Musical cherub Itami

As I wondered the streets, people would bow to me. Hanging in the shops were paper angels, a symbol of my mother, music notes, a symbol of me, or paper angels cradling music notes, a symbol of mother and I. I find it amazing how much these people cling to religion, the religion of my father. I entered a few shops and everyone was exceedingly pleased if I did. They say if me, mother or father enters their shop, the shop will be blessed forever. I saw many beautiful things. I stopped in the glass maker's shop for a while to look at the gorgeous glass animals. I took specific notice to a butterfly. The shop owner came up to me when she noticed I was interested in one of her stock.

"Ah, you have a good eye my dear," she mused when she saw the butterfly. I smiled without looking at her.

"Thank you. It's an amazing specimen. Double glazed by the look," I commented. The lady came closer and stared at her art work with me.

"Yes, the colour was mixed into the glass as well," she replied. I picked up the specimen to examine it better. I traced my finger around the edge of its wings. I rubbed my fingers along the surface of the wings and felt the grooves.

"Such details," I noted. I held the creature up to the light. You could clearly see that their were, what appeared to be, small and thin multicoloured stones in the middle of the wings where they would attach to the body with yellow in the gaps which led further out and turned into a green then a blue and finally, if you held it just right, you could tell the seemingly black out line was actually a beautiful deep purple.

"Outstanding, the black is actually a purple. I must tell my mother and father of your works," I complimented.

"Oh, you're too kind. Do tell me, are you a lover of the butterfly?" she questioned me. I shook my head and placed the butterfly back.

"No, I'm more into the deer but I couldn't take my eyes off the butterfly, it just captivated me," I admitted. The woman smiled. She picked up the butterfly and handed it to me.

"Here, it's yours," she persuaded. I nodded and left.

It's getting late, I should go home. At least I got something out of today.