Itami's Birthday Memory

It started when I woke that morning. I felt something heavy on my stomach and legs. I groaned then opened my eyes slowly only to see Tobi sitting on me. I groaned again and the masked moron jumped up. He ran out of my room screaming "she's awake! She's awake!" I looked at my clock to find out what time it was. 5:27 am.

Tobi is going to be in SO much trouble.

I heard the distinct sound of Deidara's exploding clay going off and assumed that Tobi tried waking up his "sempai". I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. Before I could enter the kitchen, Itachi grabbed my shoulder and took me back to my room. I knew Itachi would be up this early since he is always awake by 5:00 am but I was confused as to why he was taking me back to my room.

"What are you doing, big brother?" I asked. He just pushed me into my room and closed the door.

"Birthday girls shouldn't be up so early," Itachi spoke through the door. It was then that I understood everything. It was my birthday. I never celebrated my birthday in the leaf but, clearly, here I am going to be forced to celebrate my birthday. That day I turned 16. I decided to lie back in bed since Itachi deemed it too early for me to get up. Before long I was asleep again.

This time when I woke I pushed the large mass off of me first then opened my eyes. I looked at the clock. 8:27am.

That's a more reasonable time I think.

I got up and walked straight past Tobi. I headed to the kitchen and could smell cooking. Itachi came through the doors and pointed for me to go to my room. I groaned but turned to leave anyway. Before I could go far, Itachi pulled me into a hug from the back.

"Happy birthday, ita," he whispered then let me go and pushed me towards my room. I went back but this time, the rest of Akatsuki entered my room shortly after, most baring presents.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ITA!" they yelled at me. I put my fingers in my ears and smiled.

"Thanks," I replied. Hidan jumped in front of me.

"My present is going to be THE FUCKING BEST! So open mine first," Hidan insisted. I laughed at him but opened it anyway. Inside was a knife. I pulled it out and gave him a look that said 'seriously Hidan, seriously'.

"I told you," Hidan smiled, "now you can be a Jashinist."

"To hell she will. She believes I'm god, don't you sweetie?" father forced.

"You're no fucking god!" Hidan back talked.

"Yes I am and Itami worships me! I'll prove it! Here Ita open MY present now!" Pein argued. I took the present that was pushed into my face. I read the letter then opened the small box. To my surprise, inside were five pieces of paper. I pulled them out. They were tickets to an art show. I squealed.

"OMG! THANK YOU!" I yelled as I glomped my father.

Wait, five tickets?

"Wait a second," I let go of father, "five tickets?" I questioned. Pein smiled.

"well, one for you, one for me, one for Konan, one for Sasori and one for Deidara," Pein explained. I hugged him again then sat back.

"My present now," Kisame insisted. His present was in a long, rectangular box. I opened it and inside was a sword.

"Thanks, Pet," I smiled. Kisame pouted at the fact I called him 'pet'.

"Here, open ours next!" Zetsu spoke. I put my hands on my hips and fake pouted.

"No, Plant. Plants don't talk, plants say 'plant, plant'," I teased him. He just handed me the box and slipped away into the floor. I opened it and inside was a Venus flytrap. I smiled and put it on my window sill so it could get some sun. Next I took Tobi's present, which was a finished colouring book with everything coloured orange, red and black in it. Then I opened Itachi's, his was a necklace with the Uchiha crest on it which I found really cool. I then opened Sasori's present which was a puppet of me, again it was really cool. Kakuzu gave me $20 which I was amazed that he didn't take it away from me. My present from Deidara was some fireworks. Next was birthday breakfast which consisted of pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, waffles, pizza, ice-cream and toast. All food was made by Itachi and Kisame, well, Itachi made the toast and Kisame made everything else. Amazingly, Itachi didn't burn the toast. I had a little bit of everything and it tasted amazing. I didn't notice that Zetsu was behind me until he put a blind fold over my eyes. Someone picked me up but by the feel of the arms it was Kisame. He put me in what felt like a cart. Two people sat next to me and two people sat in the front. The horse began to trot.

After a while, it stopped and I was taken out of the chart. The blindfold was removed and I could see that we were at the art show. I pulled out the tickets to check the date. 2nd of June. I looked up at their smiling faces.

"Happy birthday, sweetie," Pein smiled. I glomped my dad. He can be sweet when he wants to be. We entered the building and we began to roam, viewing the different art works.

I had decided to walk with Deidara and Sasori since they had artistic vision. As we walked we came across a shovel dangling from the ceiling. It confused us all so I walked up to the plaque. It said something about the artist believing that art is everywhere. I moved back to Sasori and Deidara.

"So wait, let me get this straight, this guy just went down to a hardware store, bought a shovel, put his signature on it and it's 'art'?" I checked. Sasori nodded his head.

"That is complete and utter bullshit!" I complained. Deidara got that glint in his eye.

"What do you say we make his art into something beautiful?" Deidara suggested. I smirked and Sasori and I took a few steps back to let Deidara do his thing. The explosion was only small enough to destroy the 'art' but it was none-the-less beautiful. We all started laughing, even Sasori, as we walked away to the next one. After a couple minutes, mum and dad were forcing us to leave. Apparently, security guards were after us to put us in jail for destroying the 'art'.

When we got home, we were welcomed by the sight of Kisame, Tobi, Eienni and Itachi tied to chairs, Itachi blindfolded, Zetsu in a cage with a human, Hidan in a pile of body parts on the floor and Kakuzu on the couch, counting his money. When Kakuzu noticed we were home, he ran to us and stuck his hand out for the money. Dad sighed.

"Well, I did say you could do anything you wanted to make sure the hide out wasn't destroyed when I got back," he admitted and handed the money to grandpa Kuzu. I laughed at the state everyone was in and they realized that they were in a funny arrangement. They started to laugh as well, except Itachi but he did smirk in amusement.

I shoot up in my bed.

It was all just a dream.

Happy moments like that hadn't come in a while; I don't want to remember them unless I can have them back.