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It had nearly brought Peter to tears. The morning several days after his friends, his pack, had moved into the house on his insistence, that he had woken up to the sound of people in the house. It had not felt that alive since before the fire. He could smell breakfast down in the kitchen, hear talking and laughter. It nearly had the alpha in absolute tears.

Peter yawned as he walked into the kitchen fully dressed one morning only to have a three year old Derek latch onto his leg. He smiled and scooped up the little boy. "Morning Peter. Breakfast?" Kathleen glanced over her shoulder at him.

"Would be fantastic," Peter replied sliding into a seat beside Sasha who had a fist in her blonde hair staring down at some sort of textbook. "Test soon?" He grinned at Derek, bouncing the boy on his lap.

"Shush I'm studying."

"Jeeze, someone is grumpy," Peter scoffed and turned to look at Derek when the young boy whined at him. Obviously the young boy did not appreciate being ignored.

His brother wandered into the room looking absolutely exhausted, Sebastian following close behind him like a loyal lap dog. Of course that was his job as a bodyguard. Daniel nuzzled Kathleen's cheek softly, picking up a cup of coffee off of the counter. His eyes darted to where Peter, Sasha, and Derek were. "It's Saturday…Peter, why are you even conscious yet?"

"Maybe I have plans." Peter shrugged his shoulders, letting Derek tug on the silver charm around his neck.

That got Sasha's attention and she looked at him with that calculating look that seemed to always get him into trouble. "Oh, must be that boy if you're awake this early."

And then the room went completely tense. Except for Derek who had now taken to staring up at Peter and trying to get his attention by patting his face. "Pip." So Derek couldn't actually say his name yet, Peter didn't mind the nickname. It got him to smile through the tension that had just developed. But it wasn't enough.

He put Derek on the ground and ruffled his hair. "I gotta go." He could hear the car pulling up the drive; it was Chris. Peter got off of the chair and went towards the front door, snagging his coat off of the stairs where he had left it.


He ignored his brother's call as he opened the door to see the black SUV in the driveway. Chris was behind the wheel and he smiled the second he caught sight of Peter. Peter was about to get outside, get to the safety of Chris's car and avoid the awkward conversation with his family.

Or he was going to until his brother caught a hold of his arm. "No, you aren't getting out of this that easily little brother. We are going to have this talk now. Invite him in." Peter glanced up at his brother, his alpha, and he actually whined at him, pulling his arm away. It had been a direct order and he couldn't refuse.

With a sigh, Peter went over to the driver's side door and knocked on the window. Chris rolled it down and Peter leaned against the door. Then, knowing his brother was watching, he raised himself up enough to lean in through the window and press his lips against Chris's. "Change of plans, family wants to meet you now."

Chris's heart went absolutely ballistic the second the words came out of his mouth. "They…want to meet me? Now?"

"Yes and would you calm down? It's not like they're going to sacrifice you over a fire in some weird werewolf ritual." Peter grinned at him, reaching through the window to turn off the car.

"That is so not funny."

"Kinda is." Peter opened the door and held out his hand. "Come on, fam's waiting."

Chris put his hand in Peter's and got out of the car, closing the door with a soft thud. His heart was still racing. "Don't say it."

"Would you relax? They're going to love you."

"What are you thinking about?" Chris's voice snapped him out of his daydream. God he hadn't even made it out of bed yet.

His eyes glanced towards where Chris was sitting up in bed, looking down at him with a small smile on his face. "Got a smile on your face. Such a rare thing to see."

"Just thinking back to when you met Daniel and Kathleen. How Derek latched himself onto you." A grin spread across his face. "How she was convinced I was going to have to fight him for you."

It took a moment, then realization dawned on Chris's face and he laughed, lying back down beside Peter. He turned, nuzzling his cheek lovingly. "I remember that. He called you Pip… And I remember you saying your family wasn't going to sacrifice me over an open fire."

"I was trying to make you relax. Clearly my attempts were fruitless."

"Such a horrible boyfriend springing that on me like that."

Peter snorted and leaned over kissing him. "Oh you loved it. And they loved you so it was all worth it in the end, no?"

Chris was laughing, but returned the kiss. "Guess you could say that." Chris sat up again. "Come on, I smell breakfast."

"So pushy." But Peter got out of bed, pulling a t-shirt on, still wearing his pajama pants as he and Chris made their way downstairs.

From the living room he could see Isaac, Scott, and Stiles all still in their own pajamas, crowded around the TV with cartoons playing. As he watched, Derek walked into the living room taking a seat by Stiles. The boy had been released from the hospital yesterday, and Derek had rarely left his side. And by rarely, Peter meant the only time he had seen Derek without Stiles was when Stiles had to go to the bathroom. That was it. Otherwise wherever Stiles went, Derek would surely follow.

"It's about time you two got up." Melissa, still in her scrubs, was sitting at the island in the kitchen as Peter and Chris walked into the room. "Laura made breakfast. She was tired and went up to bed though." Night shift, right.

Peter's eyes fixed on the two plates still full of French toast and had to stop himself from drooling. He loved Laura's French toast more than he probably should have, but he was a man of simple tastes. Besides, it was his mother's recipe, how could he not love it?

He sat down at the breakfast bar, pulling the plate of delicious sweet goodness over to him. Before he even tried a bite though he looked to Melissa. "How is Stiles doing? Has John spoken to you about him?"

Melissa shrugged her shoulders, leaning back against the counter. "He seems alright. Got that watchdog following him around like a lost puppy. Same with Scott. Neither seem willing to leave him alone."

Understandable as far as Peter was concerned, after all Stiles was a newly turned werewolf. Not a very good one, but a werewolf all the same. His senses were still out of whack to the point where his center of balance was off. He was a clumsy puppy and it was absolutely adorable. It was familiar, watching someone come into their abilities, something that Peter had not seen in what felt like forever. Yes, he had turned Erica and Boyd, but they took to it much easier than Stiles was.

His gaze turned towards where the others were, his pack. His family. Chris sat down beside him, and he set a hand on the other werewolf's knee, giving it a gentle squeeze. Everything felt right, safe, and happy.

Peter could get used to this.

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