Chapter 12

Boyce looked up from the drawing he had made on the floor. Sweat beaded down his head while his hand shook with fear. Station officer steele came in.

" everything is set norris." He saluted.

" good now we can rid this town of that horrible diease once and for all." Agreed steele.

Penny recoiled backwards in the bed falling over as she went. She looked on at him in fear and silent terror at the sight she was seeing. " sam? Sam?" She whispered.

An angry cry wailed through him it was a matter of minutes before shegra came barreling in. " get back behind elvis!" She howled.

White markings appeared all over her body, the air around her glew a light blue color, and her eyes changed to a sapphire blue. The day the aura wolf awakens becomes the day the red guardian falls. Chanted a voice.

means in head

sam id advise you to get it together. growled shegra.

Sam let out a low growl as the two lept at one another, claws ranked their furs as the two were longed in combat. penny dashed out in front of sam and shegra catching sam's claws as they went down. blood hit the floor and she struggled to keep her feet on the ground.

"please stop!" she cried. she felt her shoulder and cringed when tiny red spots appeared on her hand. "no more fighting please."

sam looked at penny sadly feeling himself finally come back to normal mode. tears fell out of his eyes as he caught penny in his arms. her shoulder had been ranked in his venom in his madness!

"sam we have to get her treated now!" barked shegra. she ordered the nurses to fetch the medicine used to treat sam. the nurse came back in moments later with a packet of orange like fluid in it. the nurse stuck the needle in penny's arm strapping her to the bed also. penny's body twitched painfully as she began her combat with the diease. saliva and blood fell out of her mouth like some animal with rabies.

boyce layed down the plants he had on the floor.

"so let me get this straight your saying that sam has the diease?" asked boyce.

"yes sir and if we dont get this cure going soon the whole town will have it." replied steele mashing the plants into a powder state. the bunsen burner that they had burned the powder into a grey liquid. the liquid dripped slowly into a bottle which steele later closed.

"good now that we have it let's get it to sam so he can recover from it."

shegra caught elvis in wolf form trying to clean himself.

i won't do that if i were you she warned.

well why not it's the only way to get this stuff of me

yeah right unless you want to get infected she barked.

shegra rested her head on him. i hope they recover fast i am running out of dragonflowers.

steele came darting in. "where is he?"

shegra motioned with her tail. steele woke sam up and gave him the bottle. "here drink this it might cure you."

sam took it out of his hand and drank it. he recoiled from the taste it had given off. sam motioned to where penny was laying down. "please help her also." he wheezed.

to be continued in the upcoming series alcatraz.

thanks so much for reading this guys and i hope you enjoy my latest web show crossover with alcatraz and fireman sam.