A/N This is the last arc. Before you read it, I just want to say that this is more of a redemption, overcoming-trauma-in-times-of-need kind of ending. That's why this arc will hint towards a lot of abuse, though it isn't too graphic.

Two and a half years had passed without much incident for Tōshirō. He had recovered fairly well, considering how extensive his trauma had been. For the past year and a half, he had been smiling and laughing along with Shunsui and his ridiculous drunken statements, and had even been requesting to go into town of his own free will – with one of his three guardians, of course. Hell, he had even become best friends with Hinamori Momo who lived next door.

On top of Tōshirō's recovery, Jūshirō had done just as well. His cuts were merely scars that marked his pale skin and had resumed his happy and positive outlook on life. Though there were still periods where his depression won over him, it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been before.

Byakuya… Well, Byakuya was Byakuya, and Shunsui and Jūshirō doubted that would ever change. At least he had stopped hurting himself as well and was more caring towards others, even if his personality was still distant and untrusting.

Currently, Jūshirō and Tōshirō were sitting on the lawn out the front of Shunsui's home, smiling and laughing together. Byakuya had been there earlier to join them, but he had gone home in order to care for Rukia, who was coming down with the flu.

That left just the two siblings and Shunsui. While said Kyōraku had just been out there before with the brothers, he had returned to the flat to bring out some refreshments.

"Shiro-chan, are you glad to be back at school?" Jūshirō smiled at his brother, happy that the younger had finally decided to return back to school after all this time.

Tōshirō smiled shyly and hugged his blue dragon, Hyōrinmaru. Ever since Byakuya had bought him the stuffed toy, it had gone everywhere and done everything with the white-haired boy. He even brought it to school with him, which the teachers and most of the other students were understanding about. Even Ichigo and his group supported Tōshirō's love for Hyōrinmaru.

Before Tōshirō could say anything, however, a gag was shoved into his mouth from behind. His eyes widened and he dropped Hyōrinmaru out of panic. He spun around to see who was attacking him, but a cry of pain from his brother had him turning back around. His eyes watered at the sight of blood flowing down the side of Jūshirō's face as said man collapsed to the ground in unconsciousness.

Tōshirō screamed into the gag as he was picked up, memories that he had not thought about for quite a while playing before his eyes once again. And then, it all went black.


When Shunsui returned back to the front lawn a few minutes later, he was surprised to see that neither Tōshirō nor Jūshirō was in sight. He shrugged, thinking that they must have decided to take a walk around the block again, and turned to go back into the house – until something small and blue caught his eye.

"Hyōrinmaru…?" Shunsui carefully picked the dragon up from the ground. He became worried, knowing that there was no way Tōshirō could have just forgotten about him. Shunsui looked around as he clutched the toy to his chest, but that's when it all became clear.

Just as Shunsui had gotten to his feet, ready to ask the neighbours if they had seen anything, it had glinted, catching his attention. Blood. There were small specks of blood, not only on the blades of grass, but on the pavement.

"No…" Shunsui felt horror filling him as the situation dawned on him. "No…!"


Tōshirō's eyes opened slowly, only to find that he was in a dark room with no windows and chained to a filthy bed. He whimpered, reaching around in desperation to find his precious dragon, but it was nowhere to be found.

"H-hyōrinmaru…!" Tōshirō whimpered as tears started to drip down his cheeks. He curled up in a ball, not understanding what was going on. The last thing he remembered was having a playful conversation with his brother and jokingly making fun of Shunsui, and then… the fear… A-and the blood, and – Jūshirō!

"J-jūshirō…!" Tōshirō moaned as he got to his feet. He was aware that there was another bed against the wall on the opposite side of the room, but apart from that, everything was barren.

As if his cries had been heard, the only door to the room was thrown open and an unfamiliar man stepped in with his naked brother slung over his shoulder.

Tōshirō screamed as he fell back onto his bed. "W-who are you?!"

The man looked at Tōshirō with a calm gaze. He had brunet hair and was rather tall. He wore a furry jacket and looked as if he were very bored.

"Who am I?" the man repeated incredulously as he carefully lowered Jūshirō onto the unoccupied bed. "My name is Coyote Starrk. How could you not know who I am?"

Tōshirō's lip quivered as he glanced at his brother. "…Will… Will he be okay…?"

Starrk nodded. "He's fine. I made sure the others didn't hurt him too badly. Is he sick or something? He was coughing up blood before he passed out."

Tōshirō nodded meekly. "I-I… Why haven't you hurt me…?"

Starrk stared silently at the child for a few minutes before he answered. "Because you're a child and not an enemy. Nor is he."

Tōshirō blinked as Starrk gestured at Jūshirō with his thumb. If that was true… Then why were they here…?

"Aizen will be here shortly," Starrk said as he turned to leave. "Not sure what they want, but you'd better hope that they take it easy with him after what the others were doing."

Tōshirō didn't want to know what his brother had gone through. He just wanted to curl up in Jūshirō's arms and cry and never have to see anyone else ever again, even if that meant staying trapped in that tiny, dreadful room.

It felt like forever before the door opened again. Tōshirō's heart jumped in terror as Aizen stepped into the room with Gin and Tosen behind him.

"Look at what we have here…" Aizen's smirk was full of danger as he surveyed the two siblings. "One is untouched while the other looks as if he's had the shit beaten out of him."

For the first time since their arrival, Tōshirō noticed the blood and bruises that adorned his brother's naked body. How could he not have noticed such a thing…?

"May I have him now, sir?" Gin's smile was predatory as he fixed half-opened eyes on Tōshirō.

Aizen smirked. "Do as you will. I'm going to have my fun with this one. Tosen, go retrieve Grimmjow and Ulquiorra for me."

Tosen left silently while Gin approached Tōshirō. Said boy crawled as far away from Gin as he could, horrified beyond words. He cried as the silver-haired male grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss, but to his unspoken relief, Gin didn't do much other than force Tōshirō to look towards his brother.

Aizen had thrown Jūshirō to the ground before he stomped on the younger's head. There was a loud cry of pain as the Ukitake's eyes snapped open.

"J-jūshirō!" Tōshirō squealed as fresh blood stained his brother's face. It was clear that whatever had happened to him back on that lawn was worse than he had thought.

Jūshirō turned to look at his brother before he moved pleading eyes up on Aizen. "Please… D-do what you want with me… Just don't hurt Tōshirō… Please…"

Aizen laughed. "Now, why on Earth would I do such a thing, my sweet Jūshirō-chan?"

Both brothers raised confused eyebrows at Aizen's words. What was he talking about…?

"Such a beautiful little boy like Tōshirō-chan…" Aizen continued on as he ran a hand down Jūshirō's cheek. "Well, he's far too beautiful to not hurt. Gin has wanted him from the very first moment he laid eyes on him."

"D-don't…!" Jūshirō tried to pull away from Aizen's hand, but the brunet had something up his sleeve – literally. Jūshirō cried out in pain as a syringe pierced his skin. Tears dripped down his cheeks as he felt his body becoming heavy. "W-what did you… do…?"

"Drugged you, of course." Aizen smiled as he observed the results of his handiwork. "It's more fun when you know you can't do anything to stop it."

Jūshirō's eyes widened, understanding what Aizen was hinting at. Tōshirō tried to look away as Aizen moved to kneel between his brother's legs, but Gin made sure the white-haired boy had a perfect view.

Tōshirō could only watch in disgust as his pure brother was defiled by scum like Aizen.


Shunsui wasn't stupid by any means. Lazy, of course, but not stupid. He already knew who had attacked and kidnapped the brothers. Aizen and his gang had been far too quiet since they had attacked Byakuya.

He had rounded up every person he could think of that would be willing to help him fight to save Jūshirō – the police wouldn't do anything about it because, as much as they denied it, they feared the power of Aizen.

So now, as Shunsui surveyed everyone sitting in his living room, he went over his plan with them. There was Kira Izuru, a victim of Gin's attacks who was willing to get back at him.

Then there was Komamura Sajin, a brunet who wasn't above sicking his tamed wolves on someone who gave him trouble. Iba Tetsuzaemon, a long-time friend of Sajin accompanied him.

Hisagi Shuuhei, who had a personal history with Kaname Tosen, was ready to crack some skulls.

Zaraki Kenpachi and two of his employees, Madarame Ikkaku and Ayasegawa Yumichika were there as well, always up for a fight.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri and his daughter, Nemu, stood by the kitchen, observing everyone who had gathered.

Kotetsu Kiyone and Kotsubaki Sentaro, who considered Jūshirō to be their hero, were ready to do anything to get the white-haired man back.

Byakuya and Rukia stood by Shunsui's side with Ichigo and his group conversing quietly between themselves.

There were even a group of people that, despite Shunsui never having met before apart from Lisa, were willing to help, having a personal vendetta against Aizen. Though they hadn't told him their names, they referred to themselves as the Visored. Lisa wouldn't even give out any names to her once best friend, claiming that what Aizen had done to them was the only reason the others were here.

Shunsui smiled to himself. A pacifist by nature, but mess with the ones he cared about, and all hell would break loose. He knew that despite Aizen having a vast number of gang members, the people who had gathered in this room today would be able to hold their own – without a doubt.