and hated it. The intelligent, studying look that Chris had had in high school when he was actually interested in something that was going on. Normally it appeared right before he corrected someone in class. "You're a terrible liar Hale."

Damn it all to hell. He did not like the fact that Chris could still read him like a book. "Didn't lie about a thing. Now back to my question. What are you doing here?"

"There's a rogue-"

"No one in my pack is the rogue," Peter snapped a growl forming in his voice. "We're doing what your kind is. Hunting it."

"My kind? You must mean humans."

"No I mean hunters." Peter was starting to get uneasy, fidgeting, pulling his hands out of his pockets and clasping them behind his back. "After all, killing is what your family does best."

The hunter's eyes narrowed, his jaw clenched. Clearly Peter had hit some sort of nerve and made the man angry. "Would you get over yourself and just listen to me for a moment?"

Peter eyed him suspiciously, then shrugged. What could it hurt to hear him out? "Fine. Speak."

"We know it bit someone-"

"Yes I know this as well I'm already working on-" Chris gave him an annoyed look. "Go on."

"Good to know you at least care if this rogue gets a pack…" Chris muttered. "This was a bad idea I shouldn't have come here."

"No you shouldn't have. You made your choice long ago. You picked some bitch over me." Peter folded his arms over his chest, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. Too much excess energy, nervous energy.

And a second later Peter knew he had said the wrong thing. His skin burned as Chris pressed the edge of the silver blade he had been concealing somewhere on him against his bare neck, his grip on his shoulder strong enough to bruise a normal human. Anger, frustration flooded his gaze. But Peter didn't flinch; if Chris really wanted to kill him he'd be dead by now. "Get this through your head, you're the one who left me."

Sounds from inside the house, Derek and Laura were coming to help. "Don't come out here," he barked over his shoulder, and the sounds of movement stopped. Like good pack members, they were waiting for a cue from their alpha. "And for your information Chris. You picked Victoria over me. I was second best; something on the side but oh no can't take me home to the family what would they say their son dating a werewolf? The scandal!" Peter narrowed his eyes, pushing Chris back away from him. "Honestly Chris what did you expect to happen? Did you really think I'd stay?"

"I had no choice."

"Oh yes you did." Peter circled the hunter, a predator stalking his prey. "You could have picked me. My family wouldn't have cared. We're not controlling like your family." So he might have been losing control just a tiny bit. Peter stepped up behind him a clawed hand wrapping around Chris's neck. "You used me. Toyed with me. And gave me no choice but to leave you," he growled into his ear, pressing his claws against his skin. He could feel Chris go tense, heard him hiss as his claws scratched that pretty pale skin, and it only made him grin. "You had your chance, you could have picked me. You picked them. You picked them even after the fire." Or perhaps he had lost it a lot. If this went on any longer…

He pushed Chris away from him, bringing a hand to his face forcing back any and all primal urges to either kill him or claim him down to the deepest darkest corner of his mind. "Leave Chris. I don't want you around…I can't have you around. I won't risk having an Argent near my pack."

The hunter stared at him wide eyed, and didn't move.

"Please Chris…" Peter looked at him. Yes he was resorting to begging. "Just leave…"

What the man did next nearly sent Peter into a spiral of just plain giving into the wolf. Chris approached him shaking his head. "I lost you once. I let you leave…" Chris sank down to his knees in front of the alpha, tilting his head just enough to expose his neck. Bloody hell the man was submitting. "You did the same to me. But damn it Peter I still…"

Love you.

It was so simple, all he had to do was answer him back, accept the gesture and answer him and Chris would be with him again but...

"If you come near him again, I will kill him…"

Peter shook his head and moved to go back inside. "But I don't…now please leave me be." Oh it was a blatant lie, Derek and Laura would certainly know if only because of how fast his heart was beating.

"And you'll watch as he dies, you'll watch the life drain from his eyes."

The alpha turned and walked back into the house, closing the door behind him. His eyes were shut as he leaned against the door, listening to the sounds of hunter walking away, getting into his car, and finally driving off. Every fiber of his being wanted to chase after him, tell him he lied, tell him the truth about everything. But he couldn't do it.

When he finally opened his eyes, Derek and Laura stared at him, confusion in both of their eyes. They certainly did look like their parents. "I'm fine you two." It was a lie, they all knew it. Peter was not okay, but he had a job to do. He had promised John to make sure the rogue did not get to Scott, and from the sounds of it he was going to need help.

Help in the form of a high school student with ADHD and a rather bad habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Peter figured he was lucky that he and his nephew were a common sight around the school, enough so that no one called the cops on them for sitting and watching the lacrosse practice. His eyes were fixed on the new wolf, number 11. The signs were so obvious to him, the way the kid moved, how he was suddenly able to actually play lacrosse, which judging from how Stiles was reacting Scott must have been terrible.

And damn it he looked like his mother.

"Is that the McCall kid?" Derek asked, and Peter glanced sideways at his nephew. Derek was leaning against the bleachers, his eyes scanning the surrounding area, keeping watch just in case.

"That's him." Peter stood up as the coach blew the whistle signaling the end of practice. The boys filled back into the locker room. "Come on we'll wait outside for them." He jumped off the bleachers landing on the ground with a soft thud.

The pair walked towards the front of the school waiting, watching, keeping guard. There was no way that he was going to let the rogue get to this new wolf. Not when the new wolf was Melissa's kid.

It did not take long before the team started to file out of the school. Stiles bounded up to them like, dare he compare the two, a puppy eager to see his owner. As for Scott. It took Peter a few moments before he managed to spot the pup. Who was talking to a girl.

"Hey Stiles who's that?" Peter asked turning to see Stiles rambling on about something to Derek, who had a rather amused look on his face and was that. Was that a smile? Interesting… "Stiles."

"Huh? Oh sorry what'd you say?" He got an almost sheepish look about him for not paying attention, shuffling his feet.

"Who's the girl with McCall?"

"Oh she's new. That's Allison. Not as amazing as Lydia of course."

"Of course not," Peter teased him with a grin. "Do you know her last name?"


Peter felt like the rug had been pulled out from under his feet. Argent? Allison Argent? His fucking daughter? Oh there was no way in hell. "Scott!" Peter snapped, anger boiling in his veins. "Here. Now."

Scott looked from Peter to Allison and back again before finally walking to the alpha looking like a dog that had just got caught stealing his master's steak. "I don't see why you had to go and get all mean about it…" he mumbled. "I was just talking to her."

"You should be at home," Peter responded, feeling a rather large headache approaching. Suddenly he understood exactly why his brother so often complained of headaches, being an alpha and a parent was not something that had to be an easy task.


"No buts Scott. Go home. Stiles you go with him and stay with him till your father comes to pick you up."

Stiles did not appear to like the idea of that, but let out an over exaggerated sigh. "Well fine mister grumpy wolf. Come on Scott we can go make brownies and eat the batter."

Peter could only watch and shake his head as they left, chattering on and on. Or more like Scott talking about Allison Argent.

What the hell was it with wolves and being attracted to that damn family of hunters?

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