The Eighth Seat
by: junemary




Chapter 1




SUMMARY: Due to an invention, Tadashi was able to bring Takishima Kei's daughter in the past! What adventures could be waiting for the S.A?




It was already twelve midnight but someone really sinister is still awake.

Karino Tadashi maniacally snickered as he stared at his invention.

A small circular metal with three buttons aligned horizontally with each other. This is the remote control, as he called it. The other one was a tube like tank with some funny wires attached connecting the remote control and the tank.

This was all for Megumi.

After the failure in attempting to make Megumi sing without any casualties, he just can't back off without trying. Without Jun's assistance this time, he'll succeed.

He snickered even more when he thinks how Akira will fawn over him telling him how awesome he is for inventing such awesome invention that his awesomeness knows no boundaries. Then she'll go 'kyaaaaa!' and hug him tight. Then all those pastries will be his!

But his imagination stopped running wildly as he saw the tank lights flickered on and off.

He sweated a lot and saw that his thumbs, both thumbs, pressed two buttons except the middle one.

The tank started to emit smoke and a silhouette was formed. The flickering stopped and the smoke cleared revealing a girl who was about his age with waist-length light golden hair. She coughed and stared at him with her dark golden eyes. Tadashi staggered back then nervously laughed at her, "Who are you?"

The girl got teary eyed then threw herself, hugging the inventor and exclaimed, "UNCLE!"

The girl continued to sob in Tadashi's chest. Tadashi, who was too stunned to move, remained frozen in his spot; you could say that his soul went out. The girl then looked at him and shook him hard.

"Mou! Uncle! You're so weird!"

That snapped Tadashi out. Wait a minute; did the girl just call him 'Uncle'? He held the girls' shoulders and stared at her for five minutes. He doesn't have a niece. Heck, this girl is around his age but she's calling him 'uncle'.

"Who are you?" Tadashi repeated his question with all seriousness in his voice.

The girl blinked at him innocently then tilted her head to the side and replied, "Uncle, did Auntie hit you too hard?"

Tadashi closed his eyes in annoyance and messed his hair. What the hell is going on? Who is this auntie? And who the hell is this girl?

As Tadashi opened his eyes, he noticed the girl's uniform: the S.A uniform! He shook his head sideways and went to thinking mode. He placed his finger on his chin and closed his eyes once again, thinking real hard. The Special A class is only exist in Hakusnekan and there's only seven of them. He opened his eyes and stared, no more like he glared at the girl. The girl flinched at this.


"What school are you from?"


Tadashi practically screamed. There's only one Hakusenkan! And his mother is the School Chairman! What the hell is going on?

"Uncle, you're weird today."

Tadashi decided to listen to her.

"You look younger then you ask weird questions. What school am I from?" the girl scoffed, "You were there when I took the entrance exam!"

Tadashi paled at this, is the world ending or am I dying?

"I visited your villa today. Asako-chan asked me to come over so that I can try on the clothes she made for me then I went into a weird room then something pulled me then I am here."

Tadashi pointed his shaking finger at her then asked, "Are you, by chance, from the future?"

The girl blinked innocently, "The future?"

Tadashi couldn't hold it anymore. "I was thinking of making a time-machine but I didn't know it will work! This is for Megumi's singing then I accidentally created a time machine? Oh my god! I am amazing! Super amazing! A genius! A genius indeed!" the he ended with a shaky laugh. He then hugged himself, "What should I do?" then stared at the girl who twitched as she watched his Uncle's antics.

"What if you can't return to your time?" he then became teary eyed. The girl sighs, "We can't anything about it, Uncle. I'm already here. I should've listened to Auntie about your inventions." She then flashed him a smile, "I guess it will work out, somehow."

Tadashi was about to smile when he felt a dangerous aura leaking near his room's door; there stood his mother who was at that moment looking rather like Medusa and emitting laser like gaze, no glare. The duo looked at her, Tadashi instantly paled at this but the girl remained passive, totally unfazed by the scariness.

"Mom, I can explain!" Tadashi hurriedly exclaimed, who knows what kind of idea his mom had inside her head.

His mothers' glare darkened, "I'll give you a minute or bungee jumping."

Tadashi's body stiffened and he started explaining, he can't afford to lose a second or it will be bungee jumping for him.

After a minute, the school chairman relaxed and concluded, "So, she is from the future." Tadashi nodded immediately.

She then wickedly grin at his son, "That's preposterous! This is the best you got? Lie a bit more convincing, young man." She then dragged Tadashi out of the room. The little girl stood up then smiled, "Uncle is telling the truth, Obaa-san."

A vein popped in the chairman's head then turned her head in a ninety-degree angle, "HA? Are you messing with me, kid? Time-travel? It's impossible!"'

"Obaa-san, it's the logical explanation as of the moment."

