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"Maya… you need to live a little. You know? Be rebellious."

She couldn't help but scoff at that. "And get arrested? Yeah. No thanks."

Katie just rolled her eyes, "What's wrong? Afraid of a little excitement in your life? Just take a chance. I promise you, you won't regret it."

Maya bit her lip. "Sure I won't."

Katie let out a sigh and put her hand on her shoulder. Then she looked straight in her eyes, "I believe in you." She whispered. "You can do anything, you know.. you need to believe in yourself."

Maya closed her eyes, and then nodded. "Thanks Katie."

Her sister smiled. "No problem, baby sis."

Maya woke up, sitting up quickly in her bed. She looked beside her only to see she was alone and it made her cry. Her dream felt so real, like it had happened the day before.

She put her head in her hands and softly cried for a few minutes. Then she picked up her phone and looked at the time only to see it was about four in the morning. And even though she knew she shouldn't, she sent Cam a text.

I just woke up from a bad dream. Wish you were here. See you later.

And then she lay back in her bed and tried to go back to sleep, but found it near impossible.

She just wanted Cam with her.

"Hey." Maya looked up from putting her books in her locker, to see Cam leaning against the one beside hers. "I uh… are you okay?"

She nodded.

"Are you sure?"

She surprised him then by slamming her locker shut with all the force she could and hiding her face in her hands. He could see she really wasn't okay, though he knew that the moment he saw her that morning. Wordlessly, he wrapped his arms around her and held her. She didn't cry or anything though. She just bit her lip, and then looked up at him. He looked down at her, and she stepped back, pulling out her phone she typed something to him and he took the phone from her a moment later.

I want to speak again.

"What's stopping you?"

She shrugged, then took the phone from him again.

I also want to sing again too.

"Again, what's stopping you?"

She pointed to her hearing aids, and then moved her index finger in front of her mouth.

'C-A-N-T S-P-E-A-K' She spelled out.

"You have to me a few times before." He said and she nodded, realizing he was right. "Maybe if you keep trying you'll be able to again."

She took her phone from him only to hand it back a moment later.

I talked to my parents about it. My stepmother told me I'd have to go the speech therapy and get singing lessons.

"Look, Maya… if it's what you really want. I think you should do it. I hope you know it's going to take a while, but I'll be here. I'll support you all the way through it." He gave her an encouraging smile, and she couldn't help but smile back.

Her dream flashed through her mind, and she thought about what Katie would've said if she was there. She'd probably encourage her to try as well.

'O-K' She signed. Cam clapped his hands excitedly and then hugged her tight against him.

They pulled away then, and looked at each other, sharing a moment. She unconsciously started to lean up towards him and he leaned down towards her. Their lips were about to touch, when once again, Cam pulled away from her, causing her to pout. What the hell happened this time? She heard a ringing and realized it was the damn bell.

"We should get to class." Cam sounded so disappointed. So to make up for it, she grabbed his face, and then pressed her lips against his cheek. She pulled away and smiled at him, he smiled back at her, and then took her hand in his. They walked together to class, and she took her usual seat next to Tori, Tristan and Zig.


Maya motioned that she had no clue what Tori was talking about. Also the fact that Tori was grinning like she was high wasn't lost on Maya at all either.

"You and Cam. Are you official yet?"

Maya shook her head.

Tori looked confused. "But you were holding hands."

Maya waved her hand in Zig's face, and he looked at her.

'Translate for me please?' He nodded. 'It doesn't mean anything. I just needed that comfort. We're still just friends.'

Zig translated, and Tori huffed frustrated. "But you guys are so close and—ugh! Just get together already!"

Tristan laughed at her. "We're both rooting for you and Cam, Maya." He said and Maya nodded.

'S-A-M-E' She spelled out and then before anyone could say anything more the teacher walked in and started to lesson.

Though Maya looked behind her to see Cam smiling at her. She blushed and smiled back, then turned to the front of the class again, the smile never leaving her face.

"See?" Tori nudged her and she nodded.

Now she understood exactly where Tori was coming from.

"So I was thinking about this," Adam spoke up, later that day at their rehearsal for the talent show. "I think we should have one lead singer. Or really one singer to sing with Zig."

