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Chapter 3: Eviction

There was a knock at the door and Minato and Kuno jumped apart. They stood and Minato opened the door, hoping with all his heart that it wouldn't be a certain person. He wasn't so lucky. He cracked the door, and through it he saw the little wrinkled old man who was his landlord. The man scowled at him.

"I heard voices! You got someone in there? It better not be a woman!" Panic gripped Minato's heart, but he managed to laugh and force a smile.

"Sorry, that was the T.V. I'm the only one in here." The old man scrutinized his face closely. Slowly, he nodded. The man turned and began to walk down the stairs and Minato sighed in relief. That relief was short lived however.

From behind him he heard, "Minato-san, is something wrong?" The old man froze and Minato could just about see the flames pouring off his body.

"YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! I WANT YOU GONE BY THE END OF THE WEEK!" The man bellowed. Minato could only sigh and nod sadly. The landlord stomped off, leaving Minato standing in his doorway, his head hanging. He closed the door and turned to face Kuno, who was looking at him, confused.

"Kuno-san, we have to find a new place to live." Realization dawned on her.

"Oh no! Is it my fault? Oh, I'm so sorry Minato-san!" Tears started to fill her eyes as she realized that Minato was getting evicted because of her. She hung her head and tears started to flow down her cheeks. Minato almost ran forward and pulled Kuno into and embrace. He held her as she shuddered. He patted her hair, whispering to her.

"It's fine. We'll work it out. I'm sure that we'll find somewhere else to stay. I already told you, I'll stay with you for as long as you want." She looked up into his smiling face and held him closer.

That done, they decided that it would be in their best interest to start looking for a place to stay immediately. So, they left and headed to the nearest real estate office. On the way, Minato decided to finally give his mom a call back. He dialed the number and waited while the phone rang. After about 5 rings, it was picked up.

"Hello?" His mother Takami said.

"Hey Mom, it's me. I decided that I am going to be staying in the capital."

"Oh really? That's good. Is that all?" Minato hesitated.

"Ummm, not quite. You see, I kind of got evicted..." There was silence at the other end of the line.

"I'm sorry then Minato, I'm cutting your allowance in half. You can earn the rest yourself. You can work since you aren't going to college." Minato cringed at the little jab that statement.

"What? Mom, no! Please!" He pleaded.

"I'm sorry Minato. I'm sure that you can handle that much. Goodbye Minato." There was a click and the line went dead. Minato hung his head for the third time that day and sighed. They arrived at the real estate office and went in to look for a new place to stay on their new budget.

The sun was setting and Minato sat on a park bench beside Kuno and sighed. They had been rejected from every real estate office in the city. Kuno leaned on Minato's chest and Minato put his arm around her and held her close.

"It'll be fine. We'll find somewhere to stay." He smiled reassuringly. Because the trains had already stopped running, they had to walk home. While they walked, a gust of cold wind blew by and Kuno shivered. They looked at each other and blushed thinking the same thing. They linked arms at the elbow and walked side by side down the road.

Minato paused as something caught his eye. He looked to the left and saw a building with a sign that said "Maison Izumo – Rooms Available" He almost ran up to the door, dragging Kuno along behind him. When they reached the door, he knocked immediately. The door opened revealing a beautiful woman with long purple hair. She smiled warmly at them.

"Hello, is there something that I can do for you?" Minato blinked in surprise. To be honest, he expected an old lady or something in this old style building. He shook his head, shaking those thoughts out of his mind.

"Hi, my name is Minato Sahashi. We saw that you have rooms available and were wondering if we could rent one of them." She smiled.

"Of course. My late husband had the policy of never turning anyone in need away. You are welcome here."

"Miya, are you sure you want to let them stay here? We don't know anything about them." From behind the woman, Minato could see a handsome silver haired man in a white dress shirt and black slacks.

"Oh Kagari-san, don't worry. My policy is the same as my husband's was." Minato bowed to the woman.

"Thank you so much. We'll have our things here at the end of the week. We'll see you then. Thanks again." He bowed and they left to go back to Minato's apartment, leaving Miya standing at the door, smiling and chuckling. His heart a little lighter, Minato led Kuno home.

Three days later, Minato and Kuno were sitting and eating breakfast when there came a knock at the door. Thinking that it was just the landlord coming to threaten him again, Minato decided to ignore it. There was another knock, more insistent. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.

"Come on Bro! Open up!" Minato's eyes shot open and he quickly opened the door to reveal his sister, Yukari, standing there, a look of annoyance on her face. She brushed past him and entered the room.

"Jeez bro, what gives. Mom told me you got kicked out of here, so I thought I'd come visit before you left. So, what'd you do?" She froze when she realized there was another presence in the room. Her head slowly turned and looked at Kuno, who was seated on the ground, staring up at her. Her head turned back to Minato.

"Hey bro. Who is this?" She was smiling, but Minato feel danger emanating from her.

"Uhhh. You see... Yukari, this is Kuno. Kuno, this is my sister Yukari." Kuno smiled nervously and Yukari looked at Minato, her smile turning from dangerous to something else. She chuckled.

"Oh ho ho. Is she you girlfriend? Hmmmm?" Minato's face flushed red at the insinuating tone of his sister's voice.

"N-n-n-no! It's nothing like that!"

