Edited version 1(only chapter 1 is currently edited.)

Up on top the mountain they waited. Waiting for the day when they would be released from there prison; or was it that they waited for the time when they could shed blood once more.

"Rock! HEY ROCK! GET UP FOR THE L" cut short the poor snake Ron choked as he was lifted into the air with steady yet unyielding hands.

"Look the snake can talk! Let us see if we can bring this guy back to our small cottage hmmmm? Maybe he would entertain us more than those filthy people; And if he doesn't than we can always have the chance of killing and eating him like we do to those in the dungeons. I bet he would taste good don't you think." Looking over to this tall framed beast, something in the dark road chuckled loud and hard; Ron could hardly figure out whether they were human, stagnated souls or something else. "You always was the brightest in are family, coming up with the obvious." The tall framed figure flinched as the other one came out of his hiding place; amongst the shades of night. " That is a great idea, we haven't had something entertaining in years. Yet what are we going to do with the girl? Kill her?" With a swift motion the tall one moved to the other side in order to examine the girl on the ground.

" She does seem to strong, tis but would be a waist if we kill her. Maybe when she wakes we may put her to work. Yes that's it; she could help us kill every little thing in the town below us! once more blood shed will rise. There is one thing that I find quite curious though, why might this girl have been walking around with this snake. Seems kind of off doesn't it. Ah I got it! How about we play a game with them when they wake?" The face of the tall figure came into view as it hit a ray from the street lights. It was blank; just skin, as well as flat. You could tell it was thinking hard for its face scrunched up. Then a slit appeared below the middle of the blank face. It revealed sharp fangs that seemed to have years worth of biting through flesh and bone. " Do you think that maybe this girls snake is her pet? Or maybe its her weapon like some others we've played with?" Poor Ron was twisted and turned in so many ways he couldn't remember the individual agony from all of them. It seemed as though they were studying him. Trying to figure out what he is. He couldn't bare it any more; swinging his head around Ron barely reached his target. When he bit into the flesh of his holder its stone like features objected. "Aw look. He seems to want to play is that it." the figure holding him now towered over him larger than ever.

"Indeed friend, he does seem to want that." The grip hardened making it ever so painful with each breath Ron took. The short ones claws lengthened at the end of its fingers and the being pressed it against the snakes throat.

" Lets take him to our cottage on the mountain before we play, bring the girl too." The tall one stood up again and Ron was raised high off the ground. " We'll see how entertaining these two are." Ron fell into a daze from lack of breath and soon blacked out.

Later as the sun started to rise. Ron awoke in a cage on a table inside a cottage. Through a window he could see that they were on the side of a mountain. Looking around he saw Rock ,still unconscious, and on the floor. There was no sign of any aggressors especially those from last night. They seemed to have disappeared or are just not there. The room looked like it was falling apart. All the walls were peeling off and some of the roof that held the room together seemingly broke. Not the most appealing place ever. Ron sighed and looked at the cages door to see if it was locked. It pushed right open seemingly beckoning for him. He hesitated, it could be trapped, but decided to exit even if it was. The table he is laying down upon looked like it was a butchers table; very disgusting thoughts of what happened on this table shot through his head as he slithered. Shivers generated by those terrible thoughts shook Ron slightly. He didn't want to become what was chopped up on that table.

Moving ever so carefully over to where Rock laid; Ron soon got on top of the unconscious figure.

"Rock, come on wake up! A stupid punch to your head shouldn't have knocked you out this cold! Wake up, I know your faking it!" Ron had reached through the thoughts of rock as she slowly rolled into consciousness. Her eyes lids started to rise and her fingers twitched but she didn't quite get far. Ron figured he would have to do that again. "WAKE UP! Surprised or not you are not this weak! WAKE UP!" Many minutes pasted with Ron yelling at the girl below him. Slowly again she came; Eventually her eyes came wide open with a wild look in them. The blue fire light in the left eye once again and she sat up looking around.

Rock couldn't believe she was knocked out so cold. Taken by surprise and jumped is not a common thing from stagnated souls. Never has this happened to her before. The souls usually just stay in their own area. Rock jumped up. She grabbed Ron and ran to the door in hopes of figuring things out. She took the nob and turned it yet it resisted. She shook it hard to the point where you would think the nob would come off but sadly it didn't. "Ron." Rock hissed in a moments anger. The snake nodded and turned into a huge cannon. Rock fit her left arm in it and backed away from the door. Aiming at the central point of the door she launched the attack. The ray shot strait at the door seemingly powerful enough to destroy a building. When the flames collided with the wall like door the beem shot off and dissipated in many directions. With out words Rock went down to her knees. She dropped the cannon. Thoughts started to go through her head as she thought of whether or not she could escape and how she would if she had the ability to escape. Ron returned to snake form and decided to leave Rock alone, to her thoughts, as he went around to figure out why. He slithered around the place and checked the corners to the right and left of the table. To see if anything is out of place. To his joy, there was something...