My Favorite Fairy Tale

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A/N: Ah, another story by me. My creative juices were flowing at noon a few days ago and here is what comes from it. Yes, this will be a slash fic and this is my first story concerning hobbits, especially those two that some girls just can't take their eyes off of: Merry and Pippin.

Writing is enjoyable; reading reviews is enjoyable; taking flames to the garbage can is just tiring.

"Do you see it yet, Pippin?" Merry asked anxiously. He had been holding up his cousin on his shoulders for the past ten minutes, and his body was really feeling the weight bearing down on him. Above him, Pippin was trying to reach one of the windows of Farmer Maggot's house. Every minute Merry took a quick glance around to see if the Farmer's dogs were close, but they were not anywhere in sight.

"No. Can you move a bit closer, Merry? I can't reach the window," was the answer from above.

"Not with my pie-pinching cousin standing on me."

"Well, it was your stupid plan!" Pippin argued. "We did not have to steal any pies from Farmer Maggot's kitchens today, ya'know! And you are bigger than I am, so stop complaining and move!"

Merry mouthed Pippin's words to himself in abject annoyance while shaking his head, over-exaggerating his cousin's argument. "Fine then, Pippin. Here we go."

Pippin nodded in satisfaction. "Okay, no. No, that is too far. Move back a bit. Ah! Merry! Stop that! Stop that now!"

The hobbit on the bottom did a dance-like pattern of steps quickly, making Pippin flail his arms around to keep his balance.

"Mer. Merry, stop!"

"Oh, but Pippin. I thought you said move, so I am moving!"

"Merry! Merry, stop it. Please stop," Pippin begged from above. Pippin was already nervous enough with the height he was at, but Merry moving like that just made it ten times worse.

"Please Pippin. Relax. It is fun if you stop worrying!"

Pippin shook his head. "No, it is not. Not to me! Merry, stop, please. Stop it!" Pippin cried in a last attempt to break through his cousin's ignorance.

Merry paused his feet and looked up at Pippin, who was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

"Did I really scare you that much, Pip?"

"Yes. Merry, just please put me down. Please put me down," Pippin replied, barely above a whisper.

Merry nodded. "All right, Pippin. Hold on. Oomph!"

Merry barely had time to breathe as he lost his footing and fell, Pippin landing harshly on top of him and knocking all of the air from his lungs. Pippin made a small squeal, scrambled to his feet quickly and tried to help Merry, saying "I'm so sorry" over and over again. His cousin only brushed away his hands.

"I am all right. Whew. Just need some air, that's all," Merry breathed as he lay still on the long grass. "I am surprised that I am not smashed like a pancake with you falling on me like that!"

"Are you calling me fat?" Pippin asked indignantly, sitting next to him.

Merry nodded and received a playful punch on the arm for it. In response, he knocked Pippin to the ground and started tickling him with a fervor.

"Merry! Ahahahahahahahaha! Stop, ahahaha. Merrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy!" Pippin cried in between giggling and vain attempts at inhaling oxygen.

Merry smiled to himself. "Pippin, you are just too ticklish sometimes!" With that he let go of his young cousin, who rolled around on the grass until he had gotten over his giggling-fit and sat up facing Merry.

The older of the two dropped his smile momentarily. "I am sorry if I frightened you, Pippin, when you were in the air. I did not mean anything by it," he apologized.

Pippin nodded. "Just do not do it again, Merry. Please, just tell me that."

Merry only nodded as he stood. "Of course, Pippin." He smiled at his cousin and nodded towards the watermelon patch. "We can at least get some watermelon while we're here."

Pippin giggled again. "Well, it will not be a total loss."

Each one grabbed a medium-sized watermelon that could fit in the crook of his arm and started walking away, but soon shouts came from behind them.

Pippin gave a knowing look to Merry. "Farmer Maggot!"

The two troublesome hobbits made off with the watermelons, but not before hearing Farmer Maggot laughing uproariously after them.

When they found themselves in a quiet grove they sat down and let silence creep over them a moment, until Merry asked what was on both of their minds.

"What do you think he was laughing at?"

Pippin shrugged. "I do not know. Maybe he smoked too much pipe weed."

Merry nodded. "I s'pose so. Come on. Let us see to these juicy things!"

He proceeded to pound the watermelon against a sharp rock until it had split open halfway and pulled the rest open. Pippin did the same.

Both looked at each other in stunned silence and back to the fruit they held in their hands. Inside the shell of the watermelons, they found the most green, dry, unripe fruit they had set eyes upon yet.

"He knew. He knew," Merry muttered as he flung the unwanted fruit to the ground and marched off, pausing a moment to make sure Pippin was following.