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Naruto sat at his desk, squinting at the bright screen of his laptop. It was late, almost two o'clock in the morning, but the eighteen year old ninja couldn't sleep without trying one more time.

Naruto typed in the website's name and clicked on it. The page loaded quickly. He clicked on the small words at the right hand corner of the screen, which read "sign up". Again, the page loaded and the first question was shown on the screen.

'What is your email address?'

Naruto typed out quickly, "HokageNaruto-at-g-mail .com." He clicked the "next" button.

'Create a password?'

The ninja ticked the "yes" box and thought for a moment. What was a good password?

Naruto snapped his fingures and typed out "Sakura" in the appropriate space. He again pressed the "next" button. A large, blue box appeared on the screen.

'Password in use!'

"Rats." Naruto grumbled. He thought for another moment. "Maybe... I_love_ramen?"

The ramen lover typed out this too, only to again have the blue box appear on the screen.

"Double rats. How about... the_nine_tailed_fox?"





Try again.


Oh yeah, Prince* chose that one.

"Ugh! Naruto?"

'Ding! Your password has been excepted!'

Naruto glared at the screen, not sure whether or not to be pleased by this. "All well, at least that part's done." Naruto clicked "next".

'Choose a pen name!'

"Hummmmmm... how about... "NarutoUzimakiFan"!" The narcissitic ninja typed. He scowled a little when no blue box popped up.

'Almost done! Type out the words in blue.'

'Oh no!' Naruto cried out in his head. 'The security test!' For the life of him, Naruto could never manage to get them right. When setting up his email, he had spent days, weeks, MONTHS in front of his computer trying the test over and over again. He finally had to call up Sakura to do it for him.

But Sakura had left the village yesterday on a mission, and no way no how would Naruto even CONSIDER calling up Sasuke or Kakashi to do it for him. He would never hear the end of it!

"I... I have to try!" Naruto said out loud, confidently. He pushed his wheeled chair away from the desk and grabbed a CD off the nearby bookshelf. Naruto popped the CD in the player and turned up the "We Are the Champions!" By Queens.

Slowly, dramatically, Naruto typed out the security code. He pressed the "finish" button. The disk skipped and shut off when a blue box appeared on the laptop's screen.

'Invalid security code!'

The screen reloaded, erasing all of his answers to the previous questions.

"UGH!" Naruto screamed furiously. "Not again! Why? WHY must I always get to the same part only to have to start all over again?! WHY?!"

Naruto got out of the program angrily. He then clicked on a bookmarked shortcut on his screen saver. The shortcut led to a profile on Fanfiction . net, a profile containing a message that had made him want to sign up.

The profile was very short, with only a few paragraphs.

'Uchiha Akakaski has written 15 stories for Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Bleach.

'Name: Why should I tell you fools?

'Age: Younger than Maddara but older than I was five seconds ago.

'Description: Handsomer than you'll ever be, that's for sure.

'Gender: Guess!

'Side note: All of my stories disable anonymous reviews. So if you're an anonymous reviewer, and you want to praise my awesome stories, but find you can't, and feel so bad that you can't tell me how much you enjoyed them, don't. I. Don't. Care. I don't need reviews from those below me. I get plenty of stupid emails from people with accounts, telling me dumb stuff I already know. Like how great my story is, and how they'll favorite it and how they alerted me as an author. You idiots think I don't know my stories are the best out there? If I could, I would disable ALL reviews!'

Naruto grimaced as he finished reading the profile. "That self-centered jerk! His stories aren't that good!"

Truthfully, they were. Naruto had read all fifteen of them, and loved them all. But he hadn't been able to review one of them because they didn't accept reviews from people without accounts. Then he had read the guy's profile... now all Naruto wanted to do was post stories even better that the jerk's. Then no one would want to read his anymore! And Naruto would be revered as the greatest fanfiction writer of all time!

The only thing in his way was the security test...

Author's Note: Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed and laughed a little. Poor Naruto! I hate security tests, too! Try to guess who's profile it is. ^_^ I'll update the last chapter next week!

* Prince is a character I hope to introduce in a different story of mine. Sorry, but I just couldn't take out that joke. It was so funny to my siblings and I! As we personally know Prince-kun! :)