"Last call for co-ordinator sign-in, I repeat, last call for co-ordinator sign-in," the voice on the loud speaker bellowed down through the atrium.

"We better hurry up you guys," she said as she ran over towards the check-in counter. Suddenly a flash of green caught her eye.

She turned to see a green-haired boy facing away from her. "Drew," May smiled as she ran towards him. She tapped him on the shoulder, "I knew you'd be here, drew," she said.

"Drew?" a confused voice asked. "Drew who?" he said. May suddenly noticed that Drew's hair colour shade was slightly different to this boy's, although their eye colour was identical.

"I'm sorry," she sighed, "I thought you were someone else."

"Yeah, I know," said the stranger. "Someone named 'Drew', and by your reaction I'm betting you like this 'Drew', ay?" he asked.

"No, well, we're just friends – or not even that, I don't know, uh," May mumbled.

"Well, I can't tell you where your friend is, but I'm Wally," he said softly, with a smile just as soft.

"Hi Wally, I'm May," she replied.

"What brings you to Goldenrod City?" he asked as he curiously looked down at May's pokémon.

"I'm entering the contest, I'm a co-ordinator from Hoenn," she said proudly.

"Hoenn? - Really? Same!" he said, "where abouts are you from?"

"Petalburg City, my dad, Norman, is the gym leader there," she told him as she thought about home and her family. She thought about where Max was, and whether her mum and dad were alright back at home.

"No way, same" he said excitedly, "I know your dad actually – lovely guy, helped me get ralts."

"Wow, such a small world" she said awkwardly.

May glanced at the sign in desk and remembered the urgency they were in.

"I'm really sorry, it's nice to meet you - but we have to be off" she said as she ran off towards the check in desk.

"-Yeah, see you around" the emerald eyed boy called after her.

Get a grip May she thought to herself, Drew won't be here, you know he won't.