River walked arm-in-arm with her husband back to the TARDIS. She closed the doors behind her with a happy sigh, and leant against the doors, her hands behind her back. The Doctor turned and stared at her, bewildered by her allure. How could a woman wearing a tank top, black sweatpants, and snow boots look so…well…sexy? Her lip hung provocatively as she looked back at him, her eyes still glowing with the reflection of starlight. He had never felt this way about anyone before. River, his wife, was the most beautiful woman in the entire universe.

She smiled kindly at him, her head tilting slightly to the side with question.

"Doctor Song, you've got that face on again."

"What face?" She said, her smile creating laugh lines across her skin.

"The 'he's hot when he's romantic' face."

River furrowed her brows, but her smile didn't fade. "This is my normal face."

"Yes it is." He said playfully, stepping towards her.

"Oh is it now?" She said, countering his tone. She tipped her head up and looked at him through sensuously drooped eyelids.

Slowly, the Doctor raised a gentle hand to trace her jawline tenderly. He was so close that he could feel the energy build between him: how magnetic forces seemed to be pulling their bodies, their hearts and souls closer together to become one.

"Doctor Song…" he whispered, transfixed by her features.

"Yes?" She was barely able to breath.

His lips on hers were his only response. He felt her hot breath exhale into his mouth as she breathed deeply, letting all her muscles relax as she fell into his embrace. His lips fit perfectly with hers, like pieces of a puzzle. The feel of her mouth caressing his was a sensation like no other: it set his nerves alight. The first time she had kissed him, or rather, would kiss him, in Stormcage had frankly caught him off guard. The way she kissed him, the passion and familiarity of it all, was something that one would only do with someone with whom they were completely in love. Back then, he wasn't used to anyone kissing him in such a way. But now, after all the time he had spent with her, he fully appreciated and returned the sentiment in its physical manifestation. The soft brushings of their lips turned progressively into an erotic pulling and sucking that grew rougher with each moment of contact. River pressed her body up against his, and he tightened his grip around her waist. The taste of her on his tongue was incomparable, insatiable, and he snuck it in with tender aggression between her lips to dance with its partner. They both wished the moment would never end, but their lungs thought otherwise and eventually they had to part.

"Oh." He breathed, in awe. He hadn't had a kiss like that in centuries.

River bit her lip with pleasure.

"I now understand all the fuss…" He murmured softly to himself.

"Fuss about what?" She asked, her confusion and beaming smile creating quite the most adorable mixed expression.

"Kissing." He stated with a smile.

River chucked mischievously. Her husband could be so adorably naïve sometimes.

"Just you wait, it gets better…" she teased.

"How so?" This time, he wasn't being playful: it was legitimately a question.

River cocked an eyebrow suggestively.


River nodded her head and widened her eyes, but obviously her implications were lost in translation.

"Sweetie, it is our honeymoon…" she whispered.


River looked at her husband; wondering if had finally grasped the concept.

"Oh…right, no. Still not getting it."

"Sweetie, what do couples do on honeymoons." She said, placing her arms around his neck and leaning against his body.

"Oh…OH." He said, his eyes widening in realization.

"Yes." River whispered alluringly.

"You…and…me…we…" He questioned nervously, attempting to clarify what she meant.

"Yes." She purred. It was the very same "yes" that she had teased him with all those years ago when he had asked her if she was married… now he knew the answer.

"Oh." The Doctor's eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas. His whole body jumped with excitement. "Mmmm…I like that idea..."

River laughed heartily. "I thought you might."

"Oh Doctor Song, you bad, bad girl…" He muttered.

And he kissed her once more.