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Chapter 11

221B Baker Street – Harry – Before Breakfast

Harry woke up with a start and slight panic, not recognizing the blurry ceiling as being the one of his cupboard, unsure of where he was. He managed, however, to keep any noise from escaping his mouth. He didn't want to disturb anyone.

He stuck his hand out, reaching for his glasses, hoping they were beside him so he could see and find out where he was. He found them, stuck them on his face and sat up in the bed. He looked around in a panic until he recognized and remembered where he was.

He was in Sherlock's bedroom at Baker Street. He remembered the dresser from yesterday.

He felt a strange sensation in his chest.

It wasn't a dream. Yesterday wasn't a dream. The things that happened yesterday wasn't a dream.

He was really part of a bank robbery. He is really staying with Sherlock and John now and Mrs. Hudson too.

Aunt Petunia is really dead.

Harry's eyes teared up a little before he swiped a hand over them.

Aunt Petunia wouldn't have cared if he died. He knew she wouldn't have. How many times had she told him?

Harry sniffed a little before he looked down at the bed he was sitting on. It was the most comfortable bed he slept on in his entire short life. He wondered why Sherlock would give up his own comfy bed to him when Harry could have slept somewhere else. Even John was willing to give up his bed for him. Why would they do that?

He looked towards the door when he heard movement coming from the stairs. Did that mean John was awake? Did he have to get up and cook breakfast now?

He moved over to the edge of the bed and carefully got off of it without making a noise. He looked down at his legs when he felt a shirt brush them. He was wearing someone's shirt. He wondered whose it was. It felt comfortable.

He walked cautiously over to the door and spent a minute debating about whether to open it or not, doubts running through his head.

Grabbing hold of his courage, like he does when he has to face Uncle Vernon when he's angry, he opened the door and started to walk cautiously out into the room.

He heard the sound of soft music start to play as soon as he started to walk into the room. He turned the corner and saw that it was Sherlock playing and he stopped and stared for a moment. Sherlock had said he played but Harry didn't think he was going to start playing so soon or that he was good.

Then John said good morning and asked him if he wanted juice.

And here was the first test, to call John – John out loud – or to call him Doctor Watson as it seemed the proper thing to do, even though last night John and Sherlock both said that Harry could call them John and Sherlock.

Harry decided to just go for it and he said, "Morning, John." As John smiled at him, Harry nodded his head and said, Yes, please." He then turned towards Sherlock and said, "Morning, Sherlock."

Sherlock bowed his head in acknowledgment but he didn't say anything. He said yesterday that he didn't speak while he was playing. Ever.

John handed him a glass of juice and went back to making breakfast.

Harry stood in the doorway to the kitchen, unsure of what to do, fiddling with the cup of juice in his hand. Should he offer to help? Should he start making things? Would they get mad if he didn't do anything?

Slowly the sound of music stopped, but Harry hardly noticed, too worked up about his problem.

"What's the matter?" John asked Sherlock.

Harry didn't hear Sherlock's answer as he was still thinking of questions and possibilities that could happen if he didn't do anything to help make breakfast.

When he felt and saw both Sherlock and John staring at him, Harry stopped fidgeting, afraid he had done something wrong.

"What's the matter?" John repeated, directing it at him, much to Harry's shock. No one ever asked him what was wrong before.

But that didn't mean he had an answer ready. He started to fiddle with his glass of juice again before he asked, "What am I suppose to do?"

Harry was looking down at his glass so he missed anything that Sherlock and John were doing but then John asked, "What?" which caused Harry to look up at them both and explain further.

"To make breakfast. What am I supposed to do? I always had to make breakfast for my aunt and uncle ever since I was tall enough to help my aunt and not burn it or myself," said Harry, repeating what his aunt and uncle had always told him since he started to cook.

Harry watched as Sherlock and John looked at each other, speaking to each other without actually talking to each other – like how certain teachers can talk to each other without speaking a word.

Then John turned to look at him and said, "The only cooking you'll do here is when you are helping Mrs. Hudson with her biscuits and other treats."

Harry felt shocked and said, unbelievably, "Really?"

"Really," said Sherlock, finally saying something.

Harry frowned in confusion then and said, "Well what am I suppose to do?"

Harry watched as Sherlock and John frowned as one and think for a few minutes before Sherlock said, "We'll have to buy you some toys when we go buy you some clothes as well later today."

Harry was shocked again and asked, "My own?"

Without pausing, Sherlock said, "Your very own."

Harry had no words for them so he smiled causing them both to return it, though Sherlock's was smaller than John's.

Then John said to him, "For now sit and watch some telly."

