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Chapter 2: Another Perspective

I am sekirei number 95. My name is Kuno. When I was released from MBI, I searched long and hard for my ashikabi, but everywhere I looked, I couldn't seem to find that special person. Everywhere I went, stronger people were picking on me. This was one such occasion.

Two sekirei stood in front of me in matching leather outfits.

"I haven't found my ashikabi yet! Why are you picking on me?!" I yelled, tears filling my eyes.

"That's exactly why. Taking you out now makes it easier for us in the long run." The one in the darker outfit answered. I knew that I had no chance of winning, and probably wouldn't even after I find my ashikabi, so my only option was to flee.

I turned to run, but one of them called out "Oh no you don't! Come on Hibiki!" I tried to run, but I stumbled and tripped over my own feet. As I fell, lightning shot over my head, exactly where I was only a moment before. My clumsiness had saved me for once.

"Dammit! How could we miss?" One of them shouted in frustration. I stood to my feet and saw them link hands again and prepare to fire again. Electricity crackled and sparked. Another bolt of lightning shot and my and I hunched over and screamed in fear. A loud wave is released, creating a shield that blocked the lightning bolt. The shield didn't hold though. I'm not strong enough. The concussion sent me flying and knocked the two others off their feet. Seeing them on the ground as well, I climbed to my feet and stumbled around a corner. I heard shouting around the corner. They were looking for me. I curled up in a ball behind a dumpster in the alleyway, shivering in fear. Waiting to be found. The voices moved closer. They were going to find me. I don't want to die. Tears began to stream down my face as I felt them getting closer.

From the entrance of the alley, I heard, "Dammit! She got away! Where could she be?!"

"Calm down Hikari, she can't have gone far. If we move quick, I'm sure we can find her." I heard their footsteps moving away from where I was hiding. I began to shake and tears continued to stream down my cheeks. Tears of relief, and tears of fear of what is to come.

This type of situation repeated itself several times, and each time, somehow I managed to get away with my life. I never got any closer to finding my ashikabi. Eventually, I gave up. I sat by the side of the road and waited for what would come. Eventually one of them would find me and put and end to this.

I shivered in the cold and watched to feet of those who walked by. No one paid any heed to the girl sitting on the side of the street. They just went on with their business. Eventually though, a pair of feet stopped in front of me.

I heard, "Are you okay?" I was confused. Surely they weren't talking to me. I looked up and saw a man standing in front of me. He had black hair and a handsome face.

"Me?" I asked, sure that it couldn't be. He crouched down in front of me.

"Y-yes you. Are you okay?" He stuttered. I was sure that he couldn't actually be concerned with me. No one else was.

A gust of wind chilled my body, so I shivered before answering, "I'm fine, don't concern yourself with me." He stood back to his feet. So I was right. He really didn't care. I looked back at the ground, shivering again. I jumped a little when something settled on my shoulder. It was a coat. I looked back up to see him standing in a white t-shirt, looking away, his cheeks red.

"You'll catch a cold if you sit outside like that," he told me. I felt the warmth from his body seeping into my back and I unconsciously pulled it a little tighter around myself. I sat in silence until, suddenly, my stomach let out a loud growl. My face flushed deep red and embarrassment rose in me.

"Would you like to go get something to eat?" The man asked. I jerked my head up and saw a kind smile on his face. Why was he being so kind? I looked back at the ground and nodded. I hadn't eaten in days and my hunger overrode my caution.

I followed him to a fast food restaurant and waited while he ordered food for us. My mind raced. What could he want. No one else had shown me any kindness since I had been released, so why was he? He arrived at our table and handed me a burger, and I dug in.

After I finished the last bite, I sighed in relief, my stomach full. I looked up and saw him staring at me, a look of amusement on his face.

My face flushed red, and I managed to stammer out, "Thank you very much. You are very kind." His face turned red as well, and he rubbed the back of his head, chuckling.

"It's not a problem. More importantly, why were you just sitting out in the cold like that?" I drooped my head in embarrassment.

"I don't have anywhere to go. I am looking for my ashikabi, but everywhere I go, stronger people pick on me. I decided to just wait for someone to find me there," I explained. His eyes widened.

"You don't have any place to stay?!" He very nearly shouted. I nodded my head sadly, and waited for this conversation to end. Despite him showing kindness by feeding me, I knew that it wouldn't change anything. So I waited for when I would have to return to the cold. Instead however, I was surprised.

"W-well, if you want to, you can stay the night at my place... It's pretty small, but I just thought I would offer since it's supposed to be cold tonight." My head jerked up, and I stared at him, astounded. Gratitude filling me, my body began to feel warm, hot even, and my eyes misted over. Slowly, I nodded. He stood, but before moving, he paused. I tensed, thinking that he had changed his mind. He chuckled nervously.

"Ummm, I just realized that we haven't even introduced ourselves. My name is Minato Sahashi, but you can call me Minato, pleased to meet you." He smiled warmly. I felt my body grow warmer once again.

