AN: So this is actually based on a real story (apart from the wolfblood bit - i was watching the final and my neighbor came round to see me almost crying then he made a really bad joke) I thought it was quite funny so I tweaked it a little bit and wrote it up. Hope you enjoy! :)

At Kara's house party (no not Kay's it's a different one just to clear that up)

Full moon

Rhydian has used the moon enforced rush to his advantage. He's actually gotten Maddie to go to a party on the night of a full moon! Promising that they'll leave with plenty of time of course…

Rhydian and Maddie are standing against the wall looking out of the window at the setting sun. It's 7pm, only half an hour until the moon rises. They've pulled another one of their famous tricks on Maddie's parents so they're going to transform in the woods again. Hopefully they won't get captured this time…

Kara bravely steps out of her circle of friends and approaches Rhydian

"So, do you want to dance?" she flirtally asks while twisting a piece of her long brown hair in between her fingers.

"I don't dance" he replies bluntly without even looking in her direction

"You were dancing with Maddie before" she states getting annoyed that Maddie could be so close to him and she couldn't.

"That's different" that actually was different. He doesn't dance but with his energy Maddie was able to play him like he played her and got him to do anything she wanted which, in this case, meant one slow dance. He finally turns away from the window to face Kara.

"How?" He did say she was beautiful and smart to Kay and Katrina so why's he acting like this? We're they just making that up?

"How what?" and you thought she was pissed before!

"How is dancing with her different to dancing with me?" He didn't know how to answer that one so he simply said:

"Look, just stop acting like a baby. Mads we've got to go"

"Your right. Bye Kara" Maddie said, she couldn't help but look smug as she stalked out of the large house next to Rhydian. They broke off into a run and that was the last anyone at the party saw them that night.

Kara's face instantly falls. Her jaw drops and she can feel her eyes begging to water. No-one had ever turned her down her before! Even though it was just for a dance she felt rejected. Jimmy comes sauntering up to her looking to succeed in his dare to get a kiss from her - Liam and Sam really don't think he'll be able to do it but he never steps down from a challenge – then he sees her face and knows exactly how to complete his dare:

"Kara are you alright?" he asks with as much concern in his voice as he can manage without sniggering. Katrina comes silently up behind them and practically sings

"She just doesn't want to hot boy to leave" the one thing she understands!

"Oh" his face instantly turning from sincere to cocky "do you want me to stay then?"

Kara finally stopped gawping at the door where Rhydian had left and snapped back to her usual self. Quick and to the point.

"Get out of my house you sick little weasel" She outstretched her long arm pointing to the door and didn't even raise her voice. That was what annoyed him the most. Sam and Liam burst out laughing when they heard how he was 'banished' he was never going to live this down!

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