Sherlock added, "There might even be something on at this time of day that won't rot your brain or fill it with useless data."

Harry stared at Sherlock as if he grown another head, not sure if he was actually joking or not.

While John finished up breakfast, Harry watched the telly with Sherlock, who was making comments about how the shoes were the causes of all the problems. Harry had no idea where Sherlock got his information, though watching him was just as amusing as watching the telly.

A few minutes later, John said breakfast was done and since the kitchen table was a mess with Sherlock's chemistry set and experiments, John brought it into the sitting room and they ate in there without a word being exchanged. It was quite comfortable, not awkward when he shared a meal with his aunt, uncle and cousin. Harry found himself enjoying it a lot.

Just as they finished eating, Mrs. Hudson knocked on their door.

"Woo hoo, boys! I've got Harry's clothes and they're freshly laundered," said Mrs. Hudson, holding up Harry's clothes. She handed the clothes to John who had stood up to take all of their bowls to the kitchen and was on his way back into the sitting room. "Take care, boys, I've got to get back to my baking," said Mrs. Hudson giving them all a smile and a wave before turning and going back down the stairs.

After Mrs. Hudson's left, John turned to Sherlock and said, "Lestrade should be here soon. We should get changed."

Sherlock made a noise as John handed Harry his clothes to change back into. Harry was unsure if Sherlock was agreeing or not.

It was probably an agreement because the three of them went to change at the same time, Harry in the bathroom since Sherlock needed his room to get his clothes, and they all came back out into the sitting room to wait – John reading the newspaper, Sherlock pacing and Harry, himself, just sitting on the couch watching them. It was almost as entertaining as watching telly before breakfast. Especially the conversation they were having with each other until –

"Am I making you nervous, Harry?" asked Sherlock, turning to look at Harry.

Harry looked at Sherlock, unsure.

John turned to look at him at that, gave him a little smile and said, "Don't answer that, Harry." He then turned to look at Sherlock and Harry couldn't see his face anymore, and said, "Don't put Harry in the middle."

At once Sherlock came back with, "Afraid he'll take my side?"

Harry looked back and forth at them, reminded of several talks between kids at school being similar to this.

Harry looked at John waiting for his answer, unsure of his own answer – he didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings – when there was the sound of the doorbell ringing and Sherlock disappearing in a blink, yelling at Mrs. Hudson that he got it.

John was shaking his head, with a fond look on his face – similar to those teachers would wear when kids did something they thought was amusing – before he turned to look at him and said, "You'll get used to his moods. Trust me."

Harry nodded his head and he couldn't help but feel amused at their interactions. They seemed like the very best of friends and he couldn't help but wonder if he would ever have that.

Sherlock came back into the room after that with the Detective Inspector following him, his hands full of bags and some sort of file under his arm. Harry wondered if he should help him though the Detective Inspector didn't seem bothered by the bags in his hand as he was speaking to Sherlock's back.

"I'm telling you, Sherlock, it's creepy what your brother does," he said.

Harry was confused for a second before he remembered who Sherlock's brother was. The creepy man with the umbrella.

Sherlock just sat down in his chair and stared at the Detective Inspector.

John, however, just sighed and said, "What did Mycroft do?"

Even Mycroft was a creepy name.

Lestrade responded back immediately with, "You mean besides leaving a mobile in the front seat of my locked car yesterday? He decided to have someone leave the case report file I was going to get this morning from Scotland Yard in the same exact place as the mobile!"

While Harry didn't understand all of that, he understood that it was creepy to leave something somewhere locked. He was starting to like this Mycroft person less and less, though he probably shouldn't judge him based on other people – everyone always did that to him.

Then John asked, "How did Mycroft even know you needed the file?"

"I woke up early because I remembered I needed to get it for Sherlock to look at. I must have said something to myself about it out loud. Boundaries, Sherlock! Boundaries are all I'm asking for. Tell your brother," said Lestrade.

Harry thought that was a good idea. Maybe someone just needed to tell Mycroft about boundaries as he had forgotten about it. The teachers at school always said to be respective of other's space after all.

Harry heard Sherlock make a noise that again could have been either an agreement or disagreement, Harry wasn't sure. Sherlock was harder to read than his Uncle Vernon.

Harry then heard the Detective Inspector sigh, saw him look around the room and spot him sitting on the couch. The Detective Inspector smiled slightly at him and said, "Hello, Harry."

"Hello, Det-" started Harry before the Detective Inspector interrupted him.

"You can call me, Greg, for now, Harry. Detective Inspector Lestrade is such a mouthful," said Lestrade giving Harry a wink.

Harry gave him a small smile and said, "Hello, Greg."

