Set post their bloodsharing scene in 4x03. AU TO THE MAX.

Hey stranger when may i call you my own?
I know I don't know you,

but there's somewhere I've seen you before

Elena's fingers trembled as she clutched her phone, blandly aware of Stefan's green eyes watching her with precision. She shouldn't feel like this, she knew. But her new vampire senses were driving her crazy, and the taste of Klaus' pure blood left her wanting more. Even after drinking Damon's blood two days ago, she hadn't felt this way. She had felt close to the man she had fallen in love with, but never had she actually felt so intimate with anyone. Elena knew Stefan was watching them during Klaus' attempt at healing her, and he had seen the way Klaus had caressed her hair and the way she clutched his arm, but her feelings were driving her crazy.

She wanted more.

Scratch that, she needed more.

"Elena?" His voice was soft, and she faintly felt him tugging at her hand that was crushing her phone. "Elena, you're okay now. What's wrong?"

She met his worried eyes and willed herself to feel guilty for having these thoughts. She couldn't and she didn't. She really wished she did, but as she quickly pecked his lips and promised to see him the next day, she heard his heart rate pick up and his lips lift in a smile. She really loved Stefan, she really did but her craving for more of Klaus' blood was becoming unbearable.

What if he won't let her have more? What if he'll think she's crossing a line?

Whatever your name is, whatever you do
there's nothing between us I'm willing to loose

Without even realizing what she was doing, she followed Klaus' scent into the heart of the woods. She passed trees which carried his scent strongly, almost as if he was rubbing himself on them, wanting to be found by her. She quickly dismissed that thought and let her feet carry her to a medium sized trailer and stood in front of the door, stopping when she smelled the faint scent of Damon. It must have been the vampire hunters' trailer. But why would Klaus be here?

"If you need extra protection, give me a call. But don't forget, put one step out of line; hurt the vampires, witches or werewolves in this town, and I'll tear your heart out before you even notice."

She shivered at the threat, a part of her wondering why Klaus was even protecting the bastard. She heard a crack and the faint smell of blood, most likely oozing from a nose. He must have knocked him out.

Inevitably, as the door knob turned, she hid behind a tree. She knew it was futile. Klaus probably sensed her from a mile away. Closing her eyes, she heard the slow and steady beat of his heart as it neared her.

"I know you're here, sweetheart," He announced and stood directly ten meters behind her. "What I'm wondering is, why would they send a newbie to spy on me?"

Instead of stepping out from her hiding place, she snickered. "I'm not spying on you. But you should give me props for having the nerve."

She heard his rich chuckle sound through the woods, sending uncomfortable shivers down her arm. "Careful, love, you almost sound like Katerina."

There was the anger again. The heat overtook her vision, flooding through her limbs and licking at her fingertips. Faster than she thought possible, she had him against a tree, emitting another chuckle from him. She felt the veins around her eyes and the uncomfortable red fluid flooding her vision. "I am nothing like her."

Just call me if ever our paths may collide.
I want you to call me under these darkening skies.

whoever you love, whoever you kiss
The ones in between us

I'm willing to miss

"That is true. I cannot stress how much you two differ," He said, his eyes searching hers. There was an amused twinkle in his eyes which made her press him against the tree even more. "Although, you two do seem to never be able to choose between who you want."

She let her nails prickle at his neck before she pulled away, watching him with narrowed eyes. "I did choose. I chose Stefan."

He took a step closer, the delicious thump of his heart making it seem all the more forbidden for her to be here. "Then why are you here? Hmm?"

She staggered back carefully, watching a smirk tug at his full lips. He knew.

"I can't help it, okay?" She yelled finally, her fist' clenching around her hair. "Ever since I turned, I can't help but feel everything. Feel everyone."

Klaus watched her with interest, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "Go on."

"I love Stefan. You know that. Everyone knows that, but every single time I drink from someone; Matt, Damon, you, all those feelings fly right out the window and I want more."

