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When she was just a girl,

She expected the world

After getting home from the Grille, her thighs ached but there was a radiant smile on her face. Her cheeks were flushed and the nagging feeling of the thirst for more of Klaus' blood wasn't that present.

(So what if she was a wittle drunk? She enjoyed herself and that was all that mattered to her anymore, really.)

She stepped through her door and mentally sighed, knowing she'll need to sign the house over to Jeremy soon. It was way too dangerous for their home to be so easy to enter.

Clicking her tongue rapidly against the roof of her mouth, she realized she could still taste Klaus. The salty and citrusy essence of his skin made her nerves tingle and she released a sigh, knowing she didn't regret them hooking-up twice now. Technically, she wasn't exactly doing anything wrong. Stefan hooked-up with Rebekah once upon a time and so did Damon, so he shouldn't be surprised.

(Speaking of.)

A throat being cleared in her living room made her skin crawl. She could see that sarcastic smirk slowly building up on his face and his eyes filled with rage as he sniffed the air and looked her body up and down. Scared, she shied away from his gaze but put on a brave face.

"What do you want, Damon? I need some sleep."

But it flew away from her reach,

So she ran away in her sleep.

"Well obviously." He snapped back and stood up, advancing towards her. "Tell me, how much did he get you to drink?"

Elena growled and pushed him off. "I'm perfectly fine of taking care of myself, thank you very much. You know, you're not the only one allowed to enjoy some Original Sex, Damon."

Damon snorted and pointed a finger at her. "I played Rebekah. You know that. And you're definitely not playing. You want him without a secret agenda."

"And? You still slept with her, numerous times."

Damon took another few steps forward and grabbed her hands, pulling her to him. "Please, tell me that you don't actually want him that way. Tell me it's because he's compelling you. Please."

She watched how his eyes looked sorrowful and nervous, the unique sparkle making his eyes reflect against the light. She saw his lips tremble as he pressed their foreheads together. His lips were so close to her that all she had to do was reach forward and she'd be home. Finally.

(But she couldn't, she knew that.)

"Damon, you need to leave." She spoke the words so lowly she could barely hear them for herself. Damon's breath escaped him and lone tears appeared by his blue eyes. She was crying too, she realized. "Damon, please."

He pressed his lips together and stepped away from her, disappearing. The soft click of her front door informed her of his depart.

She dreamed of para-para-paradise



Everytime she closed her eyes

She swayed in her spot and clutched the doorframe for support, her legs collapsing beneath her weight. The hard lump that had managed to gather in her throat set itself free and she released ugly sobs, hating that they sounded throughout the entire house. Elena gasped for air and clutched her throat, her vision dissolving as she realized what she had just done. She let Damon go, once and for all.

At the realization, she clutched her stomach and buried her head in between her knees, the agony hitting her like thousands of sharp needles. She loved Stefan, but Damon was her rock. Her foundation. She trusted him with everything, whether it was her life or her underwear drawer.

She could still smell his scent through her tears and she desperately stayed rooted in the spot, breathing in the entire essence that was Damon. Her heart turned and her stomach flipped as she heard her front door open, hoping that it was him.

(Except, it wasn't; obviously.)

"Oh, Darling, what's the matter?"

His words only made her cry harder as she fell to the sofa, pressing her hands against her stomach as her muscles clutched beneath her harsh huff's and pants'.

When she was just a girl

She expected the world

He walked forward (she noted he wasn't drunk anymore and then that she wasn't exactly drunk either) and touched her arm lightly, brushing away the stray hairs.

"Damon." She whimpered and closed her eyes as she hid her face behind her hands. The hand curled around one of her loose locks and she felt the couch cushion cave in under his weight as he sat next to her.

"Yes, he did quiet the number on me when I was walking out of the Grille. And then he told me to come here. I assumed you were in danger, but then I thought, why would he have left you?" His words were tender and soothing, but the cruel smirk building up on his face made her realize that this wasn't their safe haven.

This was reality.

(And newsflash; it sucked balls.)

"Shut up!" She snapped, pushing away his hand.

Suddenly, the very existence of him alone made her hate him. His stupid wavy hair, his nice stubble, his nice lips, his panty-dropping shoulders-

She groaned again and stood up, kicking the coffee table with her left foot. Klaus leaned back and watched her with an amused and lazy smile on his face. "You alright there, love? Or do you need me to put you to sleep?"

She didn't miss the double meaning behind his words. He would probably gladly snap her neck or drive a stake through her heart. She just wasn't useful to him anymore.

But it flew away from her reach

Now the bullets catch in her teeth

"I just – just – I-"

Elena took a few deep breaths and faced him again, looking at his emotionless eyes and smiling lips.