"I am sekirei number 95, Kuno. Thank you very much Minato-san." He paused, clearly confused, but in the end, he shook his head and led me out of the restaurant. We walked down the street, and I made sure to stay right behind him as we walked through town and onto a train, lest I lose him. In the end, we ended up outside a small building. Glancing around, clearly looking for something, Minato-san pressed his finger to his lips and gave me a shush sign. Not seeing anything, he led me up the stairs and into the building.

Just inside the door, he froze, and I glanced around him, curious. It was a mess, and he was clearly agitated by this, but I didn't mind. He was still kind enough to give me a place to sleep, so a little mess didn't bother me. He motioned for me to take a seat, so I sat down on his couch, and watched as he hurriedly cleaned up the room. I glanced out the window and saw the sun setting in the sky.

Something must have been wrong. Every time I turned to watch him work, my body began to feel hot. It must have been nothing, so I chose to waive it off as such. Eventually, Minato-san laid down a futon.

"You can sleep here Kuno-san." I was confused. He didn't lay out another, so where was he to sleep?

I asked him, and he answered, "It's fine, I'll lay out a blanket and a pillow and sleep there. It's not a big deal." He did so, and laid down. I followed his lead and prepared for bed as well. He rolled over, and faced me, smiling.

"Good night Kuno-san. I'll see you in the morning." He rolled to face the other way and went to sleep. I laid in bed and stared at his back. Tears of gratitude filled my eyes, but did not fall. My body began to heat up once again. Surely this meant something. I would investigate it in the morning.

"Thank you so much Minato-san. Good night," I whispered. I laid in the dark, not able to sleep for a long time. However, eventually my exhaustion overcame me and I drifted off.

When I woke up, the smell of cooking food was wafting through the air. I found myself on the ground near the futon. Why was I over here? I sat up and stretched the sleep out of my limbs, groaning in pleasure. I looked behind myself and saw Minato-san standing frozen, an enraptured look on his face. Shaking it off, he walked over and handed my a plate of food, which I immediately dug into. After we finished, Minato-san cleaned up and sat in front of me. He asked my how I slept and I told him that I slept well. Then he got down to what he really wanted to know.

"Kuno-san. What is a sekirei? And an ashikabi? What does it have to do with you." No one had ever asked me that before. I sat and tried to formulate and answer. I decided to explain it how it had been told to me.

"I am a sekirei, one of 108 beings that have been released in the capital. We are all looking for our ashikabi, our special partners." As I explained, my body began to feel warm once again. My heart thumped in my chest, and unlike the previous times, it didn't go away. I pressed my hands to my chest in an attempt to calm myself down before continuing. "All of us sekirei have to compete in the sekirei plan, and the one remaining at the end gets to remain with their ashikabi forever. Minato-san looked at me and blinked several times.

"So... You are looking for your ashikabi... How will you know when you have found them?" I understood that he was skeptical.

"My body will react. I will know. Thank you again Minato-san, you are so kind. You are the first person who has shown me any kindness." My body continued to heat up, making it almost unbearable. It got difficult to breath. I couldn't take my eyes off of Minato-san. He looked at me, alarmed.

"Are you all right? Is something wrong?" I didn't answer. I couldn't. Instead, I leaned forward and started to crawl toward him. My body moving on it's own. He fell backwards in alarm and when we were but a few inches apart, words finally came out.

"Minato-san, I feel so hot. Can you please cool me down?" The closer I got, the hotter I felt. I finally knew what was wrong with me. I had found him. My ashikabi. I leaned forward and closed the distance between us, pressing our lips together. From my lips, a whole new kind of heat flooded throughout. Something inside my opened and something flooded through me. Wings of light sprouted from my back and lit up the room. The intense heat in my body vanished, and was replaced by a comfortable warmth that originated from our connected lips. I pulled back and pressed my hands to my heart.

"You are my ashikabi. I pledge to be by your side forever. I am yours." The wings faded, returning the room to the way it was before. The only difference was that now, I was no longer alone. We sat and looked at each other. I was... content. Happy. We both jumped when the television made a noise, and when Minato-san went to turn it off, a familiar face appeared on the screen. Minaka Hiroto, the director of MBI.

He told Minato-san about the sekirei plan, and warned him not to tell anyone about anything involving sekirei. As they talked, I hid behind Minato-san and waited. With a goodbye, the T.V turned off, and Minato-san fell backwards, sighing.

"I just wanted to pass my entrance exam, maybe get a girlfriend and the live a normal life." Worry started to fill me. Did he regret what had happened. Did he not want someone like me around anymore. I gently hugged his back, my arms around his neck and my chin on his shoulder.

"Do you regret becoming involved with me? Do you wish that you had nothing to do with me?" I voiced my concerns and waited, tears starting to fill my eyes. I did my best not to cry, but it was hard. Suddenly, Minato-san turned around and held me at arms length, a very serious look on his face.

"Of course not! I promise you that I will never regret helping you! I will stay with you for as long as you want to remain with me." As he said this, his face turned red. Tears started to stream down my face. Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. I jumped into his arms and held Minato as tight as I could. I might be weak, but for him, I would become strong. That way, I would never have to let go.

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