"Oh, yes, I have heard of Stefan trying to get you on the bloody –excuse the pun- bunny diet, but how foolish can he really be?"

Elena shook her head and crossed her arms, ignoring Klaus opinion. "No, it worked for Caroline."

Almost happily, she watched the twinkle in his eyes die down as she mentioned her blonde best-friend. She had been aware of his feelings for her (Caroline had told her right after the ball) and the fact that Caroline still preferred Tyler over him made the jabs at his unrequited feelings all the more fun.

At the back of her mind (or maybe right at the surface), she knew she was playing with fire. She wanted to feel the burn.

"But-but whatever. I'm going home. I shouldn't have-"

Now I'm drifting out over deep oceans
And the tide won't take me back in
And these desperate nights

I'll call you again and again

She was walking away as soon as she began talking again, not being able to take his stare, but as soon as she took the second step, she heard the slashing of skin and the scent of a delicious nectar.

She spun around, trying – willing herself to turn back around and keep walking. But as soon as he extended his already bloody arm (his right one this time), saliva gathered in her mouth and she almost moaned at the smell wafting towards her.

And it was all hers now.

"C'mon, love," he began, taking a careful step closer. Her animal instincts took over and she sped to him, clutching his arm before he could speak again. Her teeth attacked his healing flesh and she almost grinned at his sharp intake of breath. "There we go."

She let her back crash against his chest and his arm snake around her waist slowly, barely bothered by the fact that he laid his cheek against hers, his eyes closed and he released a shaky breath.

She pulled and swallowed at the wound continuously, opening her eyes when he spoke next. "Has anyone drank from you? After you turned. Has Stefa-"

She shook her head shivering at the finger he trailed from her right shoulder to her left one. His whole hand lingered on her neck and he gathered the hair there, putting it behind her back and leaning in closer. His warm intake of breath was enough to make her weak in the knees, and he wrapped his arm around her again and brought her closer.

There's comfort, comfort in things we believe

Other than danger, wanting the things i can't see

Where ever you live now, where ever you walk
There's distance between us I'm willing to cross

She told herself that this was wrong. She shouldn't feel attracted to Klaus of all people, but the fangs scraping against her neck made her wince and sigh at the same time.

(She wonders what Jeremy would think of her now, seeing her basically dry hump their number one enemy.)

As soon as his canines penetrated her neck, she moaned and wrapped her long fingers around his right wrist, arching her back and urging him to take more blood. The pure shock and pain and pleasure that flooded her senses when he drank from her made her forget about everything in general. There was no Stefan, no Damon, no Matt. Just them, moonlight hitting their bodies and wildlife surrounding the territory, no doubt watching the strange encounter.

She felt him retract his fangs and his lips lingered near her cheek, accidently smudging some of her crimson blood on her soft skin. She fought the inner monster (the one telling her to fuck him against a tree) and she willed herself to think of Stefan –of Damon- but his pinky finger dipped below her waistband unconsciously and she turned around, closed her eyes and kissed him.

For a few seconds she wondered if he was just playing a game (seeing how far he could push her and then vent to Stefan about her whorish ways) but then she felt her back hit rough bark and the whoosh of air before his plump lips were forcing hers apart.

There was nothing gentle in their activities (bite, suck, drink, lick) but he let her set the pace as his hands lingered on her hips, crushing them to his. The rough action made throw her head back and she growled gently as she felt his lips nipping at her jaw. She wasted no time in jumping forward quickly and wrapping her legs around his waist.

Now I'm drifting out over deep oceans
And the tide won't take me back in
And these desperate nights

I'll call you again and again

With newfound excitement (of doing it with the big bad wolf), she grabbed his hair roughly and pulled him forward again, biting his bottom lip and drawing blood again. She sucked on it for a couple of seconds before she pulled away and sighed again, satisfied by the way his blood sunk down her throat. She felt his tongue at her neck again and she writhed against him as he took her cardigan off swiftly, leaving her in her lace tank top that she had worn to Rebekah's party. She lets him trail his kisses down to her chest and gasps when the cold air hits her now bare skin. He throws her bra somewhere behind him and she watches with fascination as he leaves a trail of her blood down her chest, his breath's erratic and his heart beating against hers.