Maya and Cam nodded, agreeing to this. Soon everyone else did as well.

"So, who should sing?" Jenna asked Tori, to which the younger girl gave her a huge smile.

"I think you should, honestly. You're amazing. Plus, you've had way more experience with it than I have."

Jenna smiled at her, "Thanks. That means a lot to hear that. But for the record, I think you have an amazing voice as well."

"Really? Yay!" Tori squealed causing Jenna to laugh. "Thanks for saying that though."

"No problem."

Maya waved in both their faces and they looked at her. She motioned to her guitar, and they nodded. Jenna went to the front of the room where the mike was, Zig beside her and the band behind her.

Maya started to play the first few chords, and Zig started to sing.

"Yeah, whoa. I'm walking on a thin line, and my hands are tied. Got nowhere to hide. I'm standing at a crossroads. Don't know where to go, feeling so exposed." He stepped aside and Jenna took his spot.

"Yeah I'm in between where I'm going and where I've been, but I know there's no turning back. Yeah!"

Maya suddenly stopped playing, and looked at them. She grinned and put her two thumbs up. Eli looked at her from behind the drums set.

"Hey! I didn't even get to my cue yet!"

She rolled her eyes. Then she had her left thumb against her other fingers and her other hand, palm up. She moved her left hand against her right hand, and then spelled out, 'A-G-A-I-N'.

They all nodded, and started over.

"That was amazing!" Jenna gushed as she put away her guitar, letting her voice rest for a while. Zig nodded in agreement.

"We're going to win this for sure."

Maya nodded excitedly and put away her guitar. She had just closed the case, when she felt a hand on top of hers and looked up to see the boy who made her heart melt whenever she thought of him or was around him.

He gave her a smile. "Hey. So… I uh wanted to show you something."

He pulled out a small black book and opened it to the page that was bookmarked. "I sort of maybe wrote a song the other day." He handed her the book and nervously rubbed the back of his head. "I wanted to see what you thought of it."

She looked up at him and then down at the book, reading the lyrics.

Have you ever had the feeling
That you can't believe what you're seeing
Head is spinning, in slow motion
Heart is pounding, time is frozen
Don't close your eyes
Look around, your dreams are coming alive
Don't be surprised
You were born to shine

She continued to read it until it abruptly stopped. Tears were in her eyes.

She pointed to the song and the moved her hand in front of her face, her fingers spread apart and then coming together. 'B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L' she spelled out. Then she kissed her fist and pointed at the song again. 'L-O-V-E I-T'.


She nodded.

"I may have possibly—" He stopped himself, causing her to look at him confused. "I'm just really glad you like it."

She nodded and then hugged him. Then she pulled away and gave the book back to him after gently closing it.

"Aw, Eli. They're just like us when we first met." Clare gushed from across the room, causing Eli to roll his eyes and Adam to laugh.

"No, if I remember correctly… you both made me want to puke when you two first met." Adam commented.

"We did not!" Clare exclaimed causing both Eli and Adam to laugh.

"All I remember is when you two started going out, all you did was make-out." Jenna said. "Boy did I want to barf too. I think I even talked to Adam about it at one point…"

Clare rolled her eyes and put his arm around her shoulders, kissing the side of her head.

"So uh, why haven't you two made out yet?" Eli bluntly asked, earning a smack in the stomach from his girlfriend. "Ow. What was that for?"

"For being stupid." Clare simply said, smiling so that he knew she was just joking.

"So violent." He muttered, laughing at her shocked expression. "But seriously… answer the question, Maya. Cam."

Maya looked away, blushing and Cam opened his mouth to say something, but found it wasn't easy.

"This just got interesting." Tristan commented and both Zig and Tori nodded in agreement. KC just rolled his eyes.

"We—we just… we're close." Cam finally managed to say and Maya nodded. "That's it."

"But you wrote a song for her—oops."

Cam glared at Zig. "You weren't supposed to tell anyone that."

"Oh my god!" Tori squealed. "You wrote the song she just read for her? That's so cute!"

"And romantic." Eli added.

Maya looked at Cam. She didn't have to say anything for him to understand her.

