It's been 3 months. I haven't talked to him for 3 months, but I still do see him.. at the corner.. through the window. He's always there. He's always watching me. Today, it's different. He's not here or anywhere. I haven't seen him. Maybe he's given up on me already. Somehow this thought hurts me. I don't want him to forget me. It's selfish but that's how I feel.

"What were you going to ask me dear?" Moirah asked. I got lost in my thoughts. We were at the kitchen.

"Oh. Sorry. What can we do?" Moirah gave me a cup of tea. She loves tea. "as ghosts I mean. What are our… powers? I figured you should know since you've been here longer.."

"Oh. That. Well, first things first. We are nothing like the ghosts in television. We can't walk through walls and as you can see, we don't float. We could be invisible to both ghosts and humans and not be heard at the same time, but we cannot reappear at another place, you're just there, invisible to others, but if you made physical contact, you will be seen. We still need to eat, though not as often as when we were living. Also, this I know that you have knowledge of, when you are told to 'go away,' you have no choice but to go away. You can't even enter a room with a simple 'do not disturb' sign." Moirah said.

"Why can't we?" I thought there was a lot more to being a ghost.

"I don't know either, but it's always been that way." she said. "May I ask why you suddenly wanted to know these things?"


"Uhm... I just wanted to know if I could do something if someone… uhh.. like Hayden.. attacks me." I said unconvincingly.

"Tate wouldn't hurt you. I know he won't." she said, matter-of-factly. I know that too. He would never hurt me.

"No it's not that. I'm just afraid that I might… give in and let him in again." i said, my face blank.

"Oh." There was pity in the tone of her voice. "You know, that boy, he only wanted a mother."

"He has one." I was starting to get irritated. That was a lame excuse for doing the things he did.

"Constance had never been a good mother to her children. Three of them had abnormalities. You've seen Addie and Beau. So, for her, Tate was her perfect son. But Tate, he was just a boy. Perfection is too heavy to burden a child with." She shook her head and continued. "You see, I died when Tate was only six. I saw everything she does with her children. Social workers almost took Beau away from her, she chose to kill him instead. Tate knew this. "

"Constance said that this house and the ghosts here are the reasons that Tate.. lost his way." I still remember my talk with her clearly. It was the day I found out about the real Tate.

"It amazes me how that woman could still sleep at night. She acts like she's done nothing wrong but in fact it was all her. We ghosts here merely watched at the sight of her turning her own son into a monster." She looked at me. "He was a sweet boy to his brothers, to Addie.. and to you."

"And to my mom too." I said, disgusted.

"He loves you. Hayden has been trying to seduce him since you left him. He shoves her off.. literally." She took one last sip of her tea.

"Oh, so that's supposed to prove that he loves me." I answered back sarcastically.

"I'll tell you one thing, if I know anything at all, loyalty proves love more than anything." she said, and just then my brother cried. "it's 3 in the afternoon already? I think he's awake. I must tend him." Just when she was about to go out the door, she turned around and said "I'm not defending him, but if you saw how much he craved for a mother, you would understand some of the things he did." She cocked her head towards the window and then disappeared. And there he was.. Tate. He was standing at the gazebo. He's watching me again. I don't know how long he's been there. I walked slowly towards the window. Then I just stood there.. staring at him too. He smiled.

I found myself smiling too.