Written for Rhiannamator. Totally worthy babe. Written a little while ago, but being posted in honor of Edge's bday tomorrow.

Adam knelt calmly in front of his master, head lowered submissively and his golden locks spilling over his shoulders. Jeff was pacing in front of him, scolding him for flirting with other men in the locker room.

"What were you thinking?" he scolded. "And really, must you flirt with every attractive guy there?" Jeff wasn't really mad, he knew that Adam just liked the attention and had no intention of going through with the flirting, but he also knew that if he didn't scold Adam then it wouldn't sink in. His calm attitude faded though when he saw the small smirk playing on Adams lips.

"You wanna be punished slut?" he growled, gripping Adams wrist and leading him towards the bed, pushing him back when his knees hit the end of the bed. "Well then I'll punish you alright!" Jeff retrieved the handcuffs from where they sat in his bag, and attached them to Adams wrists and the bed posts, the long chains allowing Jeff to position Adam as he wished. He flipped Adam onto his stomach, and immediately started in on Adam's 'punishment', spanking the firm ass until it was a bright cherry red. Jeff's self control was tested the whole time, as Adam whined and writhed his way through the spanking, rubbing his hard dick on the bed but making sure to just keep himself from cumming, knowing that his punishment would be much worse if he came without Jeff's permission.

Once Adams ass was sufficiently red, and Jeff was happy, he flipped his blonde back over to his back. "Oh look at how hard that made you," he smirked, running a teasing finger lightly down Adam's cock. The blonde whimpered, and bucked his hips, crying out when Jeff landed a hard slap on his hip.

"No moving," Jeff snapped, reaching for the lube that was always kept in their bedside table, lubing up his cock before he pressed Adams knees to his chest and spread the firm ass cheeks, lining his cock up with the tight hole. "You're gonna take all of me slut," Jeff growled, beginning to push forward. "And if you cum without my permission, then there will be hell to pay." Adam held himself as still as possible, and cried out in mixed pleasure and pain, as Jeff pushed inside him until he was seated balls deep, the younger man making sure to stroke his cock to offset the pain. Jeff gave him time to adjust before he began to move, thrusting in and out with his strength behind it.

Adam cried out, biting his lip as he tried to hold his orgasm back, letting Jeff use his body as he saw fit. Jeff growled, and snarled lowly in Adams ear. "Cum," he growled, not waiting for Adam to let go before he began to cum himself, Adam screaming as he released. His muscles clenching around Jeff only made his orgasm stronger, and the younger man rode his climax for all it was worth before he collapsed next to Adam, panting as he tried to regain his breath.

"Uncuff me now?" Adam asked hopefully, huffing in annoyance as Jeff just laughed, before he stumbled into the bathroom to clean up.