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NOTE 5/5/2013: This chapter has been edited and is a prologue now instead of chapter 1.

Background: The Harry Potter time line has been pushed up to the Sherlock time line so this story is obviously going to be AU for both series although I will try to keep certain aspects cannon from both although what is yet to be seen. This story takes place some time between 'The Blind Banker' and 'The Great Game' in the Sherlock series and is pre-series for Harry Potter as Harry is only five.

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**All names that appear in this story that you don't recognize, by the way, are made up by me and are not based on anyone so they are my original characters for this story as they are needed and they needed names so there you have it...**

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Future excerpt from John's Blog

Time – Unknown

I've put off telling this story for a long time. Mostly because it was about my private day to day life with Sherlock and the extraordinary person we decided to adopt into our strange little family, and no that does not mean this is confirmation to our supposed couple status, really how that rumor got started I'll never know, raise him into his adulthood and the extraordinary journey we've all been on, but finally, finally, I've decided to tell the story to you all as I sit here staring at the computer reminiscing about the past as we older folks have a tendency to do.

Oh, I can remember the laughter during these years along with the heartache, oh was there heartache and many tears shed. Not to mentioned frustrating moments, as anyone who has ever met Sherlock would agree with, but not only from him. There was also a period of terror during these years that I don't think I will ever truly recover from and not to mention the biggest heartache of all, that any parent would agree with. But I can't forget to mention all the joy I've had and the happiness that comes along with being a parent, that I wouldn't trade for anything.

I've also debated with myself on the numerous ways on how to start this. Should I start this with our terrifying encounters with Moriarty? And make no doubt about it… they were terrifying for all involved, not to mention heartbreaking. Should I start it with any random day at the flat? Or perhaps a memorable one at the flat (and there are more than you could possibly imagine)? How about when the person we adopted into our family finally went away to his spectacular boarding school?

After careful consideration, I decided that the only logical place to start would be, of course, at the beginning, when we met and go from there. How did we meet you may be asking yourself? Well, it all started in a bank…