"Yeah, I wrote it about you. You inspired me." He said, somewhat hesitant to what her reaction would be. To his surprise, she signed, 'thank you' and then immediately pulled him in for a bear hug with one arm around his neck. Her other hand ran down his arm until she reached his hand and then she linked their fingers together. She held him for a few more minutes and then pulled away.

"Well, it looks like there's a lot in the open and that you two should talk about. We'll be going now." KC spoke up, and then started to push everyone else out.

"But it just got good!" Eli whined, "Why make us leave?"

"Would you want your moment to be interrupted if this was you and Clare?" KC asked, and Eli thought about it before shaking his head.

"Good point."

"Exactly, so out. Everyone but Cam and Maya. Leave." He ordered and everyone reluctantly did as he asked, while Cam and Maya watched them, amused.

"Your brother is so weird." Cam teased, and Maya rolled her eyes, nodding.

"Cam." She whispered, surprising him. She let go of his hand wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close enough that his forehead was leaning against hers.

"I don't think we'll get interrupted this time." She nodded in agreement, but didn't make a move to kiss him. He didn't either. "Call me Cheesy—oh wait, you already do." She giggled at that. "But I think this should be more special you know? Our first kiss together."

She poked his chest with her finger, and then put her hand to her chest, moving it away, a few fingers out, she then pointed to herself. He knew what that meant.

"If it wasn't obvious already… yes."

She put her hand in the shape of a 'y' and then turned it sideways, moving it in between herself and Cam. 'Same.'

They stared at each other for a few minutes, before Cam spoke. "Maya… I really want to kiss you." She nodded, giving him a smile. "But I also want it to be special." She sighed.

'Same.' She signed again and let her arms drop, but then a grin came over her face. She took out her phone and typed on it before giving it to him.

I can't wait.

He smiled at her and then hugged her close.

"You're awesome, Maya."

And for once in her life, she truly felt as though she was.

"Hey guys." KC nearly tripped running to Maya, Cam, Tori, Zig and Tristan's table. He handed Zig a flyer he found, "Check that out."

Zig looked at him a moment, and then at the paper. "It says something about an open mike night at the coffee house right down the street. Why did you give this to me?"

"I meant to give it to Cam, sorry." KC glared at him, taking the paper from him, he handed it to Cam. Since they were the only one's there, he decided it was best to show them then.

"Why me?" He asked, and KC rolled his eyes.

"If I recall, you came to me, literally the day after you showed Maya your song… like I don't know, last week, and told me you wanted to surprise her with something special."

"And you're condoning this? I thought you were the older over protective stepbrother type." Zig commented.

KC glared at him again. "I am. But I trust Cam. You, I'm still not sure about."

Zig's mouth dropped and Cam laughed, leaning back in his chair.

"So anyway…" KC focused on Cam again. "I know you're supposed to be this hockey prodigy and all that shit, but really… I think showing a soft, sensitive side isn't such a bad thing. Jenna agrees with me on this, just so you know. In fact, it was kinda her idea. Can't take all the credit, she'd kill me."

"Yeah." Cam agreed. "We wouldn't want that."

"So you'll do it?"

"Did I already agree to it?"

"Agree? You barely acknowledged it." Zig scoffed.

"Answer my question!" KC complained. "I'm hungry."

Cam stared at him for a few minutes before throwing his hand up in surrender. "Yeah, sure. Fine. I'll do it." He went back to eating his lunch, looking at KC through narrowed eyes.

"It's for Maya." He reminded him.

"I know." Cam nodded, smiling after he swallowed his food.

"Good. Because I already signed you up. It's this Thursday at 8:00pm. Don't be late!" And with that, KC quickly hurried off.

"Wha—" Cam started to protest, but Zig held his hand up and shook his head.

"Can't explain it. Won't even try."

Cam just sat back, a look of shock on his face. He couldn't believe he was really going to do it.

Now he was more nervous than he'd ever been in his life.

"I think you should wear this!" Jenna held up a short pastel pink babydoll, spaghetti strap dress. Clare's face lit up once she saw it, and Tori nodded in agreement.

"It's perfect." Tori said, as Jenna held it up against Maya's body while Clare disappeared inside her closet.

She came back a moment later, with white heels. They were about three inches. Maya was surprised to find she'd still had them.

"Here, these will be perfect to go with the dress." Maya nodded, and then signed something to Jenna and Clare.

