The corners (if you could call them that) were rounded. The air was stiffened to the stiffness of metal right next to the corner. Ron felt the pressure knew not to get any closer. It was some kind of mechanical trap system that seemed to have the ability to warp air and space. He knew not of anything like this so at first he thought it was something pulled out of the imagination of the stagnated souls. But the more he looked at it the more genuine the corner device seemed. It was such strange invention if it was one for no other stagnated soul had ever come up with something as advanced as that. Heck, they only knew ( most of them anyways, some are special) magic and changing of shapes. Those who did build contraptions haven't gone so far as build something as advanced as a cheese cutter.

This was above all thoughts of stagnated souls. Ron had thought to himself. We must be dealing with a bigger threat... but what could this threat be?

The snake slithered over to the slaughtering table and climbed up on to the top. He took a long gaze out the "window" and realized based on what he saw that they weren't even in the middle world hazama any more. They were some where else. He could tell by the trees and how they looked, they had black tints and seemed to be more painted then anything else. He also noticed that instead of white beyond his sight it was black. Like a underworld black. With out this little creaton world they would be in almost internal darkness instead of white or blank. The world also seemed to be shifting, changing, going on its own path as if it was seperating from something. but what? now that was the real question. What was it that this world is doing. was doing. is going to do. So many pure questions with only a single answer of 3 words. I, don't, know.

Ron knew how they were trapped. There were contraptions at each end of the room that warped the time, space and air of the sides of the room. In this it creates an almost impenetrable wall of air and space that bends around the walls blocking anything from getting in. What he didn't know was why? and how did they end up in here if it doesn't allow anything in or out of its walls. He could explain some of it, they could of been tossed in then the contraptions activated but then based on the mechanical engineering of those you would have to press them to activate them. So that would only mean that who ever made it must still be in the cabin right now!

Against the dumb struck agony of the unknown the snake slithered off the table. Heslowly approached the other side of the cabin. Using the utmost care and stealth to get over. As he went over the temperature seemed to go down. mystified by the feeling the snake moved back and found that the temperature heated up. Different temperatures meant different places. different places means that there could be different things. He started to go farther but stopped when the temperature reached its icy low state. He was almost to the other side of the cabin. The snake stood still when rocks voice went to an abrupt stop. He turned around to see why. The snakes cold tense eyes widened with fear when he saw an unbelievable thing.

Rock, still muttering to her self and trying to figure stuff out turned around. She was alone. Ron was gone. She sat still in the warm cabin for a while. Looking around she wondered where Ron might have gone. Rock then stood up and walked over to the place she last saw him. Next to the corner. Her breaths shortened as the lac of air or the compression of the air started to get to her. In wonder she backed off and retook another breath.

The eyes of a wary girl looked from head to toe of the cabin for a snake. Great shock struck the poor girl when the snake she was looking for suddenly seemed to have warped back into the cabin. She went over to the snake and asked him of what had happened but the snake replied,

I don't know. All I know is were stuck here in a two dimensional cabin of temperatures.

slithering away the snake went back through the warp. The girl followed aimlessly.

Rock felt the temperature drop fast as she followed Ron. She didn't shiver once though, her jacket helped prevent that.

The whole cabin in what they entered seemed very gloomy and dark. The exact polar opposite to the other cabin. every thing was in reverse here. The furniture seemed as if it was a reflection of the other furniture in the other cabin. It seemed as though it was mis night here while it was day there. The moon of this alter dimension shown enough light so that Rock could see in the room.

She turned around to the snake at her foot who was yanking on jacket hard. she gave him a look saying what do want (non intimidation version).

"look at the corners of this room and tell me what you see and feel." Ron said. He then showed her over to one of the corners. It was shaped as a normal corner. The air level was the same. Nothing was there. Rock turned to the snake with puzzlement and watched him examine a normal corner.

With great confidence of his conclusion Ron turned away from the corner. He then went over to one of the walls and tried laying next to it. No effect on his breathing happened and there was no resistance put up by the wall what so ever. Getting off of the wall Ron moved towards the door with high hopes.

'if the invention isn't here then... what was blocking the door shouldn't be here ether.' Ron lifted himself up with his long extended body. He wrapped around the nob. Nothing happened. He twisted the nob and it gave away with such ease. creaking with small sound the door opened up. They looked out into the night area and there seemed to be a mountain right next to them. While the other looked as if they were on a mountain this one they were below a mountain.

"were out... but is that something we really want to do here?" Ron started to panick.