The shortest distance
Between two points
Is the line
From me to you

Yes, this is one of the many "memory" Chapters I will add into this story. It's not a filler per say, you will need to read these in order to fully understand the story so don't just skip over these please:)

I watch as Amy runs to Andrea, they're arms wrap tightly around each other and I feel a grin stretch over my features. She's okay, I really didn't think Amy could go on without her. My blond friend had been completely distraught when Shane had pretty much told her, her older sister and the rest of the scavenging group was gone.

"Daddy! Papa!" Eliza and Louis run to their father and he holds them both close and kisses Miranda reassuringly. He looks rough, actually the whole group that had gone out looks pretty exhausted. I wondered briefly what they had gone through in the city. Wondered about the hordes of walkers they had encountered. Shane's beaming, I know he tends to expect the worst in this new world, but I can tell he's as relieved as the rest of us that our camp was once again complete. Well as complete as it could get. Everyone's giving each other hugs and it's almost like a family reunion. I hug Jackie and tell her I'm happy she's okay. The black woman had really grown on me. She was a really nice lady. I look over at my little brother and bite my lips together at the expression on his face.

Carl's eyes shine with unbridled envy as he watches his friends hug their father. I know he misses our dad, I know how hard it was. A knot had formed in my stomach too, but being the eldest, I'd swallowed it and kept composed. Mom didn't need to have to worry about reassuring us both. She kneeled down to my brother's eye level and began consoling the 9 year old. I don't pay attention really to the rest of what the others are saying until I hear Morales mention that "a new guy" had gotten them safely out of the city. I perk up, ready to see this bad ass who had gone against the city of the dead and helped them out.

When my eyes fall upon the "new guy" all of my muscles tense and freeze up and my stomach lurches with all its might. Eyes, the same color as me and Carl's, connect with my own and my father leans over, seemingly not able to stand any longer. My father, my dead father. The one who had died back at the hospital back home. But he's not dead. His skin is flushed with a healthy blush, un-bitten and alive. He's alive. He's not a walker. He's not one of them. My thoughts become blurry as everything goes in slow motion then. Carl running for him, my mom trying to stop him. I just stand there, seemingly unable to move. He picks Carl up and comes to me, grabbing me in his arms as well. Everything about him is familiar. His smell, his strong arms, the rough scrape of his facial hair. He's home. He is my home. I feel mom join in on the hug, and I feel the fullness I haven't felt in months .My family, my whole family was here and alive. I get a look over my dad's shoulder and see Shane's eyes filled with two conflicting emotions. Pure, unaltered joy and deep unfathomable regret. The thought of him and my mother crosses my mind and I hold my father tighter, mentally promising to be the glue. I won't let this pull us apart.