"Oh? Then what is it about?" Minato almost began talking about the sekirei plan, but the words of Minaka Hiroto came back to him.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you. Anyway, why are you here in the city anyway?"

"Oh yeah, I meant to tell you. I'm attending university in the city." Minato's chest tightened.

"You got in?" Yukari's face took on a haughty quality.

"Of course! I'm not a failure like a certain brother of mine." Minato cringed. That stung his already weak pride. They chatted for a short while before Yukari stood and told them she had to leave to get settled in her new place. As she stood at the door she turned around as if she had forgotten something.

"Oh, Kuno-san, don't let my idiot brother here do something strange to you!" Before Minato could respond however, she closed the door. He sighed. He seemed to be doing that a lot recently. Spending time with Yukari was always tiring. He sat back down and Kuno looked at him.

"Umm, Minato-san, what did she mean by something strange?" She asked. Minato's face light up.

"N-nothing. Just ignore her," Minato stammered. His sister really was a piece of work.

The rest of the week passed without event, and Minato and Kuno moved into their new home at Maison Izumo. They stood in the dining room speaking with Miya.

"Thank you again Ms. Landlady. We wouldn't have had anywhere else to go." Miya covered her mouth and chuckled.

"It's really fine. Now, we do have a few rules here at Maison Izumo. We do not allow violence, or any illicit activities." She gave Minato and Kuno a suggestive look and the both of them flushed red. Before they could make their denials, they heard a voice behind them.

"Oh, Miya. Are these the new tenants?" Minato turned to see who it was. He saw a beautiful woman with long brown hair and very large breasts standing there. What really caught his attention though, was that she was standing there in nothing but her underwear. Blood spurted out of his nose and he hastily covered it with his hand to staunch the flow. From behind him, Minato could feel a terrifying presence. He turned to see Miya with a dark aura almost pouring off her body.

"Uzume-san. Don't you remember our rules about decency?" Uzume looked down at herself.

"What? I remembered to put on panties didn't I?" Minato could just about see a demon mask appear over Miya's shoulder. Everyone in the room shivered in fear. Uzume backed out of the room slowly.

"Right... Well... I'm just going to... Get dressed..." And she was gone. Minato looked back and Miya who had her cheerful demeanor back.

"That was another of our residents, Uzume-san. I believe that you have already met Kagari-san, so that is it. Dinner will be ready in about an hour, I'll see you then." She nodded and left, leaving Minato and Kuno alone. They smiled at one another.

They spent the next few days getting settled in. Minato picked up a job at a construction company to earn enough money to pay the rent. Every night, Minato and Kuno went to sleep with their futons a couple of feet apart, but Minato noted that every morning, he would wake up with Kuno clinging to him in her sleep. Every morning, he would extricate himself from her, have breakfast and head to work. At work, during his breaks he would have conversations with a coworker by the name of Seo. He was an interesting person, and Minato had a lot of fun chatting with him.

One day, after work, Minato was walking home when he heard a loud explosion. Now, normally he would have run, but after recent events something drove him to see what it was.

He sprinted down the street, and when he turned the corner he heard, "Dammit! Stop moving and let us hit you!" As he rounded the corner, Minato spotted two women wearing leather S&M outfits standing across from another girl in a black dress with matching gloves and stocking with a red ribbon around her neck. Of course her most prominent feature was the giant scythe she was carrying.

"Stop chasing me!" She yelled, "I haven't found my ashikabi yet!" The twin girls ignored her and linked hands. Sparks started to fly. Minato sprinted between them when he saw this.

"Hey! Stop this, it isn't fair. Why are you doing this?!" One of them sneered at him.

"Get out of our way weakling, or we'll have to fry you." Minato hesitated, but held in his spot.

From behind him, Minato heard, "What are you doing?! Get out of the way!" He glanced back, to look at her, and while he was doing that, the twins leaped and dodged around Minato, landing on the other side of the girl. Sparks crackled and a bolt of lightning shot from their hands. Minato didn't hesitate for a second. He sprinted and pulled the girl into an embrace. He grabbed her from behind and spun her around. Incidentally, his hands accidentally gripped her breasts. She squeaked in indignation.

"Kyaah! Where do you think you're grabbing you pervert?!" Minato didn't answer however as the bolt of lightning struck his back. Pain lanced through him as the lightning arced through his body. He cried out and fell to his knees, the girl still in his arms. She looked up at him, horrified.

"What are you doing! You could die!" Through the pain, he managed to force a smile, though it looked a bit more like a grimace.

"I couldn't just let you get hurt now could I?" Looking down at her face, something seemed to change in her. She started to lean closer.

"No! Stop her Hibiki!" But it was too late. Her lips pressed onto Minato's and wings of light sprouted from her back. Their lips separated and she stepped free of Minato and brandished her scythe, a confident smile on her face.

"By the scythe of my pact, may my ashikabi's perils be sliced in twain!" She swung and a blast of air shot at the two women, sending them flying and ripping apart their clothes, leaving them in rags, cuts all over their body. They stumbled to their feet, dazed, and looked at each other.

"Run Hibiki!" They turned and jumped up to the top of a building, running away. The girl prepared to give chase, but remembered Minato and turned to face him.

"Sekirei #43, Yomi, at your service." Minato smiled up at her.

"That's... Fantastic..." He murmured, and collapsed.

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