I woke up at the sound of banging pots and pans. And Hayden's voice.

"Wake up everybody! It's time to see what the cat dragged in!"

I suddenly got anxious. I remembered Hayden's expression from last night. I know she's up to no good.

"Tate! Wake up!" He had his arm wrapped around my waist.

"What?" He said in a muffled voice. He pulled me in closer. I could feel the warmth from his bare chest. Though I would've thought this was sweet, I had other things on my mind.

"It's Hayden. She's up to something." I struggled so he'd release me. He didn't budge. "Tate, if you don't move I swear to God I'll punch you in the face."

"Okay, okay. I had a great time last night by the way. You're getting better." He smiled. I shot him a look. I knew what he was implying. "At dancing." He added. His smug smile still not fading.

We went down to the kitchen hand in hand. All the other ghosts were there, and there was someone new. A girl. Probably my age. I turned to look at Tate and he looked like a bucket of cold water was poured at him. He immediately let go of my hand. Before I got the chance to ask him what was happening, Hayden spoke.

"I would like to introduce our new ghost, Emma. Emma, this is everybody, everybody, Emma." She was speaking in this sweet voice. It didn't suit her. "Last night, when all of you were at that party, Rebecca got busy at tying this poor ghost's soul to this house, am I right?" Rebecca was gritting her teeth.

"I was following orders." Her gaze never left Hayden.

"I was gonna introduce her after the party but all of you seemed too busy having sex." She glanced at me.

"Hi." Emma said with a little wave. She seemed excited.

"How did you die?" Chad asked.

"Well, her father raped her, then killed her." It was Hayden who answered the question. I felt sorry for the girl. "Oh yeah, did I mention that Emma and Tate used to date in high school?" I glanced at the girl. She was looking at Tate and Tate only. He was looking at her too. His face blank. Then Emma walked and hugged Tate.

"I missed you Tate."

"I-i-I missed you too," He answered in a very low voice.

"Tate?" I said.

"Oh hello!" The girl broke the hug and turned to me. She had this huge smile on. She was very pretty. She seemed pretty nice too. "It's good to know that Tate and I aren't the only teenagers around here."

"Why don't you introduce her to Emma, Tate?" Hayden smiled. Bitch. Emma smiled at Tate. She wanted him to do so.

"Her name's Violet." Tate said, lowering his head. I took a deep breath.

"Hi." It was all I could manage to say.

"You know Emma, Tate and Violet are verrry close." Hayden said.

"Really? Is that so?"

"It's not what you think." Tate said after seeing Emma's smile fell. Silence fell. I could see everyone's face. They were all feeling sorry for me. "She-she's… my bestfriend." I felt like something inside me broke. Hayden's smile widened.

"Well I think my work here is done." Then Hayden disappeared.

"Yeah. I'm.. his best friend." I smiled so wide it was painful.

"You're despicable." Dad said. I've never seen him this mad. Mom looked at me with eyes full of concern. I turned back to Emma. I can't stand the look on everyone's faces.

"Oh. For a minute I thought that you two were.."

"No, Tate and I are NOTHING like that, right Tate?" I looked at Tate.

"Yeah." Tate assured her, avoiding the look I was giving him.

"Great! Maybe the three of us could hang around some time?" Emma said.

I smiled. "I'm gonna go to my room now." I disappeared and went up to my room. I lay down on my bed. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I was so restless, so angry, so hurt. And this room reminded me so much of him. I could feel this lump on my throat. Tears were threatening to fall. But I wasn't gonna let them. I walked up to the attic and sat on Beau's bed. I looked outside the window. Was it only last night that Tate and I were dancing at the backyard? I sighed. I lay down and I finally fell asleep.

I woke up and it was already dark out. I went to my room to get my pack of cigarettes. I opened the door and there they were. They were lying on my bed, asleep, her head on Tate's arm. I couldn't bear it. That's supposed to be me. That used to be me. I was about to walk out but I thought about it. It's always gonna be like this. I'm always gonna see them like this. and I'm gonna feel like crap every single day. So I packed my stuff as quietly as I could. After I finished, I stood up and saw writings on the chalkboard. 'I'm sorry Violet. I love you.' I didn't notice it before. I guess I was too busy packing. I looked at where Tate was sleeping but he was gone, only Emma was there. I erased the writing with my sleeve, grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote: 'Goodbye, Tate'