Another fic from the same game. You start with a word posted by the last user and you write for ten minutes. Guess I'm on a roll now!

Note: One of my reviewers has brought it to my attention that I need to rewrite this fic for clarity, but it may take me a while, so here's what's missing:

The POV character is a genetically-engineered metahuman. She has many animalistic traits, including a super-charged libido. For those who've read my other fics, she's the good version of Copycat. An AU, I guess. Anyway, she'd seen Nightwing earlier, thought he was REALLY hot, tracked him down from scent and now here we are:

I stared at him from across the room. My blood ran hot and I began to tingle. Those muscles. My heart fluttered. His eyes, a steely blue. Long, ebon hair. I licked my lips hungrily. His face was so beautiful, but when it lit in a smile, it hit me like a freight train. I was going to have me some Dick tonight!

My lust radiated from my body like a flame, threatening to lick innocent bystanders with its burning passion. I could hardly contain myself as I ghosted toward him. My world existed solely on the other side of the bar. Simply nothing else existed. Not even the ground I walked upon.

Dick looked up from his company, his friendly eyes searching mine for answers.

Suddenly aware I was salivating, I swallowed before inviting him to a private party. Noise erupted to my left, but the others at Dick's table didn't interest me. Only the stallion before me, blushing at a point somewhere near my legs, held my attention. I waited impatiently for him to recompose himself before I asked for his reply.

"Um…yeah, I guess."

My heart leapt and I rocked forward, nearly doing the same. No! I can't lose him jumping the gun. I have to wait until we're in my hotel. In my bed. I held his gaze as we left for his car. Oh Dick, the things I'm going to do to you tonight!