Then Sherlock asked why Greg.

Harry just stared at Sherlock. How could he not know Greg's name? He seemed like he was friends with him. Was he not? Was Greg mad?

Harry looked at him but Harry thought he had a look of fondness and irritation on his face or maybe the word that started with the 'ex' sound that he couldn't pronounce yet.

Then Sherlock asked Greg about the bags full of books that he was carrying and about the title of a book. Harry wondered what that was about.

Though Greg answered by asking if Sherlock wanted to look at the case file, holding it out to him after he set down the bags of books, to solve a crime and Harry remembered that Sherlock said yesterday that he was a Consulting Detective and Harry wondered if he would take the file and solve the case now.

Harry looked at Sherlock's face and saw that he looked torn like Dudley usually did when he was trying to decide between different candies, before he eventually said, looking away from the file, "You're stalling."

Harry watched Greg curiously as he let out another sigh and set the file down on the coffee table, which was cluttered with things. Harry watched as Greg moved over to the door that led to the steps downstairs and shut it.

"What I'm about to tell you, you can tell no one else. There are a lot of secrecy laws in effect and only those that need to know, know," said Greg.

"So it stays between the four of us?" asked John.

"Yes," said Greg.

"And Mycroft knows," added Sherlock, Harry saw that his fingers were steepled under his chin, and Greg nodded his head in acknowledgment to what was said.

"We can't tell Mrs. Hudson?" asked Harry, wide-eyed as the thought occurred to him. He had never been involved in something like this before.

"No," said Greg shaking his head at him. "It's very important that you don't tell her, at least for now, or anyone else."

"What?" asked Sherlock and Harry thought he sounded impatient.

Harry watched as Greg went over to one of the bags and took out a book, the title hidden from everyone in the room.

Then he walked closer to Sherlock as he said, "This is the book that Mycroft wanted me to get yesterday, 'Modern Magical History.'"

Sherlock sat up straighter in his chair at that, John blinked as if he was sure he misheard the title while Harry gasped in surprise.

Harry watched as Greg took a deep breath as he handed the book over to Sherlock, who reached out a hand to take the book. Then he turned to look at him and said, "You're a wizard, Harry."


221B Baker Street – General

There was a ringing silence throughout the flat at that pronouncement as the three people now residing in the flat didn't expect that to be what Lestrade was going to tell them.

However, to John's surprise, it wasn't Sherlock who spoke first, though that was just because he wasn't quick enough.

Harry had beaten everyone to the punch and said, "I'm a wi– There's no such thing! Uncle Vernon said so!"

Sherlock snorted derisively and said, "We've already established that your uncle is an idiot, Harry." Sherlock turned to look at Lestrade and continued, "On a whole other level than Anderson."

Lestrade winced at the comparison while John sighed and said, "Sherlock." Harry stared at them.

"Aunt Petunia said so too," said Harry quietly. "She said anyone who believed in wizards and witches and magic was freaks."

There was silence between the three men for a moment, Lestrade knowing for sure why Harry's aunt would have said that while Sherlock could only have hypothesize, very strongly, why she would have but would need more data and simultaneously making plans to improve Harry's grammar and John, having a sibling himself, knew right away though not the reason for sure.

Sherlock wouldn't say anything until he was sure of his deduction, one hundred percent, and John and Lestrade had more decorum than to say anything insensitive to a child, so there was an awkward silence between them until, Sherlock, of course, broke the silence.

"How can you be sure that Harry is what you call a wizard? And what is a wizard?" asked Sherlock of Lestrade, steepling his fingers back under his chin while looking at the book now lying in his lap, watching the picture move across the cover intently.

"You've seen the evidence in the bank," said Lestrade.

"The bullets?" asked John while Sherlock stared at Lestrade.

"Yes," said Lestrade and he turned to Harry, ignoring Sherlock's stare, and said, "You stopped them and saved our lives."

Harry shook his head in denial.

Sherlock asked, skeptically, "With magic?"

"You did," said Lestrade, kindly to Harry before continuing to Sherlock, "Yes."

"How can you be sure it was Harry?" asked Sherlock. "I'm not saying I believe you quite yet but how can you know it was Harry who stopped the bullets when there were ten other hostages in the bank and four hostage-takers as well who could have done something?"

Lestrade shook his head and said, "The only other one who could have done it would have been the Dursley child. Adults need their wands to perform magic, especially with accuracy, and no one had any wands – you would have known. What you saw was what magical people call accidental magic. It happens when a child's emotions get the best of them – usually in highly charged emotional situations."

"Like when they are scared?" asked Sherlock.

"Yes," said Lestrade.

"Extremely happy?"




