Hi Everyone, I know it's been a while since I've updated or said anything about the sequel but I thought I would give everyone I small sneak peek. Since I haven't unloaded it yet I thought I would add it to my first story.

Anyways, The sequel to A Life For A Life has finally been named. It will be called, Guide You Home. So look for it in the next two months. I am super excited about everyone getting to read the next one. It's alot more intense, so you have been warned. There will be more cliffhangers, and "Oh My God "moments. Nicole will have more battles to fight, and Rick will have to deal with this newly, or shall I say old?, found Nicole.. And Connor will be there stirring up more trouble like before.

Also, I will be introducing my new OC, Sawyer.

Well here it is, my sneak peek to Guide You Home. Hope You Enjoy.

The rain poured down on her as she moved through the trees towards her shelter. The trees would howl as the wind hit their leaves. Her body was weak from not having anything in stomach. Her vision was blurry as she pushed herself to keep moving.

It's been two months since Nicole left her beloved prison on her own. In those two months she had been completely alone, well not completely.

The rain was making it hard for her to see the pattern she had left in the trees. Her hand grasped the nearest tree looking for the familiar X she had put on it. She had been staying out in a small cabin she had found for a while. It was hard to find from the road so she had marked trees to help her locate it.

Her hair was sticking to her face washing away the tears. She looked down at herself before pushing away from the blank tree. She took deep breaths before taking weak steps forward. She needed to get home and lay down she could look for food in the morning. She didn't want to become sick from the weather. Why had she gone to town? Why had her car ran out of gas? Why her? She pushed through shrubs stumbling forward and landing on her knees. Her hands sunk in the mud.

Her jacket was soaked from the rain making her shiver. In the back of her mind she could hear her father yelling for her to push, get up, keep moving. She shook her head letting out a whimper. She couldn't her body wouldn't allow her. She was so hungry and the pain. His voice rang through her head failure, useless, weak. She wanted to yell tell him to shut up instead she placed her hand against a tree slowly making her way to her feet. Her other hand clutched at her abdomen while the other balanced her. She took another step forward her foot dragging in the mud. She couldn't die like this not here. Though she felt like she should have died last week. She should have but didn't.

She pushed back the voice as she found the familiar X on the next tree. It was the most beautiful thing she had seen all day. She almost let out a sigh.

The sound of groans took her out of her thought as she pushed to the next tree. She'd be damned if she would allow some walker to eat her. She laid her back against the nearest tree pulling the knife from her belt. She looked through the rain for any movement. Once she caught sight of the limping dead man, her grip tightened on the knife. He caught sight of her laying against the tree. Dragging one of his legs behind him he quickened his pace towards her. As soon as he was in reach, Nicole pushed forward digging the blade into his forehead. The body slumped against her. With the rest of her strength, she pulled her knife from his body knocking the walker away. She leaned against the tree trying to catch her breath.

Her vision was starting to get blurry as she looked around for the next X. Her head was pounding and her body couldn't move if she tried. She couldn't give up though, she knew she mustn't. She pushed away from the tree falling instantly to the ground. She landed in the mud next to the walker. She couldn't move, her body wouldn't allow her.

She wished she had stayed at the prison. None of this would be happening. She wouldn't be dying in the rain. She wouldn't have cried all those nights from being alone. But most of all he would alive. She hated herself more than ever this past week. Being alone wasn't working out for her. Not anymore. She let the sobs out at she curled into a ball on the ground. She deserved this. She wanted to go with him. It was her fault. It was all her fault. She didn't want to live with herself knowing what she had done. All that blood, and the pain.

The last thing that crossed her mind was Rick and Annie before she allowed the darkness to take her.

To be continued...

I am looking forward to seeing all my readers follow me into another adventure. Love everyone who had stuck with me through the first one. Hope I can keep you all during the second one.

Guide You Home (Sequel). Coming Soon to Fanfiction.