She lets herself get lost in the sensation, feeling the hard wood pressing against her back, the cold air, the crickets chirping and their warm breaths mixing together as they continued to pleasure each other. With quick movements, his leather jacket joins her pile of clothes and then his grey hoodie follows, leaving his chest bare and absolutely enthralling. Her head hits the bark behind her as Klaus' lips close around one of her nipples, tugging and teasing until she's a mess beneath his gentle touch.

(She finds it ironic, because he's nothing if not rough.)

She whispers his name, sighing when her chants waft through the forest. His lips press against hers again and Elena takes her time to explore his chest with her hands. They weren't being gentle anymore but they weren't exactly being discreet nor fast and Elena wanted to smile at the way he let her be dominant. It's like he could sense that this was her first time as a vampire and let her test the possibilities with her newfound senses.

Now I'm drifting out over deep oceans
And the tide won't take me back in

His hands tangled themselves in her hair again and he tugged her closer, turning around and pushing them against a different tree, their movements slowly gaining speed. His hands lingered above her waistband for only seconds before he let them explore the softer areas of her skin. She unbuttoned her jeans and he tugged them down, throwing them behind them somewhere (the location lost, as Elena was far too focused on his crimson lips) and tearing off her panties.

Elena closed her eyes again at the new sensation Klaus was awarding her with. Everything was magnified. She could still taste the blood on her tongue and her senses allowed her to feel every single inch of Klaus' hand on her lower abdomen. She released a shaky breath as he spread her legs further apart and led a finger down her slit. The moistness made his fingers slip inside easily and she moaned louder, opening her mouth wider as she felt Klaus' smirk against her neck.

"Not too loud, sweetheart." He teased her again and added another finger, increasing his pace.

She bucked her hips (inevitably, why did his finger have to be long and straight? Like a pianist?) and tugged at his dirty blonde hair, bringing him closer as she felt his fangs run along her collarbone. He bit there and she cried out, the sensation of having her blood taken and his fingers inside her making her loose her grip. Her muscles clenched around him and she willed herself to be quieter as she rode of her waves of pleasure.

After a few seconds of them being still, she let out a strained breath and let her feet touch the ground, her fingers worked on his jeans button, feeling numb. She felt her knees bucking and his chuckle as he aided her and had her against a different tree, positioned and face once again buried in her neck.

And these desperate nights

I'll call you again and again

"This is your last chance, love," He warned her. The head of his shaft pressed against her center and Elena moaned at the contact. "I won't be angry. But if you think you're making a mistake, we need to stop."

She hushed him and let her lips move against his again, giving him the answer he wanted. Slowly (so slowly she swore her insides were going to explode), she felt him fill her up to the hilt, their bodies joined together from head to toe. His fingers lingered on her left thigh and his other arm went around her waist, swinging her around and laying her on the soft grass beneath their feet. She wonders about his actions but then realizes that getting splinters out of your ass on Saturday morning wasn't her favorite hobby (and how awkward would it be if she needed help?).

Her hips buckled against his and she let him set the pace now, this time fast and hard and exactly what she needed all this time. She let's her mind get lost in the clouds, undeniable and almost impossible-seeming pleasure clouding her senses.

(His stamina is admirable, she adds.)

Hey stranger when may I call you my own

His hips move faster against hers, making her finally realize why vampire sex was all the better. The speed and the force made her eyes roll back in the back of her head and she moaned against as they began to exchange their blood one more time.

She reached her climax just as he bit her above her breast, taking little blood this time. She let herself drink from his neck and moaned at the pure taste of what she liked to think wine.

She stared at him for a couple of seconds, wondering when the guilt would come, hoping it would be soon.

She needed an excuse to leave without seeming like she wanted to stay right here, in his arms.

I know I don't know you,

But there's somewhere I've seen you before

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