"Logical? And stop calling me Obaa-san! I'm not that old yet!"

The kid defended her ground and her stare never wavers. This amused the chairman; no one's got the guts to go against her, not even her own son. She then was willing to play with this ridiculous charade.

"Then, will you tell me who you are and other basic information?" she asked with Tadashi towed behind her.

The girl straightened then started, "Takishima Haruko, 15 years old -"

"STOP!" Tadashi scrambled against his mother's grip to meet this 'Haruko' eye-to-eye. "You're a Takishima?"

The girl nodded. Tadashi let out a relieved sigh then turned to his mother. His mother then said, "She might be just lost, Tadashi. Show her the way. Takishima Kei might be worried about his sister." She then started to walk away.

"Matte." The girl uttered making the older woman stop and look at her. "I'm not Takishima Kei's sister."

The chairman turned towards her way then spat out, "What are you to him then?"

"I'm his daughter. I'm Takishima's Kei's and Hikari's second child." The girl gritted her teeth in annoyance.

The chairman smirked at this then laughed hard, "Daughter?"

Tadashi stood up and faced his mother, "It might be true, mom. You see," then he started to blabber about chemicals and stuff, science and physics blah, blah, blah. After listening to that gibberish he said with finality, "To sum everything up," he faced Haruko, "she is from the future. When you look at her closely, she got Kei's entire physical appearance but Hikari's personality."

The chairman sighed in defeat, "What should we do to her?"

"Mom, can't you do something?" Tadashi pleaded.

"I'll see what I can do. But for now, escort her to her room." The chairman left.

Tadashi smiled widely then shouted thanks to his mom.

Next Day
Hakusenkan Front Gates

"Hikari, good morning!" Toudou Akira ran to hug Hanazono Hikari who is at the moment bombarded with students. Well, it's their everyday routine.

"Good morning!" Tsuji Ryuu greeted. Yamamoto Jun and Yamamoto Megumi trailed with him and said their good mornings as well.

"Good morning." Takishima Kei greeted blandly.

Spotting her rival, as usual, Hikari pointed a finger at him and exclaimed, "Takishima! The test results are out! I won't lose this time!"

And as usual, Takishima grinned and said, "Good luck with that, Miss Rank Two."

Then as usual, a rock with the signage of 'Rank Two' came falling down, who knows where.

But the noises near the result board stopped their morning banter.

"What's going on over there?" Jun asked.

"Let's go find out." And the S.A people walked towards the board.

Also as usual, the people squealed when the S.A neared them. Greeting them and congratulating them for being the top of the school. Then someone whispered which called their attention, "Ne, have you seen it?"

"Seen what?" Hikari blurted out.

The student pointed at the board and the people looked up at the S.A list.

As usual, there's the top 1: Takishima Kei. The top 2: Hanazono Hikari.

HIkari's hand were fisted and sighed, "I won't lose the next time!"

"Good luck, Miss Rank Two." Takishima grinned at her.

Top 3: Yamamoto Jun

Top 4: Yamamoto Megumi

Top 5: Karino Tadashi

Top 6: Toudou Akira

Top 7: Tsuji Ryuu

Top 8: Mamiya Haru

All eyes bulged at the Top 8.

"EH?! WHY IS THERE A TOP 8?" the S.A people screamed except for Takishima Kei who stared at the board with boring eyes. And a Mamiya Haru isn't even in the Class A from the very beginning.

"Oh! Good morning!" Karino Tadashi shouted his greeting but what caught their attention was the girl beside him. The girl is wearing the S.A uniform so she must be Mamiya Haru, the new Top 8. She's beautiful, without a doubt. Wavy, light golden hair cascaded until her waist, captivating dark golden eyes. Ah, but it's such a waste because she's wearing red, thick-rimmed glasses. But even so, her aura of 'beautiful' is exuding.

Akira wasted no time in wringing Tadashi's neck for answers. After all, he is the son of the School Chairman: who creates all the rules in the school.

"Tadashi, explain." Akira, with her evil-eyes stare, said.

Tadashi sweat-dropped as he raised both of his hands in surrender. Heck, he's becoming a punching bag. First, his mother then Akira? How miserable his life is.

The new girl just stood there with her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open. Tadashi saw this and gently removed Akira's hand off his neck then patted her head. "What's wrong, Haru?"

Haru bowed her head and said, "Nothing's wrong, Ta-Ta-Tadashi-san."

"Act naturally, Haruko." Tadashi whispered.

Haru looked at him and nodded, "Thank you, Uncle." She whispered.

Oh, but everything is just starting.




END of Chapter 1




Note: HEHEHE. Just watched S.A in the anime and this idea was formed when I saw the episode where Tadashi and Jun created a device that enables Megumi to sing freely without blowing anyone's ears. Should I continue or abandon this? Oh and R&R! Your reviews will really help a lot!