This story takes place after episode 2-06. Parts in italics are from Doc Martin, Series 2, Episode 6 "The Family Way" - written by Dominic Minghella and Edana Minghella. Doc Martin and recognisable storylines and characters belong to Buffalo Pictures and the creative team.

Without Interruption - Part 1

Martin and Portwenn

It had been a lousy week for Martin. He was never actually thrilled about his situation in Portwenn, but it was never this exasperating.

It started last week when he was about to meet Louisa for a drink, to sort out what they really thought about each other. Just as he was going to leave the surgery, Tricia Soames had burst in. She had been ready to finally talk about her Obsessive–compulsive disorder. Martin did not want to make Tricia feel uncomfortable, so he didn't interrupt their meeting to call Louisa. He never got around to making that call, because his parents were coming the next morning.

Meanwhile, he had been getting more and more annoyed with Danny Steel showing up everywhere Louisa was, and as he drove his parents in from the train station, he ended up having to give Danny a ride!

Martin had a patient, Helen Pratt, die suddenly while in his care, followed by her husband blaming him for her death. Then Pratt, himself, needed emergency care. The man had been horribly angry both times, even harassing Joan.

Now, tests had shown Maureen Tacey was pregnant. At 50 years of age.

His parents' visit was proving to be disastrous. He hadn't seen them in seven years, and out of the blue his father demanded half of the worth of Joan's farm. Next, he belittled Martin's job as GP, calling it "playing at doctors."

All of this preoccupied Martin as he walked up to the school yard to deliver the news to Maureen. Along the way he was accosted by a jubilant Mark Mylow. Mark had gone ahead and asked Julie to marry him. Now he was spouting gibberish about how Martin should be more like his father, as his father probably never had a problem with the ladies.

Martin was now in a horrible mood as he approached Louisa.

"Miss Glasson," he said formally. "I need to see a patient, Maureen Tacey."

"Hellooo, Martin," Louisa answered sarcastically.

"Yes, of course."

"She's preparing for the Talent Night later. I believe she's gone on a very long walk to calm her nerves. Your best bet is to catch her in the village hall tonight."

There went Martin's plan. "Right."

"But I won't tell her to expect you, because she might just wait for ages only to find that you don't show up."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Martin, last week? We were supposed to meet, to talk."

The moment Martin had tried to avoid, by being formal and brusque, had arrived. He decided to be uncharacteristically forthcoming.

"Something cropped up. A patient. Your friend, Tricia Soames. And you were right. She was in a bad way."

"Oh. I see. Well, you still could have called."

"Yes," he said, chastened.

As Martin walked away, Louisa was a little surprised, and pleased, that he had spoken about a patient of his with her. That was unprecedented. Was this a new, positive direction their relationship, or whatever it was trying to be, was going? She smiled, then felt badly about how she'd spoken to him. He was, after all, an excellent and dedicated doctor. That fact would continue to affect any plans they ever made, or tried to make.

Conversations with Louisa often left Martin feeling uncertain of what to say, and what to do. He knew from past experience that he tended to say the wrong things to people. He especially felt he'd said the wrong things to Louisa many times since they'd met, and she was one person he didn't want to get it wrong with.

Later, at the village hall, Martin discovered it was Roger who had fathered Maureen's baby. As he was absorbing this information, he ended up having to endure Danny declaring he was making a go of it with Louisa.

Come to think of it, if he were less civilized, there were several men Martin would have punched by now.


End of Part 1