chapter one

flames burned all around him as he continued on his mission,someone was in trouble.

"sarah! sarah!" he called.

a voice answered from somewhere above. "up here uncle sam!"

sam swung his axe through the door and broke the door handle. he reached down to pick sarah up when the burning floor gave out from underneath him.

"sam!" cried sarah. she reached for his hand to lift him up.

"no you get yourself outside and get some help k?" he asked.

sarah hiestated then left without looking back at him.

his vision began to blur when the oxygen level in his mask was begining to run out. he sounded the alarm on his jacket again for someone to come help him out. he watched as a yellow angel came to his aid.

"are you alright sam?" it asked.

sam tryed to talk but he found it hard to get any of the words out. penny removed the one running out with a fresh new one and got him out of there. she could tell he wasn't doing to well from the lack of oxygen in his system and the burns he had recieved on his arms and legs from dangling so close to the edge.

"elvis we need to get him to the hospital now!" she barked.

elvis opened up the passenger door on venus for her to put him in. elvis stayed behind with station officer steele to put out the rest of the flames while penny took care of sam. his heart was thudding painfully and he let out a small moan. he could feel her place a hand on his forehead.

"my god your burning up!" she whispered.

he was hurting everywhere, his head was ringing from the oxygen loss, his arms and legs were inflammed, and his eyes stung like the seven heavens making it hard for him to see. lights blinded into his sore eyes as he was lifted.

"sir if you can hear anyone of us at all please do something." commanded a voice.

he coughed loudly when he was trying to talk.

"ok get him on the i.v and the oxygen." the doctor motioned to penny. "miss i am going to have to ask you stay here."

penny nodded without any objection to what he was trying to do. sam didn't want her to leave he wanted for her to stay with him. he grabbed her arms.

"no please stay!" he begged.

to be continued...