'Will you guys be there too?'

Clare nodded. "Yeah, everyone's going. And by that I mean, Eli, myself, Adam, his stepbrother, Drew, Drew's girlfriend, Bianca, Adam, Jake, Zig, Tristan… basically a lot of people from school." Clare waved her off.

"It was exhausting wasn't it?" Jenna asked and Clare made a face.

Maya turned to Tori. She gave her a look. Tori sighed and nodded excitedly.

"Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss this!"

Clare and Jenna's eyes widened from behind Maya. They shook their heads and moved their hands wildly. Maya wasn't supposed to know what was going on. She just figured they were all going to a coffee shop to hang out, though had been suspicious about having to wear a nice dress. Though once Jenna had explained that it was some sort of school tradition on open mike night, she understood…though the feeling of suspicion never left her.

"Come on, My. Let's go do your hair and make up." Jenna suggested and Maya nodded. She sat down in the chair in front of mirror and all three girls got to work getting her ready.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she hoped she didn't make a fool of herself. She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of Cam.

"So let me understand this correctly." Dallas was speaking to Cam who was mindlessly strumming a guitar on the stage at the coffee house. "You're going to perform a song. One that you wrote for a girl you've got the hots for?"

Cam nodded, "Yeah, thanks for summing that up." He muttered sarcastically.

Dallas sat next to him. "I don't get it. I honestly had no idea you were a musician."

Cam looked at him, "It wasn't really something I was willing to broadcast to the whole world. This song is actually really special to me and I hope she likes it."

Dallas gave him an encouraging smile, "I have a feeling she will."

"You think so?"

Dallas punched him on the shoulder. "Rook, I know so."

"Thanks. That helps a lot." Cam gave him a smile and then started to strum the guitar again.

"Yo, Cam!" Adam walked up to him, a dark haired, dark skinned guy and a girl who had the same hair and skin color as the boy behind him. "Uh, this is Drew, my stepbrother and his girlfriend, Bianca. They're here to give you moral support."

"Any idea where KC and Jenna are?"

Adam shook his head. "Last I heard they were with Maya and Clare."

"Hey guys." Eli came up to them a moment later. "Cam, how you doing? Ready for this?"

Cam nodded, "As ready as I'll ever be, I guess."

"You'll do fine." Eli gave him a smile and then turned to Drew high five. "What's up dude?"

"Not much, bro."

Jenna then suddenly ran past Eli and up to Cam, giving him a big smile. She grabbed a mic and leaned in close to him. "She's here." She whispered, and he looked up at her. She pointed ahead and he looked to see she was with Clare and Tori, in a light pink strapless dress, her hair straightened with a a bit pulled back in the top middle, and heels. She also had on make-up, though her lips just looked plain.

He could honestly say he'd never seen her look more beautiful.

She was playing with a ring on her finger, twisting it around and around, also playing with the bracelets on her wrist and switching it up every few minutes.

"Alright dude. You're up in five minutes." KC whispered to him as he passed and he nodded.

Taking a deep breath, he stood up and got ready, his eyes catching Maya's as she just looked up at him, clearly confused.

He decided he couldn't want any longer, and just decided to start right then. "Hey guys." He said into the microphone. "I uh… this is kind of my first performance where I'm going to sing a song I actually wrote a song myself. But my friend, Jenna is here to help, so I guess I wont be completely alone." That earned a laugh and he grew confident. "This is for a very special girl who, though I've only known a couple of months, she changed my life." He turned to Jenna, who gave him the thumbs up.

He started to strum the right chords on the guitar, and then started to sing the song. When the chorus came, Jenna sang with him, but he just kept his eyes on Maya who brought her hands up to her mouth. He could see Clare had said something to her, but didn't think anything of it. He just continued the song.

He looked back at Jenna a moment who was singing, she gave him a wink and continued on, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Then they were finished and were met with a loud round of applause. Everyone ran up to them and gave them hugs, while Cam loved and appreciated everyone for it; he noticed one girl in particular was missing.

"Hey, where's Maya?" He heard someone ask, but wasn't paying attention to who it was.

He didn't have to look for too long, since he saw her, by the door. She made a motion for him to come to her, and did, handing his guitar to Eli, he went after her. When he caught up to her, she surprised him by taking his hand, and pulling him outside with her.

