Maddy's eyes fluttered open, the harsh white light of midday hit her, as her world came into focus, someone was standing over her, a worried expression on thier face.

"You ok?"

"I'm fine Rhydian." Maddy mumbled. Just as he took her hand in his.

His hands were soft, warm and big, Maddy smiled, feeling content and safe.

Daniel and Emma chuckled from the back of the room, and wandered towards the young wolves.

"You should be fine Maddy, just get some rest, you lost quite a lot of blood last night." Emma said smiling.

"Erm. Rhydian do you mind if we have a private chat just now?" Daniel suggested, gesturing towards the door.

"No, Mr. Smith." Rhydian replied. Following him as he exited the room.

Emma walked over towards Maddy's double bed, sitting herself beside her cub. "Maddy, you and Rhydian are going to take over this territory when we die. You know the perimeters so I would like you to show Rhydian." Emma said seriously. Maddy just nodded. "You and Rhydian should start a pack after we have died as it will be easier to bring up your cubs."

"But ma I don't know how to bring up cubs!" Maddy interjected the inevitability of creating a pack with Rhydian just dawning on her.

"Instinct." Emma said plainly, smiling at her grown up cub. "Rhydian will be there anyway so, you won't be alone."

Maddy smiled at the mention of his name, she loved him with her entire body and soul and knew what her mother had said last night was true, they were soul mates and they belonged with one another.

"Your attachment to each other is overwhelming Maddy, I'm sorry for the accusations me and your father had set against him before." Emma said, with growing realisation of how much Maddy, even though she may not have known it, had suffered at thier hand from seperating the two.

Maddy shot her a confused look. "Mam, there is no need to apologize you were doing what was right for the pack at the time."

Emma smiled at her cub, knowing that she would grow up to be very happy, very happy indeed.


Rhydian knocked on the door to Maddy's bedroom, her mum had left only just a few minutes ago, and Rhydian had just finished his chat with her father.

"Just a minute." Maddy said as she pulled on a jumper, feeling better now she had actually gotten up.

"60, 59, 58, 57..."

Maddy chuckled at this, typical Rhydian.

"37, 36, 35, 34, 33"

"You can come in now." Maddy finally said after adjusting her clothes.

"Finally!" Rhydian said as he burst through the door.

He wandered over to Maddy who was currently looking out the window playing with her hair. He slowly snaked his arms around her waist hugging her from behind. He leant down as gently whispered in her ear, "I love you."

"I love you too." Maddy responded, turning round to meet his bluey green eyes. Seconds later thier lips locked into a meaningful, passionate kiss, her arms winding round his neck as her fingers became entwined in his hair, pulling him closer, he pulled her closer with his left arm on her waist while he held her face gently in his right hand. A few minutes later they broke off, panting for air, both looking at each other they noticed thier eyes had changed to yellow.

"I can't begin to describe all that I feel for you Maddy, I just can't be without you."

"Rhydian I don't even know where to begin about my feelings for you." Maddy said as thier eyes gradually changed back to normal.

Rhydian gently kissed Maddy's lips again and smiled. "We're soul mates."