"Yes?" He asked sweetly, his eyebrows raising slightly.

"You need to leave." She said strongly.

(Not meaning any word.)

Life goes on, it gets so heavy

The wheel breaks the butterfly

Every tear a waterfall

He laughed suddenly, startling her as he stood up. His graceful strut brought him closer to her and he searched her face, even more so amused. "No. You don't want me to."

"Yes I do." She tried to convince him. And more so, herself.

The crinkles by his eyes appeared and he smiled wider, happy with himself. "No, you don't mean it at all, do you, sweetheart?"

His hand reached out and loosely played with the edge of her lips, the sudden heat of his skin making goosebumps appear on her skin. A blush marred her cheeks and she tried to push him away (not physically), to keep desire and lust at bay.

(But fuck expectations, this man was drop dead gorgeous.)

She let her lips wonder around his and gasped when he pushed her across the room and against the railing that framed the stairs. His hands stayed firmly planted on her hips and his plump lips parting hers in the most delicious of ways.

"My room's just upstairs." She whispered breathlessly and he picked her up quickly, setting her on her comfortable mattress within milliseconds. She laughed at the rush and shuddered when he trailed his lips down her throat.

The desire for his blood returned and she felt the demonic face of her true nature return. He removed his face from her neck and watched her silently, his finger slowly trailing down her cheek, a smile slowly forming on his lips.

In the night, the stormy night,

She closed her eyes.

In the night, the stormy night,

Away she flies

"You may be a carbon copy of your ancestors but you're so different from them that it's almost ridiculous."

It shouldn't have, but it did (her heart began beating faster and darn tears filled her eyes).

Images of Stefan and Katherine and Jeremy and Damon and Elijah filled her mind and all of her earlier worries returned and she gasped, pushing the shirtless Klaus away. She sniffed and looked at him from beneath her lashes. "I can't do this."

Something in his face changed, something like regret and worry and suspicion appeared and he watched her silently as she put on her clothes. "No, I understand. I'm not going to force myself on you. I may be many things, but I'm definitely not a rapist. If ladies don't like you, then that should be enough to put you off."

"Klaus, what exactly are we doing here? I'm supposed to hate you and you're supposed to be angry because I'm a vampire."

Once again, he watched her. His eyes searched hers and after a while, he shrugged slowly putting on his shirt and then jacket. Just as he was about to leave, she grabbed the back of his coat and waited for him to turn around. When he did, she whimpered slightly in the back of her throat.

"Please stay here. I don't like being alone in this house."

She dreamed of para-para-paradise



Oh, Oh




Oh, Oh

Still lying underneath the stormy sky

She says; 'Oh, I know the sun is set to rise'

She dreamed of para-para-paradise




Oh, Oh

Sunlight hit her face and she groaned, covering her eyes and then gasping when she saw a sleeping form on her window cushion. Klaus had his feet propped up against the opposite wall and soft snores left his mouth, which was wide open. The blood pumped beneath his skin. She took a deep breath but willed herself to stay contained. She couldn't have anymore of Klaus' blood right now and he couldn't have anymore of hers. She needed to think clearly and she couldn't think straight with Klaus adorably snoring a few feet away.

Fuck it.

She needed alcohol.


She drowned the whiskey and then filled her glass with another 500ml of amber liquid. The haziness appeared in her bloodstream and she smiled lazily, groaning when the noise in the pool area increased. She drunkenly glared at the back of Slutty Sophie's head and imagined her being pushed inside one of this big pools with no ladders. She imagined-

A visible and harsh stomp sounding towards her table made her look up and meet the angry eyes of Caroline. At first, she looked pissed off and almost visible steam was basically piling (or was it the alcohol? Oh well) out of her ears, her face pink with anger and her arms harshly crossed over her chest. Elena noticed that beneath her demeanor, Caroline looked slightly hurt and the brunette wished she could sweep her best friends pain away. Except, right now, she was too drunk to tell Rebekah from Matt.

(Shut up, they both have blonde hair.)

When the blonde reached her, she sat down at the booth and watched her friend carefully, seeing she was drunk off her ass and sputtering random shit (shit she probably didn't even know she was saying) and took the whiskey bottle from her.

"'Nd theen Carrrroline, shim shed N'laus compelt mee…"

Caroline groaned (never quiet wanting to deal with a drunk Elena) and hid the rest of the alcohol from her.

"Elena, I love you, but-"

"I larve yooh twooh, Carleh-"

"But what the exact hell are you doing with Klaus?"

Elena sobered up straight away, meeting her friends' furious eyes.

(Oh, shit.)




Oh, Oh

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