Title: Coffee time
Rating: PG
Summary: Pepper and Phil share a moment over a cup of coffee
Featuring: Phil Coulson, Pepper Potts
Genre/warnings: fluff and deep friendship
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters of Marvel Movies. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended and no money is being made.
Notes: A little kickstart drabble based on a prompt given to me by the fabulous darkangel_0410 how wanted Phil & Pepper sharing some bff time. Anyway, as always this is unbeta'd so any mistakes you find, please, please, please forgive (I mean it PLEASE!)

On to the story…..

"Thank you, I need this," sighed Pepper taking the offered cup. She smiled warmly as Phil settled onto the booth seat opposite her, his own coffee cradled in between his hands. He gave her a warm smile in return asking, "Stark being worse than normal?"

"You have no id…" she started but then she gave a little chuckle correcting, "Actually you do have an idea. He and Bruce have been playing in the labs again. 3 days solid." She gave a sad sigh before asking with genuine interest, "But how about you? You look slightly frazzled."

"I had to referee a training sessions between Clint and Tasha," replied Phil, his face deceptively blank. But Pepper knew him well enough to see how drained he was. Sliding the plate of doughnuts towards him, she conceded, "You get first choice, you've had a worse day than me."

Phil grinned at her and snagging the nearest sweet treat he raised it in mock salute offering, "Here's to babysitting the uncontrollable"

Pepper gave a lilting laugh and raised her coffee in reply, grateful she finally had one person in her life who understood just how hard her role really was.

Fin x