Then she stopped and he looked at her confused. She rubbed her fist against her chest, pointed to herself, and then held both hands in front of her, the tips of her middle fingers touching. Then she moved them upwards and over her head. He still looked at her confused, so she spelled out, 'O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-E-D'.

"I didn't mean to overwhelm you." He responded and she shook her head.

'Not you.'

"Then what over whelmed you?"

She pointed to herself, and then spelled out, 'F-E-E-L-I-N-G-S'. Then she demonstrated how to sign it by touching her middle finger the left part of her chest and moved it up twice.

Now he knew what was going on. She was too shy to tell him her feelings for him. He smiled at her and gave her a hug, holding her tight against him. She just looked at him, now confused herself.

She broke the hug, smiling at him, 'I loved your song.'

"You did, did you?" She nodded happily.

'It made me so happy. Thank you'.

He smiled a huge smile at her. "Do you want to go back inside?" She nodded and he took her hand in his, intertwining their fingers, holding her tight, they walked back inside the coffee house together. Maya's head was on his shoulder, and he was softly rubbing her hand with his thumb.

"Aww, look how cute!" Jenna squealed. "So?"

Maya tilted her head confused.

So Jenna signed to her, 'Are you two together?'

Maya lifted her head and looked up at Cam. He didn't need a translator to understand what Jenna had signed, so he just looked at Maya. They had a silent conversation and then nodded their heads. Turning to Jenna, they nodded to confirm what Jenna had asked.

"Yeah, we're together." Cam said for everyone else.

Jenna squealed again and everyone immediately hugged them, causing their hands to break apart. Maya laughed and hugged Tori tight. Then she hugged KC who just smiled down at her, his forehead touching hers.

"If he doesn't treat you right, you let me know. But I know him, and I know you'll be fine. I trust him."

'Same'. She signed and KC grinned, hugging her again.

"I'm so happy for you."

She just smiled at him and then went back over to Cam. She motioned in between them, and then signed, 'go?'

He nodded, sensing that she just wanted some alone time with him.

"Go ahead guys." KC said, before he could say anything. "Don't worry about us. We'll be fine. Go enjoy your night." Everyone agreed. "See? No one will be mad. Go ahead."

Maya waved at him and then they left the coffee shop. Still holding hands, they walked down the street. Maya looked up at the cloudy night sky.

"It looks like it's going to rain." Cam said, and Maya laughed, nodding her head. They soon got their answers when Maya felt a rain drop on her head and looked at him. She saw a rain drop on his jacket, and pointed at it. He gave her a small smile and she rolled her eyes. Since it was raining very lightly, they decided to sit on a bench. They faced each other their hands still not letting go of the other's. "So, I know we told everyone else we're together, but we kinda didn't talk about that."

She gave him a look. She was going to pull out her phone to communicate with him, but he shook his head. She looked at him confused.

"You'll ruin your phone." Was his explanation.

She nodded.

"So what do you think?" He asked her, and she decided to try something. Sure her throat would kill her, but she knew it would be worth it in the end.

"I…think we should…be together." She said, clearly, and just slightly above a whisper. Then she signed, 'I really like you.'

He smiled, and covered one of her cheeks with his hand. "I really like you too. But you already knew that."

She laughed, 'Same'.

It had started to rain harder then, but they ignored it. Staring at each other, they realized there was no one there to interrupt them. If they wanted to kiss, they could. Interruption free.

But they both seemed to have a mutual, silent agreement that they didn't want to kiss each other quite yet. They wanted to do it, when they felt it was right and not because of some cheesy moment.

That caused her to giggle.


She just shook her head, and leaned in closer. Then she softly kissed his cheek. He smiled at her as she pulled away. But before he could say anything more, she stood up, pulling him with her, she led him to a spot where they could stay somewhat dry. And just leaned him against the wall. Then she turned around her back to him, and wrapped his arm around her, cuddling more into his body warmth.

Then they just watched the rainfall together. Neither of them wanting to change the moment for anything.

It was perfect. The whole night was perfect.

So wonderfully cheesy isn't it? BIG SURPRISE NEXT CHAPTER. Yay.