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Summary: If there was one thing anybody, especially a certain 12-year old substitute shinigami, was expecting it certainly hadn't been something like this.

Rebellion strikes the heart of Soul Society, leaving Seireitei at large in chaos as the shinigami are forced into practically fighting themselves and things only get worse when Ichigo Kurosaki, in a battle against the leader of the rebellion Muramasa, not only loses her own zanpakutō to his cause, but also herself in an unheard of phenomenon that nobody was expecting. How will things turn out when the 12 year old known as Ichigo no longer exists, and in her place are left a pair of zanpakutō spirits without a master to speak of any longer?

Warning: Zanpakutō/Fem!Ichigo Fanfic. Hopefully lots of action, I'll try and fit in as many battle scenes as I can. Set during the Zanpakutō Rebellion Arc obviously. :P I may or may not do a pairing. I'm willing to hear suggestions for one though, but they have to make sense.

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Episode 1: A Rebellion in Seireitei

The sky was beautiful. A dark, almost black sea slowly changing to a pale blue with the rise of the morning sun and belying the events that had transpired before the sun's rising as huge towers of thick, dark gray smoke rose up from the many piles of scattered debris. Once strong buildings that had stood tall just the night before were now nothing more than broken timber, stone, and heaps of ash; the occasional corpse laying somewhere in-between as the members of the Gotei 13 rushed about to perform damage control. Many were still shaken from the events that had, just a mere six hours ago, led up to such a devastating situation. And what was worse, or so much more worse, was that they were missing their leader, kidnapped as sudden and shocking as the news was. They all, in the deepest parts of their hearts, felt like lambs ripe for the slaughter in such a vulnerable situation. With everybody as busy as they were, it went unnoticed when a Senkaimon gate opened suddenly, a young, dark-skinned woman with purple hair and a child stepping out as quickly as the gate itself had appeared, before finally shutting its paper doors and vanishing into thin air.

"Ichigo, I'm going to go check with Soi Fong about what's going on right now." The woman said, pausing to turn and face her much younger companion, bending over to ruffle shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair as chocolate brown eyes peered up at her inquisitorially. "Be careful ok? We have no idea who we are dealing with here." The woman said in a more serious tone before shunpoing away, not waiting for the twelve year old girl's response as she took off in search of said captain of the second division. Left to her own devices, Ichigo released a sigh as she paused for a minute to take in the exact level of damage the Gotei 13 had received in the apparent attack before using shunpo as well. Immediately heading in the direction of the sixth division and where her best bet was to find her own target.

"Rukia, you need to calm down!" A very familiar, male voice yelled out as Ichigo entered the busied sixth division; walking in undeterred by other passing shinigami as she headed for a certain captain's office.

"Calm down? Calm down!? Nii-sama is missing and you want me to calm down!?" another familiar voice, this one higher in pitch than the other, exclaimed, sounding utterly shocked and disbelieving, almost affronted by what was being demanded of the speaker. At the last part, Ichigo couldn't help but quirk a curious eyebrow as she reached for the sliding door, opening it without even so much as a knock to warn those dwelling inside of her sudden arrival.

She was immediately met with the sight of a girl, slightly older than her in appearance and even more so in actual age with short black hair, and a much taller man with red hair put up in a ponytail that made his head look like a pineapple. Both were in each other's faces, eyes twitching in growing irritation on both sides as they had a glaring contest to see who would back down first.

"You don't think I might be a bit concerned about him myself!?" the pineapple-head yelled back, voice as loud as ever, "But he's a captain-level shinigami. Taicho wouldn't be taken down so easily. He can handle himself." The man explained, a bit more quiet this time than before, though it was not by much. Ichigo sighed, scratching at her hair as he inquired, tone dead serious, "Or did you forget that?"

"I know. It's just-" the girl, Rukia, began, only to be cut off by the man,

"Then have some faith. He'll be back, don't worry so much, you'll give yourself wrinkles." The man said, poking her forehead just to further prove his point. His remark got him a punch in the gut from an enraged Rukia, a huge tick mark on her forehead as she watched the man curl in on himself.

"Renji, I swear…" Rukia sighed, a gentle smile coming across her face as she continued, "Thank you." At her words of gratitude, Renji grinned, rubbing his pained stomach before finally righting himself.


"Hi." Ichigo finally interjected, waving her hand slightly in greeting now that their little lover's spat was over. Both turned immediately to face her, having somehow managed to completely miss her entering the office while they were fighting.

"Ichigo!" Rukia called in surprise, running up to her as she examined her to make sure she hadn't somehow managed to get hurt on her way to the division. "When did you get here? And why?"

"Not that long ago, and you vanished. I thought I should come and help." She responded dully, though she managed to give a heartfelt smile towards the girl before it dropped just as suddenly from her face. Renji joining them shortly after her answer.