"Is it called accidental because it is uncontrolled?" asked Sherlock.

"No because the caster has no control over when it's cast or how powerful it is until they are trained," countered Lestrade.

"I'm not saying I believe you quite yet but how does one get control over their magic if one has it?" asked Sherlock leaning forward in his chair.

"No," said Lestrade at once, firmly.

Sherlock raised his eyebrow and John and Harry looked at Lestrade confused.

"That doesn't answer the question that I asked," said Sherlock, staring at Lestrade.

"No, you will not experiment on Harry's magic," said Lestrade firmly to Sherlock.

Sherlock stared hard at Lestrade and noticed something in Lestrade's gaze that he couldn't read, but was devastating all the same to Lestrade, making it important that Sherlock agree to this and mean it.

Sherlock considered lying and doing it anyway but something stopped him - the respect that he had for Lestrade - and he nodded his head in agreement, meaning it.

Lestrade nodded and was about to open his mouth and say something when Harry, who was still sitting on the couch, said, "But I don't have magic! How could I? Wouldn't I have turned Dudley into a toad every time he tried to beat me up? Or how about when Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon tried to lock me in my cupboard without food when I was bad?"

John sucked in a breath and looked at Sherlock who's gaze had narrowed in at Harry, who didn't seem to realize what he had just said.

Lestrade looked at John and Sherlock quickly before he looked at Harry. He then moved to kneel in front of him and said, "Harry, it doesn't work like that but I want you to think carefully, all right? Have you ever made something happen whenever you were scared or upset?"

John and Sherlock, unable to do anything about the revelation of the cupboard right now - and anger wouldn't help in this situation as it was delicate enough - though by no means forgetting about it, turned to look at Harry who was looking at Lestrade, who was giving Harry an encouraging look.

Harry thought about it, really thought about it. Besides the bank yesterday with the bullets, there were a few other times that something happened when he was scared, upset and even once when he was happy.

Harry looked at them all, trying to gauge their reactions, and said, "There was a time I turned my teacher's hair blue in class. Though I didn't mean too!"

"It's okay, Harry," said Lestrade, smiling. "Any other time that you can remember?"

John and Sherlock watched silently if not curiously and a little disbelievingly.

"I – I'm always able to escape from my cousin when he was about to – to hit me. I just thought it was luck. Do you think it was my magic?" said Harry, almost whispering the last part, starting to believe though wondering if his magic was why his aunt and uncle were always angry with him.

"It very well could have, Harry. Did you find yourself suddenly out of his grasp?" asked Lestrade.

"Huh?" asked Harry confused as to what grasp meant.

"Did you find yourself out of your cousin's reach?" said Lestrade with a tiny smile.

Harry nodded and then his aunt and uncle would get mad when his cousin came home and told.

"Is that why my aunt and uncle were always so angry with me? Cause I have magic?" asked Harry.

Lestrade, feeling out of his depth and sure it wasn't his place to say, said, "I'm not sure, Harry."

Harry nodded his head though Sherlock and John narrowed their eyes at the obvious lie Lestrade had just told.

"So what is a wizard?" asked John, looking at Lestrade.

Lestrade sighed at the subject jumping, got up from his kneeling position, turned to face John and said, "I've never been asked that question before. I've always thought of them as just human being but with an extra power."

Sherlock's lip twitched though he said nothing and John and Harry continued to watch and listen to him for more information.

"I suppose," continued Lestrade, "that you could say that a wizard is just like a normal person but they are born with the ability to manipulate certain energies, giving them special perks."

"They?" asked Sherlock, looking at Lestrade, completely ignoring for the moment what the "special perks" could be.

"Sorry?" said Lestrade, derailed from his explanation.

"You said 'they.' Aren't you a wizard?" asked John, for once following Sherlock's thought process.

John, Sherlock and Harry were under the assumption that Lestrade, too, was a wizard. How else would he know about it if it was as classified as he said it was.

But before Lestrade could answer a voice interrupted them and said, "Ummm... with the topic of your discussion, why hasn't a ward been placed?"

Mycroft's car - On the way to Baker Street

"Sir, I got a message," said Anthea who was sitting beside her boss in the car.

Mycroft raised an eyebrow, indicating for her to go on.

"Apparently someone intruded while the Detective Inspector was telling Mister Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson and Mister Harry Potter about it and they have knowledge."

"Who?" demanded Mycroft at once. He had screened all of his brother's acquaintances.

Anthea looked up from her mobile to look her boss directly in the eyes and said, "Unknown."

Mycroft sighed and told the driver to drive faster towards Baker Street.

'Nothing can go easy when it comes to Sherlock.'

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