"Ichigo, nice to see you!" he greeted, though he released a derisive snort when he saw the expression she always seemed to hold on her face; if it wasn't a scowl, there was usually no expression there at all. "See you still look like your brain dead. You need to start smiling more or something. I don't know, even scowl. That dull look you got makes you seem like an idiot. And we both know for a fact that you're actually far from it." He commented dryly, only barely managing to duck in time when Rukia took a swing at his head in reprimandation of his words.

"Renji! Ichigo is fine the way she is! At least she's not a gigantic baka like you!" Rukia said, tone scolding as she started up yet another round of bickering,

"What? I'm not that stupid!" Ichigo decided thereof to stop before they really got into it, waving her hand in front of their faces to get their attention back on her.

"What is this I hear about Byakuya-hime vanishing?" Ichigo said, ignoring the shocked looks both were giving her at the name she had given said missing captain of the Gotei 13.

"I keep forgetting you call him that… Ichigo, you need to stop spending so much time around Urahara-san. He isn't exactly the best person for teaching people manners and the proper way of addressing people." Rukia said as she gently pat the younger girl on the head, hoping to deter her from ever calling her brother that again. Though even with several other's assistance, and insistence of being called by the proper title, it was starting to look like a lost cause really.

Ichigo, despite her very quiet demeanor, as well as the calmness that she all but oozed out like her still uncontrolled reiatsu and highly observant behavior which led to the overall appearance of being very mature for her age, seemed to have an issue with any form of higher authority. Renji himself, having a better understanding of this particular side of the girl; speculated that unlike what he had had when he was around her age, she just had an issue with anybody who was older than her period. Regardless of whether or not they were actually in a position of authority. It was nothing personal for sure, possibly just a quirk in her personality that resulted in her disrespect in calling people by the proper honorifics; but what they both found odd, was that she only did it with the people within the Gotei 13, specifically the captains and vice captains. In the human world, where she came from, she actually bothered to show some respect, except for Urahara-san and her own father, the first of whom she'd given quite the nickname simply she couldn't seem to remember his actual name. Or be bothered the energy it would take to actually do so; so it may have just been spiritual beings in general that she had issues of actually addressing them with the proper titles. Even Rukia could admit that despite that fact, she still had issues with authority no matter the species, it was just more prominent with them than any other being out there.

"We were attacked last night, suddenly and without warning. As you can see by the damage outside, we kinda got our butts handed to us badly. We're still trying to figure out the number dead. But anyways, sometime during the attack, Byakuya-Taicho vanished without a trace. We're still searching for him, but so far no luck." Renji explained, recovering quickly from Ichigo's little nickname for his captain.

"Oh." Ichigo blinked as the other two barely managed to keep themselves from face-faulting onto the floor. Rukia being the fastest at recovering this time around,

"Leave it to you to give the most anti-climactic answers. It's good that you're here Ichigo." Renji nodded his head in response, agreeing as well with Rukia's own statement,

"Yeah, we need all the back-up we can get in all honesty. Zaraki-taicho and Kusajishi-fukutaicho left on a mission and haven't returned yet, and with my own captain currently missing, it's good to have a couple of extra hands, even if it's just one or two pairs." Renji frowned slightly though as a thought suddenly crossed his mind, "But then again, this also could've been a trap of some sort set up by our enemies. We can't get back into the human world. For some odd reason the Senkaimon gates won't open from this side, though several shinigami outside have reported that they can enter soul society from where they are. They are under orders to not come though, at least not yet."

"I see. Who is this new enemy that's caused so much havoc in apparently under the time span of a few hours?" Ichigo questioned, eying them both expectantly,

"Believe it or not, it's a zanpakutō." At the response Ichigo quirked an eyebrow, not completely understanding the question.

"It's complicated. But our enemy is this zanpakutō known as Muramasa. Supposedly he killed his wielder and is now starting a rebellion against the shinigami. It's an uprising. And the worst part is that it's not just any opponent we're fighting, it's our own zanpakutō."

"Practically fighting yourselves." Ichigo said as she reached for Zangetsu, feeling some slight discomfort at the information she'd been given. Even she would have to admit that she was a little frightened by the news.

"Yeah. Our zanpakutō are like the worst opponents we could ever have to face. They know everything about us. From our greatest skills to our most crippling of weaknesses." Renji agreed with a snort, taking a moment to pop some of the bones in his neck. He was about to say more when the alarms suddenly sounded. They were under attack. Immediately both Rukia and Renji got ready, darting out of the door with the former pausing only for a split second to issue a warning towards the much younger child,

"Ichigo, you're one of the few left who still have full use of their zanpakutō's power. That makes you a valuable asset, but also a prime target. Be careful if you happen to come across the spirit Muramasa. He can take your zanpakutō away from you practically." Ichigo nodded her head in understanding, immediately following the two outside before shunpoing towards one of the large walls near the execution cells. It would give her a better view of her surroundings and allow her to get her bearings of the battle now going on. The many clashing amounts of reiatsu she could sense, even with her poor amount of control left her feeling both very concerned and secretly excited. She however, missed a particularly strange and unfamiliar reiatsu as it snuck up behind her.

"So you